Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 394

After arriving at that address, when Han Muzi and Xiao Yan got off the bus, the driver's master still couldn't help but tell: "do you really want to go in? Are you not afraid? Why don't you go in and I'll take you back for free? "

Hearing this, Han Muzi looked at the driver's master gratefully: "thank you, master, but we are really here to find someone. There is something urgent, so we have to go in."

"Well, then, well, remember to be careful."

"Thank you, master. Take your time!" Xiao Yan said to the driver in a loud voice and waved to him.

After that, Xiao Yan wanted to go inside, but was stopped by Han Muzi.

"What's the matter?"

Han Muzi stood on the street and began to take off his coat.

Xiaoyan looked stunned: "mu, Muzi, what do you want?"

Han Muzi takes off her coat and signals Xiaoyan to take off her coat. After that, Han Muzi crumples her clothes.

"We What is this for? "

"This is the demolition area. What do you think we would be treated as if we were dressed like that?" While saying, Han Muzi looked at the bag of Xiaoyan: "did you bring makeup remover?"

Xiao Yan nodded stupidly: "with, with."

"Give it to me."

Xiaoyan handed her the water to remove makeup. Han Muzi took the cotton pad and unloaded it directly to her face. This scene made Xiaoyan's mouth twitch: "you really want to go out, so you can start directly."

Han Mu purple is light make-up, so it is not difficult to remove makeup, two people after the makeup is plain.

"That's about it. Let's go."

So they went inside together.

The demolition site can stay for such a long time, it must be because the personnel here are not so easy to bully, so they must be careful when entering.

It's just that this place has another drawback: it's hard to find.

After Han Muzi and Xiaoyan go in, although she and Xiaoyan have taken off their makeup, their temperament looks obviously out of step with the building, so they attract a lot of attention.

"They look terrible at people Should we be all right? " Xiaoyan was frightened by those eyes, subconsciously tightened Han Muzi's sleeve.

"It's just a look. I can't eat you. Don't be afraid."

Compared with Xiao Yan, Han Muzi was much calmer. She opened the information and said, "there is no detailed house number written on it. We probably need to find someone to ask him where he lives."

Hearing this, Xiaoyan immediately widened her eyes in horror.

"I, did I hear you correctly? You asked us to ask those people, the eyes can't eat people, but I feel that we will be eaten when we walk past. "

When Xiao Yan was still shaking, Han Muzi had already given priority to take a step and walked towards an old man with a bent back beside him. She came back to her mind and quickly followed Han Muzi's steps.

"Hello." Han Muzi showed a kind smile and gently asked the old man, "do you know Lin Zheng?"

The old man looked at her with alert eyes. After hearing Lin Zheng's name, he immediately stepped back and shook his head, "don't know, don't ask me."

Han Muzi: "it's just

Xiaoyan whispered in Han Muzi's ear and said: "obviously, it's recognition."

After hearing this, Han Muzi said with a quiet smile: "don't get me wrong, granny. We don't mean anything. I'm a colleague of Lin Zheng. I heard that something happened to his family. Everyone was worried about her, so he entrusted me to come with my friend to see what happened to him."

Hearing that Han Muzi claimed to be Lin Zheng's colleague, the old man's guard was a little less. She looked at Han Muzi and Xiaoyan. Both of them looked innocent and harmless. They should not be harmful.

Thinking of this, the old man spoke.

"Are you really Lin Zheng's colleagues?"

"Well, really, so we are really worried about him."

"Well I'll take you to him. "

"Thank you." Han Muzi couldn't help but smile with gratitude.

At this time, a little boy ran out of the room. "Grandma, don't be cheated by them. They are not the colleagues of brother Lin Zheng. They want to harm brother Lin Zheng."

As soon as the old man listened, his face changed: "is it true?"

Han Muzi and Xiaoyan's face also changed.

Then the little boy came to block the old man and yelled, "come on, those people are coming to settle accounts with brother Lin Zheng again! They're going to bully grandma

The little boy's voice was full of gas, and the people around him were not attracted by the sight.

The reason why this place has not been demolished until now depends on the strength of unity. The roar of the little boy directly roared all the people nearby.

"What are you going to do? Is it shameless for two young people to bully an old man? "

"Looking for Lin Zheng? He doesn't live here any more. You'd better hurry up, or we won't be rude! ""How can you work for those people who look like people? Do you like being a dog so much

Han Muzi looked at these people in front of her. Although she was dressed in plain clothes, she didn't expect to speak It's so stabbing.

She looked a little ugly, but she didn't explain.

On the contrary, Xiaoyan couldn't help but retort: "what do you mean? We are not bad people, and we have not bullied the old man just now. "

"You're talking nonsense!" The little boy rushed forward and said in a loud voice, "I just heard you scold my grandmother!"

He was angry and suddenly reached out to Han Muzi who was standing in front of him and pushed it.

"Ah, Muzi!"


There was a cry of surprise in the crowd.

Han Muzi didn't expect that a little boy would have such great strength, and he didn't expect that he would suddenly stretch out his hand to push himself. So when she was pushed in high heels, she fell back uncontrollably and fell on the floor.

Because of the environment here, there were sawdust and glass beside her. Her hand pressed on the sawdust and glass beside her, and she immediately bled.

"It's bleeding!" Small Yan sees a form, stare big eyes to quickly squat down to help Han Muzi up, "Mu Zi, are you ok?"

People around see this scene, immediately look at each other.

Xiao Yan was so angry that she bit her lower lip and looked at the crowd: "you are too much. I know you are in the demolition area, but it is unreasonable for you to hit people indiscriminately like this! Muzi, I'll help you up. We'll go to the hospital

Han Muzi stood up slowly with her help. Her palms hurt so much that even her buttocks were numb.

"I'm fine." She bit her lower lip to hold back the pain and looked at the crowd: "everyone, we are really just Lin Zheng's colleagues. We have no intention of harming others. If you don't believe it, we will leave here now."

"Wait a minute, you come to find Lin Zheng. I'll take you there." Suddenly a young girl stood up.