Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 402

Zhang Yu was speechless.

When Han Muzi was in a meeting that day, when he said that they had shortcomings, he really pinched their shortcomings in his hands.

"That doesn't prove that she has the ability. We've been in this industry for many years. If she wants to know these shortcomings, she can be checked. In this world, if you only ask for money, there is nothing you can't do, isn't it? "

"Yes, there is nothing that money can't do." Li Junfeng looked back at Zhang Yu with a smile: "for example, you clearly hate her to death, but for money, or stay here."

This sentence, like a slap in the face of Zhang Yu.

She's got her whole body down.

Around the cold moon sneer, Xiao Yiyi also can't help pursing lips and chuckling.

And in the side of Zhang Yu Shuguo Er is disdainful to hum a smile: "I have told you, do not like it or leave, you do not want to, the original is for this."

"I..." Zhang Yu was so angry that she couldn't speak. She was even more angry.

But everyone has no longer paid attention to her. Zhang Yu pinched her hand on the edge of the corner of the table and bit her lower lip with anger.

Damned bitch, we'll see!

How about having a child with Han Qing, and no fame as a young grandmother? Sooner or later, we will step down!

Han Qing

Zhang Yu's eyes suddenly became sharp.

Before entering the conference room, Han Muzi handed Xiaomi Dou to Xiaoyan and asked her to take good care of him and not let him run around.

Xiao Yan turns around and wants to shut Xiaomi Dou in the office.

"Your mother's hand is hurt, I have to help her, so you stay in the office by yourself. Is there a problem?"

Xiaomi Dou shakes his head: "no problem, but aunt Xiaoyan, I think I can do an audit."

"Sit in?"

"Yes, Auntie Xiaoyan, Xiaomi Dou is so good. If you are an auditor, you won't talk nonsense ~"

"Er, this..."

Xiaomi Dou simply stepped forward and hugged Xiaoyan's arm. She said, "Auntie Xiaoyan, I can send you my uncle's picture."

Listen to words, Xiaoyan suddenly straightened his back, a dignified appearance.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. "

"It's a private photo of my uncle, not a magazine or news photo ~"

personal photo

Xiao Yan fantasized about Han Qing sitting on the sofa in casual clothes and trousers, bathing under the lamp at night, and instantly felt that the whole person was in a state of mind.

"Aunt Xiaoyan, how about this in exchange?"

"It's a deal!"

For the photo of God, she is shameless once!

Isn't it just an auditor? She can do it!

So Xiaoyan took Xiaomi Dou directly into the meeting room and arranged the little one in the back of the room. Xiaomi Dou did not have any objection and sat on the high chair with a pair of short legs swinging under the table.

When others came in, they couldn't help looking at Xiaomi Dou more.

When the cold month menstruated around him, he suddenly stopped and took out a big white rabbit candy from his pocket and handed it to Xiaomi Dou.

Xiaomi Dou saw a good time, and her eyes were full of satisfaction. However, she did not reach for it. Instead, she said with a smile: "thank you, beautiful sister. But mummy said that children should not eat too much sugar or sugar, otherwise it would be bad for teeth."

Listen, lengyueyue couldn't help but glance at Han Muzi, who was sitting on the throne. Her eyes were looking at this side gently, and she didn't become cold when she looked at Lengyue.

Han Muzi has nothing wrong with her, but it is the cold month. She avoids Han Muzi's eyes, and then turns her mouth and says, "your mother is lying to you. It doesn't matter to eat one occasionally."

Xiaomi doudun, in fact, mummy means that you can't eat things from strangers.

But Xiaomi Dou looks at Han Muzi.

Han Muzi nodded with a smile, and Xiaomi Dou then stretched out a pair of small hands and picked it up in the posture of holding.

Ordinary children, even if they like sugar and sugar, when adults give them to them, they just stretch out their fingers to grasp them. Because it is a child, so these actions do not take any magazine, no matter what kind of action is the most innocent state of children.

But in front of this millet bean, now with the hand to take this posture, really shocked cold moon.

"Thank you for your beautiful sister. Xiaomi Dou likes you very much."

Cold month Leng a few seconds to react to come over, quickly put the Big White Rabbit candy into his hand.

"You're welcome, little fellow. If you like, my sister will bring it back to you next time."

Leng Yueyue looks at Xiaomi Dou when she sits down on her seat and is slightly surprised.

This little guy has a wonderful upbringing.All of a sudden, lengyueyue looked at Han Muzi, regardless of her strength, at least she taught children well. She probably knew why she could still be so calm in the face of their noise.

After people continued to arrive, there were still many people looking at Xiaomi Dou's position.

Because Zhang Yu had suffered from Xiaomi Dou before, she didn't dare to talk at the moment, for fear that the little guy would open his mouth again and give himself a pit.

"It seems that everyone is here. Now let me see what you did last night."

After that, the door of the meeting room was pushed open and a thin body came in.

The crowd looked at the source of the sound.

The cool side face of the youth reflects indifference under the light.

"Lin Zheng!" As soon as Xiao Yiyi saw him, his eyes suddenly brightened, and then he got up and walked towards him.

But the teenager ignored Xiao Yiyi, and went over her directly to Han Muzi.

Han Muzi looked at the boy calmly.

White shirt washed very clean, set on the body of the teenager can still see that he is thin, and his face and lip color are some pale, but even so, the boy is still handsome.

But the eyes are as cold as ice, without any temperature.

This look, let Han Muzi Leng Leng, think of another person.

In the moment of trance, the young man had come to her and looked at her coldly.

Xiao Yi followed him nervously and wanted to pull his sleeve, but he didn't dare to just look at him: "Lin Zheng, you, what's wrong with you?"

Han Muzi still calm, he looked at himself, she also looked up at him.

"What can I do for you?"

Lin Zheng's pale thin lips moved, and suddenly reached out and put a book on the table.

Han Muzi swept a glance, and then conveniently took it over: "your draft drawing?"

Then she turned to herself, "since you are here, go and sit down."

Lin Zheng looked at her with complicated eyes, but at last he didn't say anything. He turned back to his seat, and Xiao Yiyi also quickly followed her.

Han Muzi opened the draft to have a look, but the expression on his face was more dignified.

She raised her eyes and looked at Lin Zheng's direction. It was not her illusion. The works of this young man had become dark.