Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 375

Han Muzi raised his head and looked at the little Yan rolling on the sofa.

"Xiaoyan, I don't want to talk about you. But have you noticed that you've become less and less thoughtful these years? "

Xiaoyan: "it's Do you mean to say I don't have a brain if I don't take you personally "You think I don't want to use my brain. I can analyze some things before, but later I found that my brain can't keep up with you. How can this person change so much? You don't have to be smart, but how do I feel like I'm getting stupid? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

"In a word, you should think I have no brain. Anyway, I don't want to use my brain. I think it's very good to eat like this every day. Well, tell me what you thought at that time. All the people in that team were hired with high salary. What if they really left at that time? "

"No Han Muzi spoke firmly.


"They are not ordinary people." Han Muzi looked at her and quietly explained, "they are all excellent designers, but I have seen their qualifications. Although they have made achievements, they have been in this industry for a short time and are quite arrogant. As long as I speak a little harshly, it's easy to arouse their rebellious psychology. Even if they really want to leave the company, they can't accept the mentality that they don't work with their salaries. They will look down on themselves in the bottom of their hearts. "

Xiao Yan heard her say this, suddenly turned over from the sofa and sat up, and then staring at Han Muzi, the eyes seemed to eat her alive.

"What are you doing?" Han Muzi looked at her in a funny way.

Xiaoyan was seriously and seriously staring at her: "Muzi, I found that you have changed now, completely different from before, you were..."

"The past is over." Don't wait for Xiaoyan to say the following, Han Muzi seems to know what she is going to say, and then broke her back: "don't mention it again."

Hearing this, Xiaoyan realized that she almost said something she shouldn't have said, so she nodded.

They turned around in the company and then left.

Because I just started my company, I still need to choose a day and think about my name.

After Han Muzi and Xiao Yan drive away, Zhang Yu comes back from the window.

"The car I drive is average. I thought I had enough money to drive the public."

"The public?" One side of the cold month smell speech pick pick pick eyebrow: "that car is worth a few money? They all have money to run a company, but they don't have money to buy a car? "

"The company was driven by Han Qing for her. I can't afford the car. I can only buy a Volkswagen." Zhang Yu looks very gentle, but her words are not in line with her appearance.

Shuguo'er lifted the glasses on her face and did not speak.

Li Junfeng was holding his cheek: "but this woman is really cruel. She knows how to handle our weak points. She even let us all stay. Before I came here, I thought I would leave several times today."

With that, Li Junfeng also glanced at the others with a smile.

"Hiss." Leng Yueyue sneered, "why go? Didn't she look down on us when she left? We don't know what people in the industry are going to say after they get a high salary but don't work. "

Shuguo'er nodded with approval when he heard this: "I also think that we have signed the contract, and the salary has been paid in advance. If we still leave directly at this time, it would be too unkind."

Wang an on one side said, "if you are generous or not, you should at least take the money and do it for a few months. That woman looks ok. We've been observing for a few months to see how deep her skills are

Li Junfeng tut tut voice: "how does this sound so dirty?"

Cold month a listen to ruthlessly stare at Li Junfeng one eye, this wretched embryo son!

Wang an see cold month month angry, then scolded Li Junfeng: "you think indecent, can not say it?"

"What? As a man, what's wrong with me? We are all adults and can't even hear a word? "

Finish saying, Li Junfeng also looks to beautiful hot cold moon: "moon beauty, invite you to have dinner in the evening, promise?"

Cold month month spat, "depend on you? You don't look at yourself in a mirror, and you're worthy of it. "

Li Junfeng did not change his face and continued to smile there.

"That's it Wang An is only the cold moon, because the cold moon is the goddess he is pursuing, so Li Junfeng in front of him about cold moon, he is naturally not happy, angry way: "on your face, the moon is not on you."

"Oh, look at that, isn't she interested in you?" Li Junfeng replied, let Wang An's face completely become ugly.

"All right, stop fighting." Shuguo'er reluctantly advised: "there is nothing to do today."

"Why don't we go out and get together and have dinner?""OK, OK, let's go with Lin Zheng." Xiao Yiyi quickly nods to agree, and then happily goes to see Lin Zheng.

Who knows Lin Zheng has no reaction.

"I said Yiyi, are you not tired of chasing people like this? Look at his withdrawn appearance and don't talk to him

"It's none of your business. I'll do it myself."

"Ah, I want to help you because you are so cute and delayed by the stones that don't understand the amorous feelings."


The new company has a lot to do.

Although Han Muzi did not want to open a company, but once it opened, and it belongs to her, she will try to do everything well.

The first thing is to find the company's personnel. Han Qing only prepared the elite team for her, but other things still have to be done by her.

As Yan Muzi's assistant, Xiaoyan, of course, volunteered.

"What we need to recruit is probably one or two front desk shifts, and then there are security guards, chefs and cleaners. We can go to the talent market and have a look. There are many for us to choose from."

"Well." Han Muzi nodded: "these are for you to do."

"No problem. It's all on me."

After that, Xiaoyan was directly busy with this matter, and Han Muzi had other things to do, so everyone was busy with their own.

Seeing the time has passed for three days, Xiaoyan finally recruited people, and Han Muzi also finished the things on hand.

In fact, she was very careful. She looked at all the people Xiaoyan was looking for in person. After that, she felt that there was no problem. Only then did they sign the probation contract.

So another day passed. It was already very late. Han Muzi was still writing a plan in front of the computer. Xiaomi Dou was looking at her behind, "Mommy, it's very late. I want to go to bed."

Listen, Han Mu purple head also does not return, "well, millet beans sleep first, Mommy will accompany you later."