Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 392

The night Mo Shen walked forward a step, the body's strong aura approached a few minutes.

Han Muzi has calmed down and stood still. Her eyes and expression are very light.

"What's the matter?" Lin Qingqing noticed something strange, so he asked.

Hearing this, Han Muzi looks at Lin Qingqing and smiles.

"Miss Lin, we'll contact you later, so we won't disturb you."

With that, Han Muzi nodded in the direction of Mo Shen at night, and then went around the other side of the table to leave.

Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed and said, "or You'd better stay for a drink before you leave. "


"You came here specially, I'm too sorry to leave now, anyway He's back. You can sit for a while

Han Muzi clenched the hand of bag a few minutes, after a moment released, she said with a frank smile: "good, then I'll be respectful rather than obedient."

Han Muzi asked for a glass of juice.

The speed in the restaurant quickly brought her the juice. Han Muzi knew that she was just sitting down to be polite, so she only drank two or three drinks.

Originally prepared to leave the night, Mo Shen also left at this time, sat opposite, face cold.

Night Mo Shen's face is very ugly, Lin Qingqing dare not say anything more, people's minds are different.

It's just that someone's sharp eyes have been falling on her body, although his eyes are cold, but the eyes are burning down on her face, has been staring.

She was about to stare her face out of the hole.

Time goes by, about a few minutes later, Han Muzi stands up.

"Thank you for your hospitality, but I still have work to do, so I really don't want to disturb you."

With that, she got up and gave a little smile: "today's meal is mine."

After that, she didn't care what their reaction was. She turned around and went to the cashier to settle the account.

Han Muzi is ready to hand the card to the cashier, but someone moves faster than her.

"Brush this one."

The cold voice has no emotion.

This voice Han Muzi is very familiar, she does not even need to look up to know who it is.

"I'm not in the habit of letting women treat me at night."

Han Muzi: "it's just

She was silent for a long time. She took back the bank card in her bag. She turned her head and looked at the night. Her face had already shown a strange smile: "so, thank you very much."

Lin Qingqing, who followed him, saw this scene and secretly enjoyed it in his heart.

The man she likes is not the same, the man should be like ye Moshen, so gentlemanly.

Walking to the door, Lin Qingqing suddenly said: "Muzi, or we can send you back to the company, anyway, it is not far away."

Listen to words, Han mu zidun for a while, corners of the mouth can't help but smoke.

"No, Miss Lin. I'll be there in a few steps. Thank you for your hospitality today."

Han Muzi doesn't think that she needs someone else to deliver her. Seeing that Lin Qingqing didn't say anything more, she just took a step and left directly, ignoring another line of sight.

Lin Qingqing looked at her back, and then quietly took a glance at the night not far from her.

"When did I say I was going to send you off?"

Sure enough, a cold and heartless voice came from above.

Although Lin Qingqing had long expected that night Moshen would not send her back, but he suddenly opened his mouth so that she felt no face. Fortunately, Han Muzi had left.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingqing raised his head toward the night and said with a smile, "I know you won't send me. I'm in trouble today. Be careful on the way."

With that, Lin Qingqing didn't pester him any more, but turned and prepared to leave.

But she suddenly thought of something, looked at the night Mo Shen way: "by the way, can you add a wechat?"

Oh, what a woman to push her feet.

At night, Mo's dark dark eyes show a color of impatience, just want to say can't.

But suddenly thought of something, he squinted at Han Muzi's previously disappeared direction.

"You just said Is she a designer? "

Lin Qingqing didn't respond at first, but nodded stupidly. A moment later, she thought of something, raised her lips and danced: "yes, Mr. Ye, she is a designer. This time, I went to her company to entrust her to design my dress. If you need to design something, you can also find her. "

At this moment, Lin Qingqing saw that ye Moshen was interested in her identity as a designer. In my heart, I guess that night Moshen is probably also looking for Han Muzi to design clothes, so it is very dignified to directly push out Han Muzi's identity.

She even thought that it would be better if she could take this opportunity to go further with Yemo.


Night Mo deep eyes color deep several.

I didn't expect that woman became a designer, which surprised him.Lin Qingqing bit her lower lip happily: "Mr. Ye also wants to design clothes? Why don't we add a wechat and I'll push her business card to you? "

When asked this question, Lin Qingqing's heart beat very fast. This is the most important step on her way to the male god!

If it was before, ye Moshen must have left long ago. Let alone wechat, he would not even pay attention to her.

But now is not the same, night Mo deep a little thought, take out the mobile phone.

"Pass me the card."

Night Mo Shen finish this sentence and then disappear in front of Lin Qingqing.

Lin Qingqing nodded excitedly and waved to him: "I will, Mr. night, drive carefully on the road!"

Her eyes have been following the cold tall figure, until he disappeared in the corner, Lin Qingqing just take his eyes back, she looked down at her mobile phone, for a moment happy to hold it in her arms like a treasure.

Great. She's one step closer to the God.

It seems that Aunt song is right. Yemoshen really belongs to the kind of person with cold face and hot heart.

She could almost imagine how they would be together in the future.

Lin Qingqing left with her mobile phone in her arms.


after returning to the company, Han Muzi went into the office and sat in a daze at the table.

Xiao Yan still had some doubts when she came back. Didn't she say she went to see the client? Why did you come back so soon? However, she did not go to ask, anyway, Han Muzi's affairs will be dealt with by herself.

But later, when Xiaoyan got up to add coffee for herself, she found that Han Muzi was still holding the posture she was sitting in. She felt a little strange.

What's going on?

Xiao Yan narrowed her eyes and made a cup of coffee and sent it in.


The sound of the coffee cup on the table made Han Muzi recover. She lifted her eyes and saw Xiaoyan standing in front of her, just staring at her strangely.

Seeing her raise her head, Xiao Yan put her hands around her chest: "what's going on? It's just that

Listen, Han Muzi.

Are you out of your mind?

Thinking of this, she couldn't help pulling her lips and laughing at herself.

For a long time, she thought she had been calm enough for so many years, but now she found that

There are some things that you can't really change if you want to.