Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 399

Han Muzi: "what's the situation?"

Xiaoyan sat down beside her with her mobile phone, and then looked down with her business card: "Muzi, you see, so many people add your friends, who are they? Did our company have so many customers overnight? "

"Not likely." Han Muzi blinked, "before I hurt my hand yesterday, there were not so many people adding me."

"Is it a prank?" Xiaoyan asked a question, and then randomly selected an account to go in to have a look, and found that each other's friends are blank.

"What's the matter? The circle of friends is designed to be shielded and can be viewed, but these accounts seem to be just used. Is it really a prank? "

Han Muzi didn't quite understand, so she put her head together to have a look.

"I also found a key point. The ID of these accounts seems to be similar..."

Han Muzi: "it's just

"Well, I'm sure it's a prank now."

After that, Xiaoyan dragged those numbers into the blacklist one by one: "maybe I want to spy on our work. Let me pull them black one by one. Gee, there's a different account at the end. I don't know if it's a customer. "

"I'll look at the account number."

Xiaoyan gave Han Muzi a look at the account number.

Han Muzi looked at it, vaguely felt that the account seemed a little familiar.

I think I've seen it somewhere

When seeing the last word number, Han Muzi's pupil shrinks, and then she looks at the introduction information below.

"Oh, it was added through the business card recommended by the client Lin Qingqing. It seems that it is a friend recommended by Miss Lin. let's go."

Small Yan plain white fingers just want to press up, Han Muzi but suddenly voice way: "don't pass!"

Her voice suddenly became severe, and decibels were also a lot bigger, Xiaoyan was scared to shake her hand, and actually directly pressed through.

Han Muzi's face changed, gritted his teeth and said, "pull him black!"

After hearing this, Xiao Yan looked puzzled and did not move.

"Muzi, what are you doing? This is the customer recommended by Miss Lin. if you don't add it... "

"Pull black."

"What?" Xiaoyan was a little stunned, "why pull black ah?"

"Do as I say, don't ask too much." Han Muzi's voice was low, and her face did not look very good. Xiaoyan didn't dare to say anything, so she just nodded.

"Well, I see."

Then she moved her finger and put the man on the blacklist.

Seeing this, Han Muzi was relieved.

"Look at your work today. I'll collect the design drawings in the afternoon."

"Good." Xiaoyan will return the mobile phone to her, "in addition to this basic nothing, if there is something you let Xiaomi Dou call me, I will be back soon."


After Xiao Yan left, Xiaomi Dou came over and asked a question.

"Mommy, is anyone bothering you?"

"Well? How could you ask that? "

"Because Xiaomi Dou just heard aunt Xiaoyan say that someone has added her wechat."

Han Muzi smiles: "it's OK, it's just a mistake."

With that, the smile on her lips was not believed, and a dignified color appeared in her eyes.

She knows the ending of that wechat account

And it was added through the business card recommended by Lin Qingqing. Yesterday Of course she knew who she had met.

Han Muzi leaned back against the pillow and closed her eyes.

What do you want to do with my wechat?


Ye's group

conference room

all the directors of Yeshi group had a heated debate.

"I don't agree with you. This will only allow those small companies to take advantage of it. It is meaningless for our company. It is better not to do it after we have done it. "

An old man in his sixties glared at an old man of the same age.

"You old man, I think you are a fool. What is the meaning of giving those small companies opportunities? We are the Yeshi group in Beicheng. Which small company dares to rub against the benefits of Yeshi group? Even if you give them money and let them rub, they dare not rub it, let alone without any permission! "

"Don't quarrel. If you have something to say, we need to think about it more."

"In the long run? Well, what can I say to a man like him? You should let it go! "


One side of Xiao Su watched these people fight to fight, and sat in the night of the throne is indifferent.

Oh, he's not indifferent. He's just staring at it with his cell phone.

I don't know what's wrong with it. When I came here early in the morning, I took a look at my mobile phone from time to time. Then I put it down and picked it up for a look.During this period, Xiao Su paid attention to his mobile phone interface, which happened to be the wechat interface.

Xiao Su doubted that he didn't call him to set up some wechat accounts in the middle of the night last night. As a result, when Moshen went to work this night, he was staring at the wechat interface all the time. Even at the meeting he paid most attention to, he was directly distracted.

He ignored the other people's contention.

Xiao Su was thinking, and then looked at the mobile phone of night Mo Shen. Suddenly, it seemed to see that the mobile phone of night Mo Shen vibrated. At the same time, the body of night Mo Shen was also shocked.

For a moment, he seemed very happy.

Then quickly open the interface.

Xiao Su took a glance.

Shelly has approved your friend request and is now ready to chat.


Who is Shelly?

Xiao Su had some doubts. How could he seem to have never heard of this name?

Night Mo Shen has been looking at the mobile phone is waiting for this person? It sounds like a woman's name

Xiao Su sneaked over to see what night Mo Shen would say to the woman. A cold line of sight came, and Xiao Su was scared to straighten up.

Forget it. It's important for him to stop gossiping.

Ye Mo shen wants to send a message, but when he arrives at the chat box, he finds that he doesn't know what to say.

Five years have not seen, he suddenly added her as a friend, she knows it is her??

Or, don't you know?

So what is he going to say?

"What do you want to say?" Night Mo Shen's eyes suddenly toward Xiao Su swept over, Xiao Su ah, and then close to the past: "night less?"

"The first sentence of a conversation."

"Hello, you?"

Night Mo deep pursed thin lips, no answer, obviously dissatisfied.

Xiao Su thought about it in a tangled way and added, "what do you want to say if you don't say hello? Or Name? "

Night Mo deep or not satisfied, Xiao Su can only light cough: "otherwise, ask in?"

Night Mo deep eye son moved, seem to be quite satisfied with this sentence, and then he finger move, still really hair in it go out.

One side of the Xiao Su see these two words, the corner of the mouth can not help but twitch.

Yeshao seems to never chat with others and send wechat. Wechat is the working state, and always has something to say directly. How could today Is it still there?

But what surprised Xiao Su even more was that after the news was sent out, what was shown on the screen was actually.

The message was sent, but it was rejected by the other party. }