Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 389

"And Lin Xinghuo has a deep-rooted position in the entertainment industry. For those who have taken the movie, shuguo'er has caught a little bit of it. You should have known Lin Xinghuo carefully, but Too much imitation. The skirt and waist are very similar to the dress she wore before. Shuguo'er, in our profession, we can learn from others, but we are not good at imitating. "

Shuguo'er listened to it, and immediately there was no blood color on her pretty white face, "I Maybe it was accidentally hit. I'm... "

Han Muzi continued: "Xiao Yiyi's design concept is good, but you are too limited to your previous style. As for the cold month... "

Cold moon immediately straightened up and looked at her stubbornly.

Han Muzi smile, "the overall painting is good, but the fault is too careless, many details are not exquisite."

Listen, cold moon almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.


"Li Junfeng's..."

"Stop!" Li Junfeng suddenly interrupted her words and looked at Han Muzi with a smile.

"Miss Muzi, Queen Muzi, after what you said just now, I have confirmed that you are a king. Please save face for our men and don't talk about it any more."

Han Muzi eyes a meal, looked to the end of the position.

"What about Lin Zheng?"

The work that the young man handed in was the only one that satisfied her, but There is too much dark in his works. Although it is good-looking and full of momentum, but However, he has a very uncomfortable sense of depression,

should have something to do with his own personality.

"Lin Zheng didn't come to work today." Xiao Yiyi quickly answered for Lin Zheng: "there should be something wrong with his family."

"Did you type the report?"

"Yes Xiao Yiyi immediately said: "in the morning when I came, I played for him."

Xiao Yan nodded: "this is true, but I forgot to tell you."

Han Muzi hum, and then put the data together.

"If I don't need to go on, you should know how to design by now?"

Apart from the embarrassment of Li Junfeng and Wang Anluo, the most unhappy one should be Zhang Yu. She sat in the same place with her fist clenched and her eyes staring at Han Muzi.

"As you know, we don't have much time to make this dress, so before your draft is satisfactory to me, please stay and work overtime today."

The crowd did not speak, but they were obviously dissatisfied.

"The meeting is over."

After Han Muzi left, Zhang Yu finally broke out!

"Pooh! What does she think she is? What is she saying there? I don't know whether she really understands or pretends to understand! "

Cold moon glared at her, speechless: "she really said yes, you have no idea of Lin Xinghuo's route before? It's stupid of you to design a girl's dress for her at the movie queen level. "

"I..." Zhang Yu saw Shu Guo'er, whose face was red, and suddenly stabbed her: "even if my design is worse, it's my own design. It's not like some people It's so bad to imitate someone else. "

As soon as he said this, the blood color on shuguo'er's lips also disappeared. Her plain white hand tightly squeezed her sketch map and bit her lower lip.

Shuguo'er suddenly turned her head and stared at her in horror.

"I just accidentally bumped into other people's products, but you can't design good things. What do you think you are qualified to say about me?"

Finish saying, also do not wait for Zhang Yu to speak again, Shu Guo Er then picked up the folder to rush out.

Li Junfeng: "ah..."

He also got up and chased out.


Han Muzi just came back to the office with the information. After sitting down, she reached out and wrung her faintly painful eyebrows. These people are really

Xiaoyan brought coffee to her and complained: "they are elites. They are all painted like this. It's really bad!"

Listen to speech, Han Mu Zi raised eyes to see small Yan one eye, light voice explains a way.

"They are elites. I have learned about their previous works. Zhang Yu's design is vigorous and lively, and shuguo'er lacks creativity. She always learns from other people's designs. The cold month is too careless and the details are not good enough. Li Junfeng's personal style is too strong, Xiao Yiyi Similar to Zhang Yu. In fact, their styles are very obvious, let alone Wang An, and the details are not good enough. It's Lin Zheng... "

"He asked for leave today and didn't come. He was too cold. I think the work designed by this man is a little strange..."

Speaking of this, Han Muzi put down his coffee and couldn't help but take out the draft drawing that Lin Zheng had handed in before, and then looked at it carefully.

"Isn't it strange? Although the overall design seems to be very delicate, but every place reveals depression. "

Hearing this, Han Muzi nodded and thought: "I guess it's related to his experience."

"What experience?"Voice just fell, Han Muzi put on the desktop of the mobile phone will ring up, she looked at it, and then picked up.


It was Lin Qingqing who called her. Lin Qingqing was smiling shyly and said, "sorry Shelly, I called you so early. Didn't you disturb me?"

Morning? Han Muzi took a look at the time. From their meeting to now, it is almost noon.

I guess the other party just got up.

Thinking about it, she quietly replied, "no, Miss Lin, we can serve our customers 24 hours a day."

"Well, I've come up with some materials that I'd like to add to my dress. Are you free this afternoon?"

Afternoon? Han Muzi nodded: "no problem, certainly free."

"Well, let's meet at two in the afternoon, and I'll send you the address."

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Yan asked suspiciously, "is that Lin Qingqing?"

"Well, she asked me to meet and talk about the dress."

"Well, I'll go out first."


on the other side, Lin Qingqing just hung up the phone and couldn't help taking out the invitation note from the box on the desk.

This is an invitation for a commercial banquet. The banquet will be held for a long time. It is said that Mo Shen will also go to the banquet night. When she appears in front of him in her favorite dress, she will not believe him.

Thinking, Mrs. Lin suddenly pushed the door in.

"Qingqing, what are you doing?"

"Mom?" Lin Qingqing quickly put the invitation back into the box and got up with his mobile phone.

Seeing that she was still in her pajamas, Mrs. Lin looked at her helplessly, then reached out and flicked her forehead: "did you just get up? Hurry to wash and change clothes. Your aunt song is here

"Aunt song is here?" As soon as Lin Qingqing heard song an's name, her eyes twinkled, and then a touch of shame appeared on her face. "Well..."

How could Lin's mother not understand what her daughter was thinking and said with a smile, "it's just for you to meet."

Can she and yemoshen meet again?