Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 371

The next day, Han Muzi got up early in the morning because he wanted to visit the new company.

The main reason is that Han Qing has to go to work, and Xiaomi Dou has to go to the company with Han Qing, so Xiaomi Dou wakes up early. As a result, after he wakes up, Han Muzi can't sleep, so he gets up with him.

After the two mother and son were finished, Han Muzi sent Xiaomi Dou downstairs. They had breakfast together, and Xiaomi Dou was taken away by Han Qing.

Before leaving, Han Qing said to Han Muzi: "it's still early. You can go back to make up your sleep. Secretary Su will come to see you later."

Hearing this, Han Muzi's eyes were staring straight: "can I make up for it again? Then Secretary Su came to see me just after I went to bed? "

Looking at her appearance, Han Qing couldn't help but hook up her lips and smile faintly: "no, she still has something to do in the morning. Don't worry."

Listen to him say so, Han Muzi also is to understand come over, it seems that Su Jiu is still very busy in the morning.

Then she can go back to sleep in peace.


Han Muzi returned to the upstairs, ready to go back to sleep in the cage. When she passed a door, the door suddenly opened and a hand was stretched out to hold her.

Han Muzi was scared at the beginning. After seeing clearly that the other side was Xiaoyan, he was surprised: "Xiaoyan?"

"You also know me, I feel you have forgotten me these two days, hum!"

Xiao Yan holds her arm and complains angrily. Her hair is disordered and the whole person's condition looks very bad.

"Why? Didn't you say that you had to hide in your room when you were sick? How can I bother you

"You! You know that's an excuse, and you mean to make fun of me

Han Muzi picked her eyebrows and chuckled: "don't worry, how can I forget you? Today, I want to go to the company to have a look. You have to go to the bathroom and have breakfast

"Down for breakfast? Then... "

"My brother has gone to work. He can be at ease."

I'm really moved by your arm! I'll change now

"Don't worry. After you wash up, go to breakfast first. We'll go to the company later. I'll go back to sleep first."

Finish saying, Han Muzi also reached out to cover his mouth, and then yawned and left the room.

When she woke up, it was almost noon. She looked at her mobile phone and thought how Su Jiu didn't come at this time.

So he went downstairs to see if she had come. As a result, he saw Su Jiu and Xiao Yan chatting on the sofa downstairs. When they heard the sound of footsteps, they raised their heads.

"Secretary Su, when did you come? How Don't they wake me up? "

Su Jiu smiles and whispers, "Miss Mu Zi, I'm only ten minutes old. I just sat down."

"Is it?" Han Muzi looked at Xiaoyan and nodded: "almost, but even if you sleep for half an hour or an hour, Secretary Su will not blame you."

Han Muzi: "it's just

She coughed a little awkwardly and then looked at the time: "it's not too early now. Why don't we all have lunch together and then go to the new company to have a look?"

"That's exactly what I mean." Su Jiu nods with a smile, and Xiaoyan naturally nods.

After they got on the bus, Xiao Yan held her bag and asked, "by the way, which new company are we going to go to?"

"What? Didn't miss Muzi tell you that you are about to have your own company? "

Listen to words, small Yan instantly stare big eyes, staring at Han Muzi.

"Muzi, do you want to start your own company?"

Han Muzi smiles helplessly and shrugs her shoulders: "it's not my own choice."

Xiaoyan:.... "

Well, she understood. It was Han Qing who arranged it for her.

Han zi, it's all right, but han zi is not right Han Muzi is not a child any more.

An adult has his own thoughts, everything is arranged so properly, always feel Treated like a giant baby.

The key is that although Han Muzi is helpless sometimes, she still accepts it.

Because it was the kindness of a brother who had been looking for his sister for more than 20 years.

How could she have the heart to refuse.

Fortunately, Han Qing understood her, so she was helpless in many things. She didn't feel speechless. She just felt that she was being kept in captivity. She wanted to do something by her own strength.

After hearing this, Su Jiu couldn't help saying something for Han Qing.

"I have to say something for Mr. Han. After returning home, Ms. Muzi can establish a company's leadership team, which can stabilize her position in China. After all, the foreign and domestic market situation is not quite the same, and Mr. Han thinks that Miss Mu Zi is not young and should settle down."Listen, Han Muzi glanced at her, can't help but want to make fun of her.

"Secretary Su, you are really my brother's right-hand man. You speak for him up to now."

"Miss Muzi, I'm telling you the truth."

Han Muzi smiles and doesn't answer.

"By the way, did miss Muzi read the information about the team members?"

"Information about team members?" Han Muzi picked her eyebrows. She was confused in her cold eyes. Yesterday, Han Qing only gave him company information. She didn't seem to turn to the back.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi will take out the document in the small Yan bag, Su Jiu sees the way: "in the back, Muzi miss, you turn over."

So Han Muzi turned to the back, looked at a few times, and found that her team members were actually five or six people.

"These are the creative designers that Mr. Han invited for you at a high price. Some of them have won awards, and some have designed products. They are all outstanding designers."

Han Muzi flipped over their resume, and after a moment raised his eyes again, he said, "are you sure they can sit in my new company with such qualifications?"

"Mr. Han spent so much money to hire them, how could he not believe it? I'm afraid it's just asking for a seat. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

One side of the small Yan also followed to look at a few, "high salary employment, that will lose money."

"Mr. Han believes that with Miss Muzi's ability, she will soon be able to win a competition in the domestic market. At that time, as long as there are customers, why worry about losing money? What's more, it's not easy to start a company. Everything is difficult at the beginning. "

Xiao Yan nodded, and then looked at Su Jiu with his cheek in his hands and said, "Secretary Su is so fierce."

Su Jiu:

I don't know what she said. She let Xiaoyan worship herself so much.

Han Muzi closed the document and sighed: "forget it. Anyway, the company has already opened. Let's settle down once you come. But I have a hunch. "

"What premonition?" Xiao Yan immediately sent it to her.

Han Mu purple micro raised his lips: "we should not have a good time in the future."