Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 385

"You understand, ha ha." Chen Fei was embarrassed to laugh.

Xiao Yan is sweating wildly on the side. According to what she knows, Lin Xinghuo doesn't seem like this. Those experiences make people think that Lin Xinghuo should be a kind of special calm girl.

But I didn't expect this character to be reversed.

But It seems easy to get along with.

"Well, is this your latest work?" Lin Xinghuo suddenly looked at the draft of Han Muzi's new painting on the table and asked.

Han Muzi stepped forward and nodded to explain to her. "Yes, this is half of my draft. It hasn't been finalized yet."

"Has anyone ordered it?" Lin Xinghuo took it up, looked at it carefully, and then asked.

Han Muzi a Leng, immediately shook his head: "not yet."

"Can I make a reservation?" Lin Xinghuo smiles and looks expectantly at Han Muzi: "I like this design. Can Shelly do it?"

"Eh?" Han Muzi blinked, as if some can not believe: "but this work, do you think it is in line with you?"

"It doesn't matter, Shelly. You know, I'm a fan of yours. I like every piece of clothes you make. I like this one even more today! Is that ok? "

She is so enthusiastic, Han Muzi is also embarrassed to refuse her, can only nod.

"No problem, of course."

"Feifei, take out the deposit."

Chen Fei:

He opened his eyes in amazement, so fast?

He thought Lin Xinghuo would be very picky? After all, she's always tangled in choosing clothes, so I applied for 15 minutes for her today.

But I didn't expect to finish it in five minutes?

For the first time, Chen Fei felt that Lin Xinghuo was such a casual person.

However, he also had something to see first Han Muzi's works, looked at really good, each piece was put on the right person.

"But..." Han Muzi spoke for a moment and then said, "the original design concept of this design is a family dinner. I heard that Miss Lin is going to attend the press conference? I'm afraid this one is not suitable for the occasion. If you like, I can design another one for you

Hearing this, Lin Starfire was surprised to stare at her eyes: "really? That's great. I was worried that I didn't have a skirt to wear for a family dinner. I'll be able to wear it then! "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Isn't this man an angel sent by heaven to save her?

When she first started the company, she was so enthusiastic.

Han Muzi picked up her eyebrows and raised her lips and said, "well, Miss Lin, you see, I've set up a company now. I'll make my team design for you at the press conference until you're satisfied. What do you think of my personal design? ”

"OK." Lin Xinghuo is really more talkative than she imagined.

Xiao Yan was stunned.

"You are so good, your team must be great, I believe you."

"Feifei, take out the contract quickly ~"

Chen Fei nodded and took out the contract that had been drawn up in advance. "Miss Shelly, this is the contract. Please have a look at it."

Xiaoyan rushed forward to take over the contract, and then looked at it.

After Lin Xinghuo put the design plan down, he turned around in the room, and then jumped to Han Muzi's face and said, "that Shelly, actually... "

She stopped talking, and she didn't speak for a long time.

Han Muzi was a little strange, "huh?"

"Actually, I'm your fan In the end, Lin Xinghuo still managed to speak out.

Looking at the contract carefully, Xiaoyan raised her head in surprise.

"So, can you Sign it for me? " Someone shamefully took out the small book in his pocket and sent it to Han Muzi.

Xiao Yan staggered and almost fell forward.

Chen Fei, however, coughed slightly and put his face away awkwardly, pretending not to see the scene.

If the fans of Lin Xinghuo know that their goddess is actually asking for a signature from another girl, then Fans will think the world is fantastic.

But this world is so mysterious.

Since seeing Han Muzi's works, Lin Xinghuo especially likes it. This time, she hears that the designer is her. She specially grabs Chen Fei and asks him to spare time. She wants to see her idol in person!

Han Muzi looked at the small book that appeared in front of him, the whole person was stunned.

I didn't expect She still has fans in China and is a national weight goddess.

For a moment, she couldn't laugh or cry, but she took the book and said with a smile: "Shelly is my name abroad. Now I'm back home. My name is Han Muzi.""That's good!" Lin Xinghuo praised like a fan Mei.

Han Muzi said Thank you

She took out her pen with a smile and signed her name on the small notebook. Then she handed the pen and the notebook all the time: "I'm also a fan of yours. Can you also sign it for me?"

All of a sudden, Lin Xinghuo was flattered. She covered her mouth and exclaimed, "are you my fan? Really? Oh, my God! Did I hear you right? So Which one have you seen of me

Xiaoyan speechless, where does Han Muzi have an idol? When she was abroad, she was alone, OK? He even dares to say that he is a fan of Lin Xinghuo. He flatters others without looking at who they are.

"I saw your first costume drama, long song."

"Wow! Long song is my original work. I didn't expect you to read it. It's also my favorite work. " Lin Xinghuo immediately gushed up. When she heard that Han Muzi was her fan, she was boiling over, pulling Han Muzi aside and saying a lot of words.

While taking advantage of their free talk, Xiaoyan and Chen Fei have signed the contract, and Chen Fei has also made a deposit.

Ten minutes passed by like this.

"Honey, let's It's time to go back. " Chen Fei reminded me in a low voice.

"I'll tell you..." Lin Xinghuo is still talking to Han Muzi.

Han Muzi's face has been with a smile, as if to coax a child.

"Spark..." Chen Fei still squeezed a smile on his face and cried reluctantly.

Lin Xinghuo continues to ignore him, still with Han Muzi said.

Chen Fei finally couldn't bear it. He went up to him and yelled, "Lin Xinghuo, do you want to film! Do you want to be scolded? "

This roar scared all three women in the office. Xiaoyan was frightened to cover her heart, while Han Muzi was scared to some extent. It was too sudden

Lin Xinghuo is also scared of white face, half a day before crying and laughing can not say: "fly you too much, you scared Mu purple, do you know?"