Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 5

"You The woman was so angry that her fingertips trembled, "who do you think you are? If you are not the second young master of Ye family, do you think I can look up to you? It's just a handicap. Do you really treasure yourself? How many times have you refused me

The night when he was scolded as disabled was not deep, and his eyes suddenly became cold, and his anger was very deep.

When the woman wanted to put on a few more cruel words, she was startled by his sharp and sharp aura. Looking at the black infiltrated eyes, she could only hate to tidy up her clothes. Before leaving, she was unwilling to say: "wait, I will let you kneel down and beg me sooner or later."

Shen Qiao on one side heard these things and always felt that he had discovered some secrets by accident

Finishing their own clothes, pressure did not notice the Shen Qiao around, and before leaving, he said to the night Moshen: "night is not deep, you wait, I will let you kneel down and beg me sooner or later."

With that, the woman left quickly.

Only Shen Qiao and ye Moshen are left at the scene.

Shen Qiao also fell on the cold floor, eyes do not know where to put.

"I underestimated you."

A cold and sharp sight fell on the head of Shen Qiao.

Shen Qiao looked up and subconsciously said, "I just I didn't hear anything... "

"Let's go!" Don't go deep at night.

Shen Qiao frowned and said seriously, "from today on, I'm your assistant, and you let me come to the company myself, right?"

With that, Shen Qiao got up from the ground and walked to the night behind Mo Shen, holding his wheelchair in his hand.

"I've come by myself. Should you keep your promise?"

Without waiting for him to answer, Shen Qiao pushed him to go inside and said, "what do you need me to do?"

Night Mo Shen did not answer, but his aura became strong and forced people to get up. He sneered and said, "it seems that you really don't know how to write dead words."

Shen Qiao pursed her lips: "I don't want to be your assistant, but that's what my grandfather means."

"Are you putting him on me?"

"Why? I'm a victim, too. "

Shen Qiao noticed that there was some confusion in the office and some documents were lost on the ground, which should be caused by the woman who left just now.

With this in mind, she squatted down to pick up the documents and put them on the desk after finishing.

Night Mo deep look at this series of actions, eyes become sinister.

Just as Xiao Su came in, "the night is short, and the meeting will start in five minutes."

See Shen Qiao, Xiao Su's eyes pause for a moment, did not expect that she actually came over.

Suddenly, Mo's assistant thought of leaving? Then give you a chance. "

In the meeting room,

SHEN Qiao walked in behind the night's Mo Shen, and her appearance made people look surprised.

Everyone knows that night Mo Shen has always had Xiao Su alone. Now suddenly there is a woman, so everyone is guessing what relationship this woman is.

Shen Qiao was not an assistant, but he had never seen such a big scene. The conference room of Yeshi group was very large. After all, it was the leader group of Beicheng.

As soon as he went in, Shen Qiao felt that there was a sense of pressure. Shen Qiao's shoulders dropped a little bit unconsciously. He accepted all kinds of eyes and followed Xiao Su and ye Mo Shen behind him.

Until standing still, people's eyes fell on Shen Qiao.

"Mr. Ye, who is this?"

Ye Linhan served as deputy general manager of Yeshi group, and he was also in the meeting. He was surprised to see Shen Qiao come in.

Shen Qiao is nervous to pinch the corner of her clothes, and tries to tell herself not to be nervous. She slowly raises her head and finds a gentle sight in addition to the people's inquiring eyes.

It was a cold night.

The two eyes touch each other, and a gentle smile appears on his face, and nods to Shen Qiao.

At that time, Shen Qiao felt that he didn't seem to be so nervous. He also pursed his lips and laughed at the cold night.

Shen Qiao felt that night Lenghan was really a very gentle person.

These small movements all fell into the night Mo deep eye.

He has a cold light in his eyes, and his sharp eyes squint


People don't know why, what does yemoshen mean by the nurse?

Even Shen Qiao didn't understand.

"Mr. Ye, what did you say she was?"

Night Mo deep eyes such as the night's scissors pupil, he picked a small pick eyebrows, to the person who asked, "my grandfather asked me to take care of my life."

Bad words let Shen Qiao slightly white face, low eyes look at him.

She came to work as his assistant. Why did she become a nurse?

"Coffee." Is thinking, the night is not deep cold open mouth.

Shen Qiao stood still. Xiao Su understood the meaning of Mo Shen in the night and winked at Shen Qiao. Shen Qiao responded.OK, just make a coffee. That's the job of an assistant.

Shen Qiao went straight out of the meeting room to make coffee.

When she came back from making coffee, the meeting had already started. Shen Qiao put the coffee in front of Mo Shen at night.

Night Mo deep drink, frown: "you want to sweet death me?"

Xiao Su's face changed. "We can't add sugar to our coffee at night."


Can't help, Shen Qiao had to change a cup for night Mo Shen.

"It's too light."

Change it again!

"Oh, there is less water."

The good meeting room became a place for everyone to watch at night, and the eyes from all directions made Shen Qiao almost embarrassed.

She wanted to have a fit, to drop the coffee on top of the night's head and say she would quit.

However, thinking of the parents at home, Shen Qiaosheng held back and went out for a cup.


The glass lay heavily on the table, and everyone was startled.

"Do you want to be my nurse?"

Shen Qiao stood in place, pale.

Not far away sat the night cold looking at this scene, slightly frowned, can not help but say: "Mo Shen, passed."

Oh? Speak for her?

This woman seems to be a good way.

The smile on Mo Shen's lips became colder and colder: "elder brother, do you love me as a nurse? Then I'll give her to you? "

The night was cold

Shen Qiao bit his lower lip and his fingertips trembled.

Too much!

Finally understand why he suddenly agreed to stay, the original is to humiliate her!

In the eyes of Mo Shen at night, he is probably a woman who marries a rich family at all costs for money and status, so he will hate himself so much.

"Mo Shen, why are you so? After all, she is..."

Before your wife could say these four words, she was interrupted by the cold voice of Xiao Su: "just make a coffee, but the night assistant is not always a little broad?"

Night Lenghan seems to want to say something for Shen Qiao again, but Shen Qiao made a voice to grab in front of him and said, "I'll give night less a new cup."

Then she took the cup and went out.

One, two, three

Shen Qiao ran back and forth for as long as the meeting lasted. Yemoshen was not satisfied all the time, and she didn't complain at all.

She was still making coffee until the end of the meeting.

One side of the Xiao Su all see some can not bear, see the people left, just quietly gathered to night Mo Shen side: "night less, or forget it? Just treat her

Night Mo deep sneer: "like this kind of vain woman, not so to her, she will know what is to retreat in the face of difficulties?"

He would like to see, when can she bear it?