Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 401

After Xiaomi Dou went back to change his clothes, the sunglasses almost covered half of his face.

Han Muzi bought sunglasses for him at the beginning. Now he wears a hat and sunglasses. He should not recognize them.

Han Muzi was very satisfied, "let's go."

Xiaomi Dou ran to Han Muzi's arm with a short leg: "Mommy, let's walk together ~"


Han Muzi and Xiaomi Dou took uncle Nan's car together. After he sent them to the company, he said, "Miss Muzi, Mr. Han said that he would pick you up in an hour."

"I know, uncle Nan, go upstairs and have a rest. We'll leave in an hour."

"Yes, Miss Muzi."

Han Muzi went upstairs with Xiaomi Dou. She wanted to take Xiaomi Dou to the office to stay, and then went down by herself. But who knows Xiaomi Dou insists on following her.

Can't help, Han Muzi had to let him follow, went to the third floor together.

A group of people worked overtime last night, so they were listless when they went to work at noon. Some of them were sleeping on the table, some were playing with mobile phones. In short, they didn't look like they were working at work.

When hearing the sound of high-heeled shoes, everyone just glanced at them casually. As a result, they saw Han Muzi appear in their line of sight, and they sat upright.

Anyway, Han Muzi still belongs to their boss.

But Zhang Yu didn't care much about her, but sneered: "who is this? It's a good idea to come. Last night I told all of us to stay up late to draw design drawings, but I didn't know where to go. Today, it's still so late! Don't be ashamed

Listen to words, Han Muzi's face changed slightly.

Usually she doesn't care about these words, but today Xiaomi Dou is here

If she had known, she should have brought Xiaomi Dou back first.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi lowered his head and looked at Xiaomi Dou: "Xiaomi Dou, you go to the fifth floor to find aunt Xiaoyan, OK?"

Xiaomi Dou blinked his black eyes, but no one could see it hidden under the sunglasses. However, his lips pursed discontentedly and refused: "no, I want to stay to protect Mommy!"

A tearful voice suddenly sounded in the office, which can be said to be stunned everyone.

People can't help but stare at big eyes, Korea Mu purple side of the small bean to see the past.

Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng, only a small one, standing beside Han Muzi, is very fashionable and foreign-style, wearing a hat and sunglasses, but the delicate facial features can also reveal that the child's appearance is very excellent.

The next second, the little one took a step forward, and then went to Zhang Yu: "Auntie, it's not right for you to say bad things about people like this. My mom just hurt her hand last night, so she didn't come to the company. And you scold my mother for being shameless. It seems that you have no quality. "

When they were stunned, they didn't expect that this little bean pudding was not only natural in temperament, but also full of noble spirit, and his speech was so direct and painful.

Think about it. An adult, said by a bean curd, has no quality.

Then this adult, how she should have no quality to speak of.

Zhang Yu was said to have no quality by a little fart child, and immediately blushed, "you, why do you say I have no quality? Am I wrong?"

Xiaomi Dou blinks his eyes, a cute look.

He looked at the crowd.

"Brothers and sisters, did I have an explanation just now?"

All of them nodded subconsciously.

One side of Leng Yueyue put her hands around her chest and scowled at Zhang Yu, who was already red in anger: "I said Zhang Yu, didn't other children just explain it? Is it because you didn't come to the company after being injured, but you didn't hear it? Is it because you are deaf, or have you been unable to hear people's words? "

Zhang Yu: "cold moon you!"

Leng Yueyue picked up her eyebrows and said with a smile, "how am I? We all heard it clearly. "

Then she looked at xiaodouding and lifted her lips: "the little guy has a good eye and knows to call her sister. Zhang Yu is aunt. I remember to call her aunt later."

"You! Cold moon you are too much! I'm only a few years older than you. Why should I call my aunt, but you call me sister? It's not fair! "

"Well, don't tell me. Although we are only a few years old, we are a echelon. After all, you are a woman in her early 30s."

Zhang Yu's face became more ugly.

Han Muzi, standing on one side:.... "

It seems that she is also a woman in her early 30s.

But fortunately, she has children, so she is not afraid.

Think of here, Han Mu Ziwei slightly relieved, and then waved to the little guy: "millet beans, come back."

Xiaomi Dou Whoa, and then turn head toward Han Muzi to come over.

Li Junfeng picked his eyebrows: "Miss Muzi, this lovely little fellow, is really your son?"Wang an couldn't help but twitch: "it looks very young. I didn't expect that even my son would be..." He thought of a name in his mind, but he didn't dare to say it.

Han Qing That man is not to be provoked.

Shuguo Er smile, completely did not have that day by Han Muzi said shame: "this little guy is very cute, and strange polite."

When Zhang Yu heard this, her expression on her face twisted a little.

What he said was obviously trying to choke her.

She knew that shuguoer was taking revenge on the day when she said in the conference room what she had imitated.

"Well, I'm here to see the results of your overtime work last night. I'll hold a meeting in ten minutes, and we'll get ready."

Finish saying, Han Muzi then took millet bean's hand to leave together.

When she left, the office exploded.

"Well, I thought I had a chance. Now I don't have to think about it." Li Junfeng shook his head helplessly, looking as if he was hurt by love.

One side of the Shuguo Er looked at him: "even if there is no son, you also have no chance."

"Cut! It's great to have a son. How about following a man without fame and share, even if he has a son? More shameless! "

Around the people listen, Li Junfeng suddenly holding his chin and laughing.

"In this way, she has never said that she is Han Qing's woman. Can we have a little misunderstanding?"

"Misunderstood what? What is the woman who is not Han Qing? How could Han Qing spend so much money for a woman

"Zhang Yu, why are you so excited? Even if Han Qing spent so much money for her, but Han Qing didn't get married, and even the rumors outside that he didn't even have a girlfriend. Even if he spent so much money, it's normal. He's not a junior. "

Zhang Yu hummed: "it's not Xiao San and how, or just rely on men to climb up!"

"Well, I can't see it. She's not totally incompetent. If she only relied on men to climb up, she wouldn't be able to tell you and me so accurately that day."