Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 380

Who knows, the two women are so indifferent after the explanation.

She felt like an idiot after waiting for more than an hour.

"We know about it. Go back first." Finally, Han Muzi said.

Zhang Yu was so angry that she snorted and left.

After she left, Xiaoyan raised her eyes and looked at Han Muzi. "Someone is ill. Shall we go to see it?"

Han Muzi pursed her lips: "you go to check Wang An's information."

Hearing this, Xiaoyan immediately understood Han Muzi's meaning and nodded: "I'll go right away."

After work, Han Muzi and Xiao Yan went to the hospital together.

On the way to the hospital, Xiaoyan carried the fruit basket and flowers in her hand, and said sadly, "that cold month was so arrogant a few days ago, why should we go to see her?"

Han Muzi smiles and says nothing.

Xiao Yan: "Mu Zi!"

"Because we are going to buy people off." Han Muzi looked at Xiaoyan and said, "if she is not a member of our company's team, no matter what disease she has, it has nothing to do with us. But now she is a member of my team. She is not comfortable and hospitalized during work. My boss is going to express her concern. Is there a problem? "

Hearing this, Xiaoyan was shocked. After a while, she pursed her lips and did not agree with her very much. She said, "to show concern is to show concern, but not every boss will show concern to his subordinates. If every subordinate is sick once, the boss will go to see him once. Isn't the boss of the state-owned enterprise tired to death? "

"But I'm not the boss of a state-owned enterprise. I'm a little transparent who just started a company. Although it was very good for us to mix with casual people before, now that we have set up a company, we have to shoulder our attitude and responsibility towards this company. "

"That's right. Well, it's hard to make the company." Xiao Yan complained, and then fell on Han Muzi's shoulder.

Han Muzi feels nothing. She has never worked in the company before. In fact, she can not do these things.

However, she felt that sometimes she had to warm her heart.

It's more important than anything.

"Hula, I love you most

A burst of mobile phone ring suddenly, Han Muzi heard the mobile phone ring, look a change, "this is..."

"Hee hee, lovely!" Xiaoyan smilingly took out his mobile phone: "I use Xiaomi Dou sound recording of mobile phone ringtone Oh, there is only this one in the world."

Han Muzi couldn't help but smoke.

Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou, together, are really a pair of living treasures.

"Gee, why is it a cell phone number that I have never seen before?" Xiao Yan asked suspiciously, Han Muzi then glanced along the line of sight: "domestic number, can it be your friend?"

"No, I haven't told them I'm back."

Xiao Yan thought for a moment, and suddenly bit her index finger: "will We've got business coming? "

Then Xiao Yan answered the phone: "hello? I'm Xiaoyan. "

Han Muzi didn't care what Xiaoyan said just now. Instead, she looked out of the window. Because Xiaoyan wanted to talk on the phone, she directly plugged the headset into the headset, and then put a piece of pure music to ease her mood.

The soft percussion music is like a cotton ball in her heart, which gradually soothes her body and mind.

Recently, she is really a little tired.

Gradually, Han Muzi listened to the pure music and almost fell asleep.

Just when she almost went to sleep, her shoulder was pushed hard, and Han Muzi woke up.

Before she could react, the earplug was removed, and the refreshing percussion music was replaced by the cheering sound. Xiaoyan pulled her sleeve excitedly: "Muzi, I'm really right. The business is coming!"

Han Mu Zi Meng Meng, she was almost asleep, the results were wake up, this time the heart is fast.

"What do you mean?"

"That's the assistant director we met last time in sushi. Do you remember that?"

Han Muzi recalled the guard, and then nodded.

"Didn't he ask us for a business card?"

Han Muzi did not answer, indicating her to continue.

"Then the assistant director called me just now to talk business with us! He said that there is a female star who will attend the press conference. After reading your previous works, he likes it very much, so he wants to make an appointment with you to talk about it

Han Muzi stopped for a moment, just left a female star, come again?

When she was still hesitating, Xiaoyan had already said: "I have promised, and also left contact information. Muzi, now our company has just started, urgently needs the order! And the list of pick-up actresses can give us a boost. At that time, she will wear the clothes named by our company

Hearing this, Han Muzi's heart moved.

Indeed, now the company has just developed. If you let that actress sign a contract with the company, it can.Thinking of this, Han Muzi nodded.

"This time I will definitely go over and have a good communication."

"It's hard for you, Xiaoyan."

after arriving at the hospital, Han Muzi and Xiaoyan went to the ward where they said hello in advance. When they went in, Wang An was on the hospital bed, while lengyueyue was lying on the hospital bed, looking pale.

She looked very weak, but even so, her face still showed impatience, staring at Wang An, who was guarding the bedside: "can you get out of here? I'm tired of seeing your face. Do you want to miss me

Wang An was not angry when he was scolded. He said with an honest smile, "of course, what the moon says is what I'll get out of here and have a good rest."

Finish saying Wang An to get up, the result actually saw Han Muzi and Xiaoyan standing at the door of the ward. He would react when he stayed, smiling and welcoming: "you are here."

Han Muzi smiles and walks in with Xiaoyan.

Cold month heard the sound, then looked at them, the results saw that they were coming, immediately changed his face.

"What are they doing here?"

Wang an quickly explained: "it's such a month. They heard that you fainted, so they came to see you."

Xiaoyan comes forward and takes the fruit basket and flowers to Wang An.

Who knows the cold month but suddenly loud way: "you let them go out for me, who needs their hypocrisy?"

“…… Yueyue, they really come to see you. Don't do this... "

"Get out of here! My business has nothing to do with you. You'll forget your own shamelessness. What's the matter if you take these two people to my ward? "

"Well, what's the matter with you?" Xiaoyan couldn't see it any more, and gritted her teeth and said, "we are kind enough to see you. We send you fruit without any other malice. Even if you don't welcome you, you don't need to do this, right? What about your quality? "

"Hum." Leng Yueyue looked at Xiaoyan sarcastically, then glared at Han Muzi: "you don't think you come to give me benefaction, I will say you good words in front of others?"