Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 365

Han Muzi had a deep sleep and was as deep in a dream as Xiaomi Dou.

Xiaoyan has been staring at the outside anxiously. Originally she can sleep like a pig. It is the first time that she is so energetic. She has been staring at the vehicle that overtakes them, but has never seen the car before.

But she knew that whether the car passed them or lagged behind them, she was extremely worried.

Finally got off the highway, the car into the city road, Xiaoyan finally saw the light and wine, there are thousands of lights.

This is the case in big cities. Even after 12 o'clock in the night, there are still many families with bright lights, and their nightlife is just beginning.

Street lights flashed one after another outside the window. After passing several red street lights, Xiaoyan was relieved to see many local vehicles around her.

Even if it's all in Beicheng, it's hard to recognize so many cars, and maybe it's already dispersed. Maybe the other side has changed lanes.

After thinking about it, Xiaoyan was relieved, and then slowly fell back and sank down.

She was so tired that after staring at her all night, her eyes were almost exhausted.

Xiao Yan closed her eyes, and she wanted to have a good sleep, so she said, "Uncle Nan, call me when I arrive. I want to sleep for a while."


Uncle Nan answered gently.

Xiaoyan fell asleep not long ago, Han Muzi received a call from Han Qing. When the mobile phone vibrated, she didn't respond, but Xiaomi Dou first felt it, and then pulled her sleeve to wake her up.

Han Muzi looked at him sleepily, "millet beans?"

"Mommy, your cell phone is shaking." Xiaomi Dou reminds me.

Listen, Han Muzi just returned to God, she picked up the phone, see is Han Qing call.

"Answer your uncle's call."


Xiaomi Dou answers the phone. Han Muzi sleeps too heavily and suddenly wakes up. She always feels that her brain is not fully awake, so she leans on it and installs salted fish for a while. Xiaomi Dou soon finished the call, and then he said in a voice, "Mommy, my uncle said he would wait for us at the next stop."

"Well? How do you know that? "

"I just sent my uncle a location."

Xiaomi Dou said and then went to inform uncle Nan.

Uncle Nan nodded: "good."

To the next intersection, Han Muzi saw Han Qing's car as expected. He stood not far from the intersection, looking at this side, deep and far away.

"It's uncle!" Xiaomi Dou gave a low breath.

Han Muzi looked at the side of the small Yan one eye, she is still breathing big sleep.

Xiaomi Dou: "Mommy, shall we wake up aunt Xiaoyan?"

"No, your aunt Xiaoyan is tired all the way. Now she is not easy to fall asleep. Let her sleep more."

So the two mother and son got off the car together and went to Han Qing.

"Brother." Han Muzi helplessly looked at Han Qing's deep blue and sharp color: "you are really, I don't mean it's ok? You're out in the middle of the night. "

Han Qing took a look at her from the beginning to the end. After confirming that she had not suffered any damage, he said in a deep voice: "I'm not at ease."

Han Muzi said You don't think about it. If I have something, can I send you a message safely? "

Han Qing: "I don't think so much. It's ok if it's OK."

"Uncle hugs."

Xiaomi Dou held out his hands for a hug when they finished chatting. Han qingchong touched his head, and then easily held him in his arms with one hand: "tired or not?"

"I'm not tired, uncle, but my uncle has worked hard ~"

"I'm not good. I shouldn't be too anxious to let you encounter this kind of thing."

"Come on, take my car and take you back to Han's house."

"Wait a minute."

Han Muzi turned around and went to the original car, lying down by the window and said to Uncle Nan, "Uncle Nan, please go back to Han's home with us. Xiaoyan is still sleeping. Wake her up later."

Uncle Nan nodded to her gently.

There was a familiar vehicle passing by in the aisle, and the man in the driver's seat was cold, looking straight ahead.

But in a trance, he seemed to be drawn by something, and his eyes looked at the other direction.

Just at this time, Han Muzi has already walked towards Han Qing's car. Han Qing also opens the door, and Han Muzi bends down to sit in the car.

The woman's delicate and beautiful face was fleeting, but he was still stunned at night. He felt that his mind was suddenly pulled out of the nine night clouds. When he came back to his senses, he found a car driving towards this side in the left lane.

Night Mo Shen narrows his eyes dangerously and turns the steering wheel quickly.

Bang -

soon after Han Muzi got into the car, Xiaomi Dou had just sat down, but he heard a loud noise.Both turned to look at the source of the sound, and saw a car hit a nearby guardrail and stopped.

Han Muzi saw this scene, her pupils shrank for a moment, only felt that her eyelids jumped fiercely. Suddenly, she had a feeling of uneasiness. She had to quickly stretch out her hand to press her eyelids, and unconsciously said, "Why are there so many accidents tonight?"

Han Qing also saw that scene, pursed thin lips and said in a cold voice: "it's the owners themselves who are careless. These people don't pay much attention to driving, so we should go first."

"Well, go back. I always feel uncomfortable when I see these things."

Xiaomi Dou quickly reached out and hugged Han Muzi: "Mommy is not afraid ~ millet beans protect you."

Han Muzi's heart is warm. After the car starts, Han Muzi doesn't know why. She can't help looking back at the scene not far away through the window.

I don't know what happened to the car that hit the guardrail. The owner didn't move for half a day, and the door didn't open.

I don't know what happened to the people inside

Han Muzi stretched out his hand and twisted his brow, then took back his eyes.

The car soon arrived at the Han family. When the car entered the house, Han Muzi always felt strange looking at those scenes.

She hasn't been here before, but since she became Han Muzi, she has never been back here. In the past five years It was the first time she had come back to this place.

Now it seems that there are so many memories.

At that time, she was not Han, nor was she the eldest lady of the Han family. She was just a

"Here we are. Get out of the car."

A cold voice came and interrupted Han Muzi's thoughts.

Han Muzi returns to his senses and gets off the car with millet beans.

After getting off the car, Han Muzi saw that uncle Nan's car also followed in. She said softly: "Xiaoyan is still sleeping. I'll wake her up."

Finish saying that, Han Muzi then in Han Qing's eyes walked to the South uncle that car, and then opened the door to call her.

Xiaoyan also don't know what kind of dream, actually holding his arm has been there giggling, Han Muzi called her several times, she did not agree, and Han Qing is probably a little impatient, simply came over.