Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 373

"It seems that everyone is there." Su Jiu looked around and saw everyone at the scene. He looked around and saw a young man sitting there. He said, "let me introduce you. This is Miss Muzi, your new boss in the future."

People did not hear the following sentence, only heard Su Jiu calling is Miss Mu Zi.

For so many years, Su jiuyizhi is Han Qing's right-hand secretary, Jane's assistant, and has a good reputation in the business world. Naturally, these designers also know her.

But now Su Jiu used honorific terms to Han Muzi, and her eyes were full of laughter, without the irony they imagined.

Several people look at Han Muzi's eyes a little different, but there are still some people who are not satisfied with the way.

"So young to be a boss? Is there really technology or What a crooked way to go The speaker is Leng Yueyue. She wears a red dress and red lipstick. A pair of beautiful red is very attractive, but her temperament belongs to the type of Lengyan.

Listen to words, Han Muzi's expression on her face is light, not because of her words and become angry, eyes fall on her face.

Xiaoyan but left to listen to the right, how to feel this sentence is not right.

After pondering for a long time, she reacted, and was angry and directly scolded: "what kind of heresy? What do you mean by that

Lengyue narrowed her eyes and looked at Xiaoyan: "Oh, who is this? Are you our new boss

Xiaoyan saw her appearance, almost to the five senses to gas skew, bite the lower lip: "you care who I am, I just don't allow you to say Mu purple, the professional team is amazing?"

Xiao Yan is a violent temper.

Han Muzi has always known this.

However, she didn't expect that Xiaoyan could not sit still for a word this time. She was so angry that she almost got angry on her head, while the girl opposite was still leisurely. She sighed in her heart and then lifted her hand to pull Xiaoyan's sleeve and dragged her to her back.

"Muzi, don't pull me, let me argue with her. What's a heresy! You are... "

"All right." Han Muzi said softly, "don't talk first."

Xiao Yan was not angry, but she still listened to Han Muzi. She let herself not speak. She looked at Han Muzi with her flat mouth. Finally, she went to one side and gave her the home court.

And Su Jiu, from the beginning, she didn't plan to help Han Muzi.

This is what Han Qing specially explained. Since she has given the team to her, she must rely on her own ability to conquer.

Han Qing, of course, believed in his sister.

If Su Jiu is to intervene again, it seems that she is too ignorant.

Han Muzi walked forward a few steps, and her eyes fell on lengyueyue's body. Although she had a smile on her face, her aura was very strong. She immediately suppressed the arrogance of lengyueyue.

Just a moment of things, cold month on the feeling of their own image in front of Han Muzi seems to be a large section.

"You." The cold moon stepped back a little unconsciously and then said, "what do you want to do? Is it hard for me to say that I'm right, and I'm angry about it? "

Hearing this, Han Muzi still had a faint smile and said in a soft voice, "what are you so afraid of doing? I won't eat you again. "

The crowd listened to this, but slightly surprised.

Han Muzi's temperament is totally different from that when she first saw her. When she was dressed like that, they thought she was a bully. Unexpectedly, she was so powerful when she released her spirit.

What else? I won't eat you.

This is worse than eating you, OK?

Seeing that they didn't speak, Han Muzi looked around and her pink lips rose slightly.

"I've read your information before I came here. You are all excellent and outstanding designers. It's my honor to invite such excellent people to this company just after its establishment."

Pleasure? People can't help but think that they don't see your honor.

However, Xiaoyan, who was standing behind her, wanted to come forward angrily. As a result, she was pulled by Su Jiu beside her and pulled her to a farther place.

"Secretary Su, what are you doing? Let me go quickly. I'm angry. What did the woman say? But mu Zi said it was her honor to invite them? When did she become so bullying? "

Su Jiu looked at Xiaoyan helplessly: "what about you? When did you become so reckless? What did you tell Miss Mu Zi? She expected that the next day would not be easy. "

Hearing this, Xiaoyan nodded: "yes, I understand now, what she said is these people, but what is she doing?"

"She would say that, which means she had expected it."


"Since she had expected these things to happen, do you think she would have no way to deal with it?"

Listen to Su Jiu say so, small Yan just realized is oneself impulse, then she turned to look at Han Muzi again.I don't know where to start, Han Muzi has changed, is no longer the previous acquisitive, anything with the mind, go mood of her. She is smart and smart, but the days before let her put all these things under control.

Later The light is slowly blooming.

Small Yan just found that Han Muzi is far more powerful than she imagined.

And she found herself more and more far away from her.

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan lowered her eyes and looked at the tip of her shoes. She did not speak again, nor did she go forward.

"You are all outstanding talents, and I cherish them. But I also have another characteristic, I am not willing to force others. Although you are all excellent members, if any of you do not want to stay in the company, go now. "

Hearing this, the faces of those people changed. Xiao Yiyi was wronged and accused her: "what do you mean by this? Are you going to drive us away? "

"No Han Muzi gently shakes his head: "it is I who come and go freely. If you feel that you have given up your talents here, you can leave by yourself. I will pay you the salary of this month."

"You, you are insulting!"

"I hope you can understand one truth. Although you are the excellent team Mr. Han has found. But I will pay you in the future. From today on, I will be your boss. If you can accept it, you can leave directly if you can't. I'll take the same salary as I said just now

Han Muzi's words are Zheng to have a voice, the calm and calm face seems to be not worried that they really will leave here.

She didn't care about their team.

The first time they were insulted, a group of people were very angry.

Zhang Yu said angrily: "how can you be such a boss? Who do you think you are? How can you not pay attention to us so much?"