Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 383

Lin Qingqing not only looks good, but also has high IQ and EQ.

She can only use this method to treat the cold man in front of her.

Generally speaking, he would stay if he had a little pity.

Even if he is not willing to stay.

There's another chance.

Finish that words, Lin Qingqing raised his head, eyes with the appeal of looking at the night, small face full of stubborn.

The night Mo deep originally is not the person who cherishes the fragrance and jade, does she have the face to do with him?

But when the woman looked up at him with her head up, the deep appeal of her eyes was unexpectedly It's like a woman in his memory.

Once upon a time, that woman I used to look at myself with such eyes.

Damn it!

How did he think of her again? She appeared more and more frequently in the past two days.

"Mr. night?" Lin Qingqing saw that he was suddenly standing in front of him and seemed to be lost in thought. He called him.

Night Mo deep return to God, again looked at the woman in front of one eye.

Where is the shadow of that woman?

"I'm really sorry, I know my request may be a little excessive, but..."

Words have not finished, night Mo Shen then returned to the chair to sit down again, facial expression indifferently opens a mouth: "don't bother me."

Lin Qingqing face a joy, quickly small pieces back to their seats.

That's great. This man is cold and hot.

It looks like a piece of ice on the surface, but there is a fireball burning inside.

As long as If she can hold on, she will be able to melt the ice that surrounds the fireball.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingqing droops her eyes and smiles with shame.

Yemoshen asked her not to bother her, and she did not speak to him again. She just looked up and looked at him quietly. The more she looked, the more she felt that yemoshen was very much in line with her aesthetic taste.

She has always liked the kind of handsome men, but those who pursue her, many are very handsome, but most of them belong to the kind of feminine handsome.

But the night is not deep to her feeling is very different.

The man in front of him is very masculine. In addition, he has a strong aura, just like a king.

Such a man is the kind she is looking for.

So Lin Qingqing secretly made a decision, even if this time to her, she would not hesitate to chase night Mo Shen to hand.

Night Mo Shen is not unaware that the woman's eyes in his body in random Piao, his heart's irritability increases.

Why did song an want him to come to such a boring place?

If he wants to find a woman, he can catch one at will, but he wants to find A friend's daughter.

Night Mo deep frown, the heart is extremely unhappy.

"Five minutes."

He said suddenly.

Opposite Lin Qingqing Leng for a moment, did not respond to come over his words, ah.

But night Mo Shen did not give her a response, Lin Qingqing subconsciously looked at the time.

Five minutes later, Mo Shen got up and left without looking back.

Lin Qingqing didn't have time to stop her. She had to take out her mobile phone and have a look at it. Only then did she find out what the meaning of the five minutes that night Mo Shen just said.

It turns out that the five minutes he said was the time he stayed here.

Now that there was enough time, he left.

Although today's blind date was not happy, Lin Qingqing remembered this man with heart and soul.

She did not get angry. She picked up her things and went out of the door. After sitting in the car, Lin Qingqing couldn't help texting her cousin Lin Xinghuo.

Lin Qingqing: {cousin, I was taken to a blind date by my mother today ~}

after wechat was sent out, no one replied. Lin Qingqing did not mind. She restrained her heart and put her mobile phone back in her bag. Her cousin is a popular female star. She must be filming now, so she doesn't expect Lin Xinghuo to reply her wechat.


on the other side

after Xiaoyan gave the mobile phone number to the assistant director, the assistant director sent a text message to her personally and asked her when she was free.

Han Muzi thought about it and sent the address of his company in the past.

As soon as the assistant director saw that she started the company, he praised her again and again, and sighed: {originally, I wanted to draw you into this circle, but now that you have the company, you should have no chance. }

seeing this, Han Muzi smiles.

Thank you very much, but I don't have any talent for acting. }

{if you are free, your agent can come to the company for an interview. }

{no problem, let me talk to her. }

Han Muzi also wants to take this opportunity to see whether the other party will be arrogant. If she says that she wants the other party to come to the company to talk, according to Zhao Yiru, who met last time, she will point to her nose and start scolding.In the evening, Han Muzi received a phone call, as if it was the agent of the actress. After chatting with her for a while, they confirmed that they would hang up after meeting in the company tomorrow.

We can see from the friendly appearance of the other party that there should be no problem in this cooperation.

After all, there are only a few people like Zhao Yiru.


the next day, Han Muzi and Xiao Yan met Li Junfeng when they went to work.

With a bag in his hand, he immediately picked up his lips to show a smile when he saw Han Muzi.

"Good morning, Miss Muzi. Have you had breakfast?"

This passionate voice makes Han Muzi look at him sideways.

This man seems to have no face or skin all the time.

"Good morning." She replied in a low voice.

Li Junfeng suddenly stomped on his nose and face. He went over and said with a smile, "the breakfast I brought, Miss Muzi, would you like to have a bite?"

Han Muzi did not have time to respond, Xiaoyan blocked over, "what are you doing? Do you have to talk so close? "

"Ouch, Xiaoyan sister paper ~" Li Junfeng saw that Xiaoyan was in front of Han Muzi and could not help lifting his lips: "no way, I got a disease that I can't talk without being close to."

Xiaoyan: "it's You need a face! "

With that, Xiaoyan reached out and pushed him aside.

"Li Junfeng's body is on the back of the wall, I think it's soft for you to fall back on my body

Xiaoyan: "it's Die

Li Junfeng: "you actually want to die for love with me?"

"Ha ha." Xiaoyan couldn't bear it. She finally clenched her fist and showed a malicious smile. She approached Li Junfeng: "do you want to know what my fist is like?"

One side of Han Muzi has almost no eyes to see, she reached out and rubbed her eyebrow side, felt that she still did not care.

Ding -

just at this moment, the elevator door opened, and Li Junfeng flew out.

"Miss Muzi, xiaoyanmei paper, I'll go first. I'll see you in the canteen at noon."

Ding -

when the elevator door was closed again, Xiao Yan was speechless: "this Li Junfeng is really shameless and shameless. By the way, Mu Zi, do you say that actress is coming to our company today?"

Han Muzi pursed her lips and tilted her head: "I don't know whether she came in person or her agent came by himself."

"After you said that last night, I checked, Lin Xinghuo - is a very popular female star, she is not the kind of red flow!"