Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 376

Listen, Xiaomi Dou is a little disappointed, but did not obediently sleep, but slip out of bed, put on shoes to go downstairs to Han Muzi poured a glass of milk.


Han Muzi smelled the smell of milk, then realized that Xiaomi Dou had sent her a cup of milk. She was stunned for a moment, looked up at Xiaomi Dou, and found that his eyes were surprisingly black, and he was looking at her.

It seems to be saying to her, Mommy, take care of me, I'm lonely.

In recent days, she has been busy with her work. Every night, she is busy until midnight. After getting up, she goes to continue to be busy, as if Ignore Xiaomi Dou's emotion.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi suddenly felt that it was too inappropriate for him to do so.

Instead of picking up the milk, she quickly saved the information on the computer, then closed her notebook and looked at Xiaomi Dou. Then she slowly reached out to take over the milk in his hand: "sorry, Xiaomi Dou. Mommy has been busy working these two days and forgot to take care of you. I really can't afford it."

Han Muzi said, while holding Xiaomi Dou's shoulder, he pulled his small body into his arms.

When Xiaomi Dou got close to her, she put her hand around Han Muzi's neck and whispered, "Mommy doesn't matter. Xiaomi Dou knows that mommy is busy, so she doesn't mind."

"You don't mind, Mommy. I should have thought of it earlier. In the future, mummy will not work at night, so I will accompany you more. "

Although Xiaomi Dou said it doesn't matter, but listen to Han Muzi say that he should accompany him more, his eyes will be more shining than just now, he is a child, always need the company of parents.

He has lost his father's love, and he can't even have his mother's love.

Han Muzi handed the milk to him: "Mommy doesn't need to drink milk. This cup of milk is poured by millet beans. Can you give them to drink?"

Xiaomi Dou blinked his eyes: "but Mommy, I specially pour it for you."

Hearing that he said it was specially poured for herself, Han Muzi felt embarrassed if she didn't drink it, so she nodded: "OK, that mommy drinks."

After Han Muzi finished drinking the milk, he took Xiaomi Dou back to the bed. "Mommy won't work tonight. With you, Xiaomi Dou wants to listen to the story?"

Xiaomi Dou nodded: "OK, mummy, what story will you tell tonight?"

"Well, think about it. I'll tell you one later..."

"Once upon a time..."


the next day

the hospital

when song an sent the porridge to the hospital, he saw that the ward was almost cleaned up, and he was not deep enough to bend down to wear shoes at night.

"You, what are you doing?" Song an's face suddenly changed and put the porridge on the table.

Night Mo deep lift eyes to glance at her one eye: "you did not all see?"

"Discharged?" Song an asked, "have you finished the discharge procedures?"

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Su, who had completed the discharge procedures, came back. When he entered the ward and saw song an, he called respectfully, "aunt song."

Song an looked back at him, "are you going to go through the discharge procedures?"

Xiao Su was stunned for a moment and then nodded: "night said he was ok, so..."

"Who said he was ok?" Song an directly went up to grab the list in his hand two steps, and then glared at ye Moshen: "who let you be good at making opinions? Do you know that you have a car accident? It's not an ordinary injury

Hearing this, Mo Shen at night frowned with some displeasure and said in a cold voice, "even if it's a traffic accident, how about it? I'm not seriously hurt, that's the ordinary injury."

Song an:

"Well, you have to be stubborn with your little aunt, right? that 's ok! I'll arrange a blind date for you today. I told you last time that I'll look for you when you leave the hospital. As a result, you're in such a hurry to let my aunt look for you, right? "

Night Mo deep squint eyes, the body revealed the unpleasant breath.

"Who said I agreed?"

"Oh." Song an sneers, and then takes out his mobile phone and starts to make a phone call. At night, Mo Shen looks at this scene in silence, but in the end he doesn't say anything.

She went to talk about her, anyway, he would not go, and would not care what kind of people she found him.

Night Mo deep rise, the coat button of the suit, and then cold voice: "back to the company."

Xiao Su nodded in one side and followed up.

Who knows just walked up to the door of the ward, song an's body directly blocked their way: "where to go? You can't go anywhere today without my order

Night Mo deep purses thin lip, the breath on the body is cold.

"Mo Shen, it doesn't matter if you don't want to listen to my aunt's hospitalization. It doesn't matter if I can't persuade her to go on a blind date, then My aunt will go down to the netherworld to find your mother to comment on it! "

The night is not deep

Xiao Su:

He gasped in surprise and stammered, "that Auntie song, don't be so serious? Night less physical fitness is not bad, even if it is early discharge, there should be no big problem? ""Because of you." Song an looks at Xiao Su: "is he a robot with good physical fitness? No need to rest? Have you heard of any patient who just goes to work without rest? Do you really think your body is made of iron? "

Xiao Su: "Auntie song, I am..."

"All right, shut up. It has nothing to do with you. Today you have a day off. Go back and have a rest."

Hearing this, Xiao Su's face was immediately tinged with joy: "really?"

As a result, this joy did not last long. Xiao Su felt a sharp sight shooting at him, which made him shiver and stood upright.

"It's better to say goodbye. If I don't work today, I don't have a year-end bonus at the end of the year."

"Is it?" Song an narrowed his eyes and took a deep look at the night: "if he doesn't give you the year-end bonus, I'll make it up to you three times."

Hearing this, Xiao Su immediately widened his eyes: "aunt song, this..."

"So you can take your vacation in peace."

Waiting for Xiao Su to open his mouth again, song an directly grabbed his arm and pulled him out.

Only yemoshen and song an are left in the ward.

Song an is at the door and won't let him go.

Two people confrontation for a long time, night Mo Shen back to the bedside, cold voice mouth.

"Let me stay for a week. Don't arrange a blind date for me."

"Ha ha, even if you say to live for a month, I won't promise you now."

Song an sneered and went in and closed the door of the ward directly.

"I've already told the other party that they can arrange for you to meet in the afternoon. You don't think your aunt is joking with you, do you? I tell you it's impossible. You can either go on a blind date for me today, or Let me go down to your mother and judge it! "

The night is not deep Auntie, do you have to force me like this

"Who's pushing who? Do you know how old you are? What have you been doing these years? My aunt is your elder. What's wrong with me looking for someone to take care of you? "