Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 393

"It's OK." Han Muzi thought carefully, then shook his head suddenly, lowered his eyes and stared at the information in front of him.

It shouldn't be like this.

She should have been calm for a long time. Even if she saw him again now, she should treat him as a stranger.

Han Muzi closed her eyes, but found her heart and brain are a mess.

"Something must have happened!" Xiaoyan has lived with her for five years, and has a certain understanding of Han Muzi. She can feel Han Muzi's mood at once. She narrowed her eyes and bent down to her: "didn't you say to go to find Lin Qingqing? But why did you come back so soon? Tell me, is that Lin Qingqing bullying you? "

Listen, Han Muzi raised her eyes and looked at Xiao Yan. She looked fierce, as if to fight.

Han Muzi made fun of herself and lifted her lips: "if I said yes, what would you do?"

Xiao Yan immediately pinched her fingers and snapped: "if that Lin Qingqing bullies you, I'll rush to beat her up. Anyway, I'm a woman. No one dares to say I'm beating a woman."

“…… Come on, it's a legal society. Beating people up is punishable. "

Xiaoyan hehe smile: "why, the private grudges can not be solved by themselves, is it?"? Besides, I just hurt her, and I won't kill her. "

"Don't tease you. It's really nothing. I came back so fast because our client, Miss Lin, had other business, so I came back first. "

"But you don't look like that." Xiao Yan held his chin in one hand for thinking: "tell me quickly, what happened besides this?"

Hearing this, Han Muzi took a deep breath and then helplessly laughed: "Why are you so gossipy? What can I do for you? "

"Why are you sitting here for so long

"Because I wonder what kind of design Miss Lin wants."

Xiaoyan reluctantly believed her: "well, if there is anything you remember to tell me, don't hide it in your heart."


After Xiao Yan went out, Han Muzi was relieved.

The girl's mind It's so sensitive.

But it's also strange that she didn't hide her emotions.

She looks like this, Xiaoyan feels that she is out of her mind. Isn't it true that she should be able to see it even at night?

No way

Five years ago, she lost all her dignity and begged him to see herself. She even put down her body to ask for it. But the divorce contract still fell on her face.

She lost her sense of propriety and standard in front of him again.

She must be calm.

That man, to her, has long been a stranger.

Dingdong -

the mobile phone vibrated, and Lin Qingqing sent a wechat.

Lin Qingqing: {I'm sorry, Shelly, it's an accident today. I'm really sorry to delay your time. Why don't we make an appointment in the evening? It's still in that restaurant. I'll treat you. }

at night? Han Mu purple eyes light flow around, white fingers in the mobile phone keyboard on the top of the rapid typing.

Han Muzi: {sorry, Miss Lin, I have to work overtime in the evening. I may not have time. }

Lin Qingqing: {well, it doesn't matter. We'll make an appointment when you are free. }

Han Muzi: {except for working overtime this evening, I can cooperate with Ms. Lin in the rest of the time. I'm sorry. }

Lin Qingqing: {it's OK. I should be the one who says I'm sorry. If it's not for me, you won't go there in vain. By the way, Shelly designer, isn't your company new? }

Han Muzi: {well. }

Lin Qingqing: {I pushed your business card to Mo Shen. He should take care of your business. In the future, I will recommend you more to my relatives and friends. }

pushed his wechat business card to Yemo?

At that moment, Han Muzi felt as if her heart was cluttering for a moment, but soon she came back to her senses.

Han Muzi: {thank you very much. }

after that, she put her mobile phone back on the desktop, fell back to her back, and stretched out her hand to twist her eyebrows.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Han Muzi was just about to go to the canteen to have dinner. When he walked out of the door, he saw Xiao Yan with a serious face and said, "Muzi, something happened."

See her full face serious, Han Muzi some surprised picked pick eyebrow: "what's the matter?"

"Xiao Yiyi just came to tell me that something happened to Lin Zheng, and then she ran away crying. I don't know what happened. But she looks nervous like that. Shall we

What happened to Lin Zheng?

Han Muzi recalled the appearance of that cold youth, and then said in a voice: "you go to check the information, look at the address of Lin Zheng, and then we go to have a look."

"Good!" Xiao Yan immediately nodded and went to look at Lin Zheng's address.She came with the information in her hand. "Yes, it's here."

"Let's go."

Han Muzi and Xiao Yan left the company together. Originally, Han Muzi wanted to drive by himself, but she didn't know the address above Lin Zheng, so they had to take a taxi.

Not long after getting on the bus, the driver couldn't help but glance back and asked, "what are you two girls doing in that poor area?"

"Poor areas?" Xiao Yan asked with some doubts.

The driver looked at her and nodded, "don't you know? It's a well-known poverty-stricken area, where people are very aggressive and often haunted by vicious people. If you're not from there, I suggest you don't go there. It's too dangerous. Two little girls, "

Listen, Xiaoyan can't help but take a look at Korea Muzi.

Han Muzi faint smile: "master, we are looking for people in the past, should there be no problem?"

"Well, it depends on luck. I don't know what will happen there, but people who run that section say that the people there are extremely fierce."

Xiao Yan was worried, biting his lips: "or How many people shall we go with us

"It's too late. I'm afraid it will take more time to find someone." Han Muzi looked down and thought for a moment, and suddenly asked, "master, is the poverty-stricken area you mentioned in demolition?"

"Well I don't think so. " The driver grabbed his head with one hand: "originally, there should be no poverty-stricken areas in our prosperous north city, but that corner is too far away, and the people there are so fierce that they just don't want to empty a place for you to dismantle. The two sides are deadlocked and it's not easy to start. It has always been like this."

Hearing this, Han Muzi has probably learned about the situation.

"I see, thank you."

At the same time, she also knows that she can go with Xiaoyan, absolutely can't call people.

If it's called, it's estimated that There's a good chance they'll be beaten out.