Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 387

"Let's go." Han Muzi packed up and walked out of the meeting room.

Zhang Yu in the meeting room couldn't help but say, "I just started the company a few days ago and got the list of clients. Is it Mr. Han looking for someone for her?"

After that, Zhang Yu's bracelets were on her chest and said with a sneer: "women who only know how to rely on men don't have any skills. They still direct us."

No one echoed Zhang Yu's words, Zhang Yu said alone very embarrassed, so looked at the people.

"Don't you think so?"

Li Junfeng raised the corner of his lips: "if I have the resources and a beautiful woman like her is willing to rely on me, I would like to give her the whole world."

"You! You're so mean and shameless! You want such a woman! I don't know how many times this kind of woman has been played. "

Shuguo'er closed the folder and looked at Zhang Yu helplessly: "Zhang Yu, I think you have been unhappy, or Don't you do it? "

Hearing this, Zhang Yu immediately glared at her: "what do you mean? Are you driving me away? When is it your turn to speak, Shuguo

Shuguo'er held her cheek in her hands and sighed heavily.

"It's really not my turn to speak, but you always complain in front of us all. Everyone has received their salary in advance. Why didn't you refuse when you got the salary when you said so much now?"


"Shuguo'er, you are not right. When Su Jiu, Mr. Han's secretary, looked for us, he didn't say that our boss was such a person. " Xiao Yiyi, who is not far from Lin Zheng, can't help but help Zhang Yu.

Shu Guo er a listen, then pick eyebrow to see her one eye, "no matter what kind of person the boss is, do not still want to work? You are all adults, can't you not understand the truth that you have to do something with money? "

Xiao Yiyi stood up: "what do you mean by that? Do you mean to say that we took the money and didn't work? "

Listen to words, Shuguo Er light smile.

"I didn't say that, Xiao Yiyi. Don't look like you want to fight. Are you a lady?"

When saying this, shuguo'er also looked at Lin Zheng not far behind her.

Xiao Yi suddenly reacts, Lin Zheng is still here, and her performance just now seems to be a bit too shrew.

Her face changed and she sat down again.

Who knows at this time, Lin Zheng has packed up the information, cold face up out of the conference room.

"Lin Zheng!" Xiao Yiyi sees this and wants to catch up with her quickly, but Lin Zheng doesn't pay attention to her at all. She sits down in the spot dejectedly, and then stares at shuguo'er fiercely.

"What are you staring at me for?"

"All blame you, Lin Zheng ignored me."

Hearing this, shuguo'er sneered: "he has not always ignored you?"


"Yie, don't tell her." Zhang Yu packed up the information and went to Xiao Yiyi's side: "why should such a woman tell her so much? She doesn't want to be on the same front with us. Let her go. We don't care about her."

Xiao Yiyi probably reached a consensus with her, and they left the meeting room together.

Only Li Junfeng and shuguo'er are left in the conference room. Li Junfeng stares at shuguo'er with great interest.

"You woman, you're a little bit fierce. On a closer look, you look good. Would you like to have dinner together

Shuguo er's drooping eyes flashed a touch of disgust, but soon she thought of what, and then nodded: "yes."

Li Junfeng looks at her and smiles.


because Lin Xinghuo liked the dinner dress painted by Han Muzi, she quickly took the time to finalize it, and then asked Xiao Yan to measure Lin Xinghuo and then quickly explained the details of the production.

For this matter, Lin Xinghuo also pestered her on wechat several times.

Lin Xinghuo: {measure the size, you big designer don't come by yourself, hum! }

Han Muzi: {I always have to give Xiaoyan some opportunities. I've finished everything, but she has no food to eat. }

Lin Xinghuo: {right! Muzi, you are kind! Good for others! }

Han Muzi said:

Is Lin Xinghuo funny?

Han Muzi: {I still have a job. I'll talk later. }

Lin Xinghuo: {OK, OK, the goddess is busy. }

when the agent on the side saw her text message, he was speechless to ask heaven.

"Do you have to? Even if you like it, you should be reserved. What if the other party regards you as that same love and is scared away

Hearing this, Lin Xinghuo suddenly regained consciousness. She held her cheek and said, "I don't look like a lily, do you?"? I just like my idol, the other side will understand it

"Last time, there was a female fan who went to pick you up every time. She sent you a warm message every day and tweeted for you every day. Don't you doubt that they are coming? " Chen Fei did not hesitate to say things hit her in the face.Lin Xinghuo was embarrassed. He took a puff at the corner of his mouth, then waved his hand and said, "it's all in the past. I didn't know that people's pursuit of stars was like this."

"If you have time, why don't you take a look at your cousin's message? I remember she didn't send you a message before?"

"Oh, I saw it." Lin Xinghuo mentioned his cousin, "it's just that I'm not interested in her blind date. What's more What kind of good people can you meet on a blind date? Look at her infatuation. "

“…… You can't say that. A blind date is a good choice. It just depends on luck. "

Lin Xinghuo doesn't think so. She opens her circle of friends and sends out a picture of herself and Han Muzi, and then matches the text: it's so happy to take a picture with her goddess. Love / mischievous /

Chen Fei looked at the side of the room: "

Not long after the circle of friends was sent out, Lin Xinghuo's cousin Lin Qingqing sent her a message.

Lin Qingqing: {cousin, are you online? I thought you've been shooting until now. }

Oh, the circle of friends forgot to block her.

Lin Xinghuo: {I was just busy playing. }

Lin Qingqing: {cousin, did you see the information sent to you before? }

Lin Xinghuo: {let me see. Is the blind date very handsome? }

Lin Qingqing: {Shuai! Cousin, look at the photos! }

the other party quickly sent a photo to her. When Lin Xinghuo looked at it, she jumped up from her chair.

"What's the matter?" Chen Fei was almost half dead because of her startled temperament. She quickly helped her to ask.

"The best!" Lin Starfire stares at the photo of the man and praises: "the man this time is really good! What kind of bad luck is Lin Qingqing

She quickly replied to Lin Qingqing.

Lin Xinghuo: {handsome! But why does this picture look familiar? }Br / all the girls in beiyecheng are proud of their dreams! }

"Damn it, this girl is really lucky. Can such a good man be met by her? But Can such a man look up to her? "