Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 381

"It doesn't matter to me whether you say something good or not."

Since she has said so, Han Muzi simply opened her mouth to express her position.

"But you're part of my team at the moment. When you're sick, I should come and see it. It's a responsibility." Finish saying, Han Muzi looks to small Yan: "thing already took, let's go."

"Well." Xiao Yan nodded and left the ward behind Han Muzi.

Wang an probably felt embarrassed, followed them to come out, and then scratched his head: "I'm sorry, Yueyue, she's such a character, but she's just a knife's mouth and a bean curd heart. In fact, she's not bad at heart."

Listen to words, Han Mu purple eyes light to look at him indifferently.

The man in front of him seems to belong to a kind of simple and honest character, which is totally different from the acrimonious character of cold moon. From the perspective of appearance, the two men are obviously not from the same world.

Wang An is now so scolded by Leng Yueyue that she can speak good words for her. She is really infatuated.

Xiao Yan was not happy with the way: "her heart is good or not and we have nothing to do with us, we are not her pursuers like you."

Listening to this, Wang An was a little embarrassed and could only smile awkwardly.

"I'm really sorry. I'll apologize for her."

"No, we'll go back and give her a good rest."

"OK, thank you."

Xiaoyan was not happy, but she quickly followed Han Muzi's steps, and said: "this cold month is really ungrateful. You listen to what she said just now. It's really angry to hear it."

"Let's leave her alone." Han Muzi shook his head, indicating that it didn't matter.

"I don't know what you think. You have to come by yourself." Xiaoyan shouts, two people walk forward together.

At this moment, ye Moshen is being dragged downstairs by song an. The expression on his face can be said to be extremely gloomy. However, because it is song an who is dragging him, he can't do anything at all and can only follow her downstairs.

"Must I go?"

The cold voice came from behind. Song an looked back at the night and said, "what? Yes, what are you going to do for me now

“……” Night Mo deep breath, slightly heavy, eyes cold raised his head.

As a result, at the moment when he looked up, he saw a familiar figure disappear from the front, only half of his side face was quickly covered by the wall.

Night Mo Shen just looked at it, his heart was set off a huge wave, his face changed, quickly want to catch up to check.

As a result, there was a pull from his sleeve. Night Mo Shen turned around and saw song an's face staring at him angrily: "where do you want to run? I'll tell you the night is deep. What I told you today is true. If you dare to... "

"Let me go." The night Mo deep wrung eyebrow cold voice rebukes a way.

Song an thought that he didn't want to go on a blind date, so he wanted to run away, so he dragged him to death and didn't let go.

At night, Mo Shen had no choice but to shake off song an's hand. Then he heard song an's exclamation. His step was just a pause, and his body quickly swept forward.

It's that face again.

Did she really show up in Beicheng?

When Mo Shen at night chased down the stairs, he lost the figure. He looked for many places in front of and around him, but he did not see the man again.

People around her think that her action is very strange, so they all look at her suspiciously. But the night is deep but stand in place, the whole person is immersed in self doubt.

Over the years, he saw that man's side face twice in a row these days.

Did she go back to Beicheng, or did he hallucinate?

My aunt said that he was hallucinating, and he thought it was

After all, that woman, in the past five years, countless times appeared in his dream and tormented him day and night!

Song an at the back finally caught up with him. Seeing that he suddenly rushed down the stairs like a madman, she quickly ran after him. Now she saw him standing in the same place like a fool. She took his ear and scolded: "you stinky boy, do you want to kill your aunt, but you push me away like this. You are running, running! Just drop your aunt to death. "

“……” Night Mo Shen did not speak, but the pain from his ears still made him frown slightly.

He looked back, the breath of his whole body was particularly cold, and his eyes fell on song an's face like a wolf.

Song an looked at him. He narrowed his eyes and looked at him carefully. Then he took back his hand: "what? All of a sudden, you're a ghost? "

Night Mo Shen's lips moved and wanted to say something, but he remembered what song an said to him.


He didn't speak any more. He kept silent and walked on.

Song an sees this and quickly follows up.

"Where else are you going? You have to go on a blind date with me today. Do you hear me? "

"I'll tell you, the other party is on his way to the coffee shop. Even if you don't like it, you'll have to meet me, OK?""The introducer is a friend your aunt met in the hospital before. This is her daughter. It is said that she is a gifted student and a piano learner. She is one in a hundred in terms of family background and appearance."

Don't stop at night.

"Can't I go yet?"

Song an immediately smile: "this is my good nephew."


the coffee shop

the parents of the girl have taken her to wait in it.

"Qingqing, I heard from your aunt song an that her nephew has a little temper, but it's no wonder that they are the president of a group after all, so..."

The full name of Qingqing is Lin Qingqing, and the one who brought her here is Lin Qingqing's mother, Lin Mu.

"Mom, it doesn't matter if you are angry. Just don't lose your temper. You know, I have a bad temper sometimes, but I won't lose my temper for no reason. Therefore, we should combine various conditions to see how this person is

Lin mother heard the speech and nodded happily: "you are a girl with a heart. Everything has been thought of by yourself. Since this is the case, mother is at ease."

"Here it is." Lin's mother suddenly raised her head and looked out. After seeing the familiar figure, her face was happy: "Auntie song'an is here."

Lin Qingqing looked up.

She knows song an. Her mother and she are very close colleagues, so I have seen her several times before.

So Lin Qingqing recognized Lin an at a glance, and saw the night Mo Shen who followed Lin an at the same time.

The man's body is tall and straight, and his face coldly follows song an. His handsome face is not harsh, but with his cold profile, he is even more heroic.

Lin Qingqing only looked at it and felt her heart beat faster.

She was stunned and asked, "that Is that Aunt song's nephew? "

Lin's mother nodded with a smile: "it should be right. At this time, your aunt song will only bring him here."