Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 391

Han Muzi's speed is very fast, went downstairs, crossed the street corner to walk a few steps to that restaurant.

When she went in, she saw Lin Qingqing sitting not far away.

Her steps pause for a moment, then suddenly remembered that the previous call was because the appointment time was about to arrive, so she was a little anxious to find her.

But now I saw her sitting there and remembered that people and friends were eating. Would it be inconvenient for her to suddenly walk over like this?

Just thinking about it, the waiter suddenly came over.

"Hello, miss..."

After hearing this, Han Muzi came back to God, and the Korean waiter gave a faint smile: "I'm looking for a friend, thank you."

After her talent green direction to walk, approached, Han Muzi only found that she was alone.

Don't you mean to have dinner with your friends? Han Muzi has some doubts.

"Hello, Miss Lin."

Lin Qingqing has been waiting. Yemoshen went to the bathroom and didn't come back. It has been so long. Even if he is a big size, he should have come back. Is it because he doesn't want to sit here with her, so he doesn't come back?

She thought while sighing, suddenly came Han Muzi's voice.

Lin Qingqing came back to his mind and saw Han Muzi standing in front of him.

"It's you." Her voice is unable to hide the loss, can not lift the appearance of interest.

Han Muzi heard it, and her eyes moved. "Miss Lin, I was in a bit of a hurry just now, so I didn't forget to ask you about the inconvenience."

Said Han Muzi also looked at her opposite: "if it is not convenient, then I will come back later?"

"No, you can do it." Lin Qingqing laughed bitterly: "he must have gone."

Now what Lin Qingqing thinks is that he may be just an excuse to go to the bathroom, but he has already left.

Han Muzi looked at her mood is very low, also did not say anything, but sat down in front of her, and then chuckled: "OK? Would you like to go to my company for a while? "

Han Muzi thought, if you are in a low mood here, you might as well change to her company, which may be better?

Lin Qingqing blinked and went to her company?

Yemo Shen didn't go to the bathroom. Instead, he was smoking in the corridor. When he felt that the time was almost over, he put out the cigarette and walked back.

Walking outside, Mo Shen saw that there was an extra person in Lin Qingqing's seat.

The cold eyes swept over the man's face.

Suddenly, the night deep step stopped, handsome face is still that pair of indifferent expression, but the dark eyes have been rolling.

The huge waves in his heart almost swept him in an instant.

Is it an illusion?

Is that woman in his hallucinations again?

The first two times I saw this woman were fleeting. I don't think much about it Maybe this time, too.

So he held his breath subconsciously and didn't dare to blink.

One second, two seconds

Ten seconds later, the person in front of him is still in his sight, smiling.

So this time, it's not an illusion?

Night Mo Shen opened her straight legs and walked towards her step by step.

"Well, let's go to your company and I'll settle the account first."

Han Muzi thinks that since she is her own client, it is OK for her to settle accounts.

Thinking of this, she grabbed the bag and got up and said, "I'll go. You can sit for a while."

Han Muzi got up with her bag and just wanted to go to the cashier's desk. When she got up and looked up, she burst into a tall figure.

Under the cold eyebrows is a pair of sharp eyes like hawks. After years of baptism, there is a hidden deep precipitation in the depth. The nose peak is as high as the cloud, and it is still the thin lips as thin as a knife, cold and tight.

This face

Han Muzi's steps stopped for a moment, feeling his heartbeat thump, as if to be static in general.

It's Is she wrong?

How could that person appear in front of her?

So close??

Han Muzi holds the bag's hand unconsciously, tightens again.

The long white hand shows the blue veins because of this movement.

Two people close to each other for a while, Han Muzi can also smell the strong masculine smell that belongs to him, just like Weiya, envelops her and binds her inside.

Night Mo deep eyes light coldly stare at her.

If it was her!

For a time he thought he was hallucinating!

"Mo Shen?" A beautiful exclamation broke the deadlock.

Sitting on the side of Lin Qingqing looked up and saw the night, surprised to stand up and call his name: "really you? You didn't leave? "

Her voice couldn't cover her joy. Tears were floating in her eyes: "I thought I was pigeoned!"A sound of Mo Shen pulled Han Muzi's mind back. She suddenly regained her consciousness and realized that she had almost run into Yemo Shen, so she stepped back a few steps to keep distance with each other.

Then she lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes covered all her thoughts.

It turns out that Let Lin Qingqing depressed, is the night not deep?

Lin Qingqing saw that night Mo Shen had gone and returned, so at this time she was already in love with her heart and had no other mind to pay attention to his emotions and eyes.

Night Mo Shen's eyes have been falling on Han Muzi's body, as if born a root.

Han Muzi took a deep breath and pressed down his heart. After a long time, he raised his head and laughed at Lin Qingqing: "it seems that Miss Lin has something to do, so I'll go first."

Of course, Lin Qingqing cherished the time when they were alone together. Naturally, he nodded his head and agreed.

Just in Han Muzi just want to take a step to leave, has been standing still, eyes glue in her face night Mo Shen but suddenly opened.

His voice was cold and clear, like the snow in the cold winter.

"Your friend?"

Lin Qingqing is stunned for a moment, and then he reacts. Night Moshen is asking her. She nods, then shakes her head, and then introduces her politely.

"Mr. night, this is Shelly, a fashion designer who has just returned from abroad. Shelly, this is Mr. Yemo, President of Yeshi group. He belongs to me... " When talking about the back, Lin Qingqing can't help but feel shy on her white cheek.

How would she introduce him? Although she felt that yemoshen would definitely be with her, the introduction now is not appropriate, and it is not very good to say that it is a blind date.

Finally, Lin Qingqing changed his introduction again.

"It's my friend."

Han Muzi certainly knows that he is the president of Yeshi group.

She knew it five years ago, but She doesn't want to know that now.

In order not to brush the customer's face, Han Mu purple eyes light to open a way: "Hello, Mr. night."

Mr. night?

Hearing this address, the night Mo Shen suddenly narrowed his eyes, and the whole person's breath became dangerous and terrifying.

For five years, she has learned to call herself Mr. night?

Oh, that's very nice.