Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 400


Xiao Su coughed softly and couldn't help but reach out to cover his eyes.

But the night Mo Shen obviously has not responded, looking at the red dot that shows, and the following sentence, and then squint at Xiao su.

"What does that mean?"

The message was sent, but it was rejected by the other party.

Xiao Su's mouth has been twitching, did not answer the question of night Mo Shen.

"Xiao su." The tone of the night Mo Shen becomes gloomy and cold, and his eyes are more obliterating.

Xiao Su this just dry smile two times, and then quietly explained: "night less, this represents that you were pulled black."

The night is not deep


"Yes." Xiao Su nodded seriously, "it is the other party who found your personal information after adding your friends, and then sent you into the blacklist." He was afraid that the night would be too deep to understand, so he explained it in great detail.

When it comes to the last part of the night, Mo Shen's face is covered with dark clouds.

Xiao Su was surprised that he had said too much. He stopped and straightened himself up again!

God damn it, what he said just now won't let him die, right? But it's also the night, Mo Shen, who doesn't understand anything, so I can explain it more clearly.

Ye Mo Shen's blue veins on his forehead are slightly protruding, and his fingers holding the mobile phone are also slowly tightened up. After that, his thin lips coldly lifted up: "I've been blackened. Does it mean that the other party knows who I am?"

Xiao Su nodded numbly: "it should be like this, otherwise It won't make you black. "

Night Mo Shen did not speak any more, staring at the wechat interface.

He added so much time to her, but as soon as she added herself, she was immediately blackened.

"If you want to blackmail me, why pass?" The night Mo deep in the heart is not happy, asked one.

Xiao Su blinked his eyes and said, "maybe Just a mistake? "

The night Mo deep mouth corner took a draw, after he kills the sight to shoot toward Xiao Su to come over.

"Mr. Ye, you can talk about this matter. The old man has no courage!"

The two people who had quarreled with each other so much that they looked at Yemo Shen and directly threw the root of the problem to him. Anyway, it's useless for them to quarrel. The power to solve the problem lies in the night.

Who knows the night Mo deep raises a head, Mou color coldly glances at them, "what thing?"

Two face color a change: "night always?"

Xiao Su hardly saw it, and whispered: "it's about the development of Feng's land."

"Oh." Night Mo deep hook lips: "that matter I have not thought well, today first this, the meeting."

All of them said, "well

The night Mo deep also is not bothered to take care of the public is what reaction, directly takes the mobile phone to walk toward the office.

That woman, damned woman.

Unexpectedly, he was blackmailed after his friend's request.

It seems that she already knows who he is.

But, how could she treat her future clients like this?

Oh, that's great!

After returning to the office, yemoshen changed other accounts and wanted to add the other party. As a result, none of them were heard or responded.

After thinking about it, the night was probably reflected.

He used so many numbers to add it last night. If the woman was smart enough, she would have guessed it.

Night Mo deep pursed thin lips, and then put the mobile phone on the desktop, in the heart fidgety is not good.

What to do next?

To get the contact information from Lin Qingqing, he did it according to his original intention. He didn't expect I'll meet her there.

After that Don't close your eyes at night.

It seems that Everything has been disrupted. It doesn't look like it.


Han Muzi took a rest at home for a morning. Han Qing paid special attention to her hands and asked the doctor to come home to change her medicine.

When changing the medicine, Han Muzi found that her hand didn't feel as painful as yesterday. It seems that the doctor's efficacy is still very fast.

After changing the medicine, Han Muzi wanted to leave for the company, but was blocked by Han Qing.

"You can stay at home and have a rest these days."

Hearing this, Han Muzi frowned: "brother!"

"You are not allowed to go anywhere until your hand injury is healed."

"Brother!" Han Muzi was a little angry: "you helped me open the company. Now there are so many people in the company, and I still have customers waiting. But if you don't let me go, you won't let me go. What do my customers do?"

Han Qing didn't expect that she would lose her temper. She was stunned for a moment and sighed helplessly.

"Muzi, brother is also for you. If you are hurt like this, I will worry. Besides, what can you do if you go to the company like this? "

Hearing Han Qing's sigh, Han Muzi felt that she had gone too far just now. She softened her heart and begged in a low voice: "brother, I'm not going to work. I'm just going to see how their designs are. I'm just directing them to have a look. You said, my hands can't do anything now, so I won't use them at all, OK?""So, my good brother, I know you care about me, but I'll go and have a look! How about that? "

Finally, Han Qing was begged by her, but she could only nod.

"OK, let uncle Nan take you there, and you'll be back in an hour."

An hour, almost.

Han Muzi nodded with satisfaction: "thank you, brother."

After that, she quickly turned and walked upstairs. As soon as Xiaomi Dou heard that she was going to work, she immediately went forward and hugged her thigh.

"Mummy, I'm going to go, too!"

Han Muzi was shocked: "what are you going to do? Mommy's only been out for an hour, and she'll be back soon

"No," Xiaomi Dou hugged his arm. "Mommy's hurt. Xiaomi Dou wants to protect Mommy!"

Han Muzi said What can you do when you go there? Trouble, eh? "

With that, Han Muzi also bent down to laugh at him.

Xiaomi Dou pursed his lips discontentedly.

"Mommy is a villain, who laughs at Xiaomi Dou

Han Muzi is to tease him. He can't help but show his white teeth and laugh, "little fool, if you want to go, go back to your room and put on your sunglasses and hat."

"OK, mummy will wait for millet beans."

Xiaomi Dou quickly went back to her room to change her clothes.

Han Muzi looks at his back, but is slightly distracted.

She used to be unscrupulous when she was abroad, but now She can't.

Especially after meeting that person yesterday, she looked at Xiaomi Dou's face which was so similar to him that she always felt that there was an answer almost ready to come out.

But She never dared to think about it.

It's ridiculous. It's incredible.

Now Xiaomi Dou is better to hide her appearance, otherwise I'm afraid it will lead to a lot of gossip.

Sure enough, the same city is not convenient.