Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 398

Han's family

it was late at night, but Han Qing still called for a doctor to re treat the wound on Han Muzi's hand.

"Well, the wound on Miss Han's hand is not allowed to touch water for the time being. It's better not to work with hands. It will recover slowly in a few days. In recent days, her diet has also been as light as possible."

Thank you very much Han Qing asked Uncle Jin to send the doctor home.

"Did you hear what the doctor said?"

Han Muzi sat on the sofa and said helplessly, "yes, how can I take a bath tonight? Why don't you wash them these days? "

Han qinglue thought and said directly, "let Xiaoyan come back to help you."

“…… I don't need it. In fact, I think it's OK to put a bag on my hand

Han Qing's breath sinks down and stares at Han Muzi in silence. Han Muzi is a little embarrassed by his gaze and can only smile, "OK, I won't wash it. I'll go upstairs and have a rest first. I'm a little tired."


Han Muzi went back to her room and found that Xiaomi Dou was asleep.

She went to the bedside and looked at Xiaomi Dou's quiet sleeping face, this face It's very much like that man.

Over the past five years, Han Qing has been asking her to return to China, but she has not come back, that is, she does not want to see that person again.

I thought that Beicheng was so big that she would not meet her again even if she came back, but I didn't expect How long after she came back, she ran into him.

And face to face

This is what Han Muzi never thought of.

The night is not deep.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi's eyes sank. She got up and walked slowly to the outside of the bathroom, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Han Muzi was stunned for a moment and turned to open the door.

A servant stood outside the door, looking at her respectfully.

"Miss Muzi, would you like to take a bath? I can help you. "

Han Mu purple Leng for a moment, or nodded: "that you come in to help me put water, light, millet beans fell asleep."

The servant thought for a while and whispered, "why don't you go to the guest room and wash it and come back again. I'll wait on you there."

"Well, I'll get the clothes."

Han Muzi went back to the room to get the clothes, and then followed the servant to the guest room.

The servant first drained water for her, and Han Muzi took a bath and dressed with her help.

"What time is it?"

"Miss Muzi, it's almost twelve o'clock."

It's almost twelve o'clock? Xiaoyan didn't know whether she had come back. Han Muzi took out her mobile phone after she returned to the room. She was clumsily trying to open it. Her finger was a fingerprint lock, but her fingers were wrapped in gauze, which could not be undone.

Finally, Han Muzi didn't even turn on her mobile phone, so she could only go to the study to find Han Qing.

Sure enough, the light in the study was still on.


"How did you get out? Not a rest yet? " Han Qing frowned and glared at her.

"Brother, the company worked overtime today, and I was not in the company. Would it be unsafe for Xiaoyan to come back? Can you... "

Hearing this, Han Qing understood her meaning and nodded: "yes, you go to have a rest, I will go to pick up people."

"Thank you, brother."

Han Muzi nodded contentedly and then went back to the room to sleep.

Xiao Yan, don't say elder sister didn't help you, but she gave you a big chance.


the next day, when Han Muzi woke up, she saw Xiaomi Dou lying beside her, looking at her with heartache.

She was stunned for a moment, and then asked softly, "Xiaomi Dou?"

Xiaomi Dou was so called by her, her eyes suddenly red, and then looked down at her finger, "Mommy, you are injured."

Hearing this, Han Muzi thought of her hand wrapped with gauze. She sighed helplessly.

"It's just a little injury. It's not in the way."

"Mommy's lying!" Xiaomi Dou snorted and pointed to her finger angrily: "if it was a small wound, mummy would not have wrapped so much gauze, mummy What happened? Tell Xiaomi Dou, Xiaomi Dou will avenge you

Han Muzi said with a faint smile: "nothing happened, but mummy was accidentally touched by glass fragments yesterday. It will be OK in two days."

Xiaomi Dou threw herself around her neck and rubbed affectionately: "Mommy, would you like to take millet beans with you when you work in the future?"

"No way." Although Han Muzi's hand was wrapped with gauze, she still raised it and landed on Xiaomi Dou's head and gently stroked it: "Mommy doesn't have time to take care of Xiaomi Dou when she works. Xiaomi Dou should take good care of herself at home. And After returning to China, mummy should be able to live here safely. Originally, she wanted to find a school for you in Suzhou, but Since your uncle has set up a company for us, mummy should consider buying a small house here. When Mommy finds you a good school, mummy will buy one nearby. "When he heard that he was going to school, Xiaomi Dou said, "Mommy, Xiaomi Dou doesn't want to go to school. Xiaomi Dou wants to be with mommy forever."

With that, Xiaomi Dou also hugged Han Muzi's neck.

"Cough, if you don't let go, you'll strangle Mommy." Han Muzi did not have good breath tunnel, millet beans wrapped around her neck above the hand, this just relaxed some.

"How can I do without learning? If you are illiterate at that time, do you want your mother to support you all the time? "

"Hum, millet beans don't need Mommy. Millet beans can support themselves, and millet beans can raise Mommy!"

Han Muzi couldn't help laughing: "well, then Mommy will let Xiaomi Dou raise when she is old, so Xiaomi Dou still wants to go to school to study. In the future, you don't want to serve the country as a police officer?"

"Yes." Xiaomi Dou was said by her and nodded: "Xiaomi Dou should listen to Mommy's advice ~"

"that's good."

Percussion -

"bathing purple?"

"It's aunt Xiaoyan's voice. I'll open the door." Xiaomi Dou jumps out of bed and opens the door.

"Aunt Xiaoyan."

"Ah, early millet and beans!" Xiaoyan sneaks in and touches Xiaomi Dou's head. Then he walks to Han Muzi.

Han Muzi sat up and leaned against the bed.

"How did you get here?"

"Come and see how your hands are." Small Yan line to her bed to sit down, side of the millet beans watching this scene, cleverly ran to one side and stayed.

"It's all right. The doctor took care of it last night. Just take a few days off."

"Why don't you go to work these days and have a good rest at home."

"No way." Han Muzi shook his head: "must go, I must personally see their new design drawings."

"Can I bring it home for you?"

"No, by the way, I hurt my hand and I can't use my mobile phone. Would you please bring me my mobile phone and see if anyone calls me or if the customer has any new requirements?"

Xiaoyan went to the table to get her mobile phone, she knew her password, and entered.

"Wow, your wechat has exploded, so many people add your friends!"