Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 403

Instead of speaking, she closed the book and put Lin Zheng's works on her left hand. Then she looked at other people's works and explained the problem to everyone.

"Xiao Yiyi's design works are better than before, but the change is still not big. If you want to change yourself, you can try boldly. The change of small step distance does not affect the whole pattern of your design. "

Han Muzi looked at Zhang Yu's again, then frowned and looked at Zhang Yu.

"Why? I took time to learn about Lin Xinghuo yesterday! You don't want to give me any more excuses to hurt me. "

Hearing this, Han Muzi raised her lips with a faint smile and said softly, "Zhang Yu, do you think I was looking for an excuse to criticize you last time, so I deliberately vent my anger on your works?"

She put her work back in front of Zhang Yu, "take it back and see it more times. Don't forget what the designer's idea is."

Zhang Yu wanted to say something more, but Han Muzi didn't give her a chance at all. She said directly, "the cold month of this work is very good. After rectification, the details have been finished. You can stay and discuss other details with me later. If there is no problem, send this version to our customers."

Cold month a little surprised, did not expect to be selected.

So she looked at Han Muzi's eyes more surprised, pursed her lips and did not speak. However, Wang An, who was close to her, saw that her goddess was praised, and then quickly flattered her, clapping: "the moon is so powerful!"

"After the meeting, Yueyue and Lin Zheng will stay. I have something to tell you."

After the meeting, Zhang Yu rushed out of the meeting room for the first time, and the others slowly dispersed. Lin Zheng sat in his place with a cold expression, like a wooden man.

And beside him is Xiaomi Dou, who has been looking at him with curious eyes.

This little brother, the whole body breath is so cold, but he looks good.

Lengyueyue looks at Han Muzi discontentedly.

"What do you want to say, leave me here?"

After that, without waiting for Han Muzi to open her mouth, she said, "don't think I'll appreciate you so much. I'll tell you, if you're a woman with no ability, I'll still not like you!"

Han Muzi: "it's just

She gave her a faint look, and then said, "what do I need from you?"

The cold moon chokes.

"Anyway, tell me what you have."

"It's about your work. Although the details are good, I'd like to tell you a few points."

"Say it quickly In the face of Han Muzi, the cold moon month is very awkward. It can be said that she is an extremely uncomfortable person.

Han Muzi told her some of her own ideas, and then asked her how she was. Leng Yueyue suddenly widened her eyes: "you just say it, what do you want me to do? How can I... "

"The work is yours. You have the right to decide. When I've finished, think about it yourself."

"Hum!" Lengyueyue took her own information and then went out.

After she left, Han Muzi's eyes fell on Lin Zheng.

"Lin Zheng, come here."

Lin Zheng's thin shoulder moved. After a moment, he raised his head, got up and went to Han Muzi.

See young pale thin lips have been tightly pursed, obviously is not willing to speak, Han Muzi also did not force him, just pushed the work to him.

"According to your current state, it is temporarily impossible to design these press release works. You need to adjust your state as soon as possible."

Lin Zheng looked at those works, his eyes were stunned, and finally opened his thin lips.

"Or not?"


"What I designed really meets your requirements? What am I left here for? "

With that, Lin Zheng turned around and left.

Han Muzi a Leng, the next second she looked at Lin Zheng's back and said: "because you have enough talent, so the company is willing to give you opportunities."

At the foot of Lin Zheng's feet, he stopped in the same place. He couldn't believe he heard it because he was gifted enough?

People like him can only design dark series, which makes people feel unhappy and depressing. Although he is an elite in the design circle, he is not popular because few people like the things he designs.

But he was short of money.

At home Money is needed.

Han Muzi's eyes were burning down on the young man's thin back, and his shirt could not cover his strength.

"The difficulties are temporary. There is always sunshine behind the darkness. You have a good talent. Everyone will want such seedlings."

Han Muzi stood up and walked to his side step by step: "of course, if you want to abandon yourself at this time, no one can help you. The company has paid you enough, and in the meantime, you have enough time to change. "

Lin Zheng's body shape can be said to be originally fixed in place.From childhood to adulthood, no one ever said such things to him.

He pinched his hands hanging on his side, and the blue veins on his forehead protruded.

"Did you go to my house yesterday?"

Han Muzi picked the eyebrow, can not buy No.

The boy turned around and his eyes fell on her face: "so, are you pitying me?"

"Pity you?" Han Muzi gave him a faint smile and took a deep breath: "I am a designer and now a businessman. Do you think Do businessmen pity others? You can't help but look at your situation too bleak, and I don't have that compassion

Finish saying, Han Muzi looks to the millet bean that sits to the side to sway crus.

"Xiaomi Dou, come down. It's time for an hour. We're going home."

"Oh." Xiaomi Dou nodded, then climbed down from the chair, took the initiative to Han Muzi's side and held her hand. After that, he looked at Lin Zheng with a smile.

"Mummy, let's go."


Han Muzi leads Xiaomi Dou to leave, leaving Lin Zheng standing alone in place.

The wind blowing in from the window lifted up the information on the table. When Lin Zheng saw the album of his own, he fell into a strange silence.


Is the sun behind the darkness?

Never No one ever told him that.

However, how can he break through the darkness to find the sunshine? Lin Zheng clenched his fist.

"Brother, it's not like a normal person just now

Not like normal people? Han Muzi recalled the situation Xi Xi told him and sighed inexplicably.

Living in that situation, it is hard to see people with such a good mind. Lin Zheng's talent still needs to be dug out. It doesn't mean that Han Muzi can't do it.

Moreover, she is willing to give him a new chance.

Just walked downstairs, Xiaoyan suddenly ran back.

"Muzi, Muzi! We have a new client

New customers? Han Muzi looked back at Xiao Yan. She ran to Han Muzi and gasped for breath. Her face turned white and said.

Guess who's here?