Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 358

"Well, then you come with me." Xiaoyan took Han Muzi's hand and walked inside.

In the summer, most of the actors wear the costume, so they have to wear a lot of costumes.

Each prepared a small fan to blow, some even took off their coats and put them aside, only wearing a vest and shorts, but on top of their heads there was a thick hair crown, which looked very funny.

Han Muzi glanced over all this and followed Xiao Yan to go in.

The assistant director saw Han Muzi and Xiaoyan and stopped them: "what are you two doing? We are filming here. Fans are not allowed to enter. What about the field control? What's the food for? How can people come in? "

The field control, who was called to the name, rushed over and saw that it was Xiaoyan and explained in a voice: "assistant director, they are not fans. They are looking for Zhao Yiru."

"Zhao Yiru? What do you want from her? " The assistant director asked a puzzled question, then his eyes fell on Xiao Yan's body and looked at Han Muzi.

When he saw Han Muzi, his eyes lit up immediately.

Han Muzi raised his hand and pressed down the sunglasses on his face to cover his small face.

Like this, she is full of air.

I don't know. I thought she was an international star.

"You, are you..." The assistant director looked at Han Muzi and asked.

Xiao Yan subconsciously blocked Han Muzi's way, and then explained in a low voice: "Hello, deputy director. We're here to find Miss Zhao. There's something we need to deal with at work. It only takes a little meeting."


The assistant director stares at Xiao Yan suspiciously, but her eyes still fall on Han Muzi.

Just as Zhao Yiru's agent came to see Han Muzi, he was also in front of his eyes when he saw Han Muzi, and then quickly came to the rescue. "Assistant director, assistant director, this Miss Han is our favorite guest."

Then the agent pulled the deputy director aside and whispered a few words. The assistant director's eyes had been looking in the direction of Han Muzi. After a while, he nodded and left.

Zhao Yiru's agent came forward and nodded to Han Muzi: "Miss Han is here. Come with me."

Han Muzi nodded to keep up with his steps. Xiaoyan hummed after him and muttered in a low voice: "it's really a dog's eyes look down on others. He didn't treat me so well just now."

Listen to Fang, Han Muzi couldn't help but smile in a low voice: "what do you care about with these people?"

"You're not me. How can I know that I'm upset? Ah I really love myself, how can I not have your talent? If only I could design well, I wouldn't have to look at the faces of these people. "

"You?" Han Muzi laughed: "I think it's a pity that you don't have to be a gourmet."

"Make fun of me again, I don't want to be a gourmet, then I will become a fat man! You know, when I see food, I can't help it! "

The agent quickly took them to a rest room on the set. After opening the door, a cool breeze came to her face. Han Muzi found that the air conditioner was on, and there were only a few people in it.

She looked back at the people who were sweating on the set but could only find shelter.

In this world, the treatment of those who have flow and those who have no flow is totally different.

No wonder everyone wants to climb.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi walked in with the agent.

"Yi Ru, Miss Han is here." The agent walked up to a well dressed girl and whispered.

The make-up on her face is extremely exquisite, and she uses top-grade products. After hearing the broker's words, she rotates the chair and then turns to look at Han Muzi.

Zhao Yiru is a very beautiful woman.

In terms of beauty, she is very high. Otherwise, how can she climb to this position in today's face watching society? After all, she doesn't have any acting skills. If she has no appearance, she won't get so many fans.

It's just Zhao Yiru is not only beautiful, but also hostile to other beautiful women.

Especially A woman she thinks is prettier than herself.

Zhao Yiru originally thought that a well-known designer must be an elderly woman. Even if she is not old, she should not look very good.

I didn't expect Han Muzi to So young and beautiful, and It's very impressive.

Just wearing a simple dress and wearing sunglasses made her feel pressure.

"She is Shelly, the famous overseas designer? It looks like It's not very much like it Finish saying, still disdain ground hook up lip, smile to make a sound.

The manager's face was a little embarrassed. He took a look at Han Muzi, who was silent, and then explained in a voice, "Shelly is Chinese, and her Chinese name is Han Muzi."

"Oh? Han Muzi? No, are you really a famous designer? It's not a fake, is it"What are you talking about?" Han Muzi did not have any reaction, Xiaoyan jumped off, grinned at Zhao Yiru and said, "who wants to be a famous overseas designer and can fake it? I'm just a minute late? Have you ever been bothering me? It's even hard for us to bathe in purple! "

"Oh? So in your opinion, is not a minute late? Shouldn't you be punished for being late? Miss, do you know how valuable my time is to me Zhao Yiru? How much will my work change after waiting for you for another minute? Do you know how much I lost? "

"I..." Xiao Yan was speechless by her.

Han Muzi pressed Xiaoyan's arm and stepped on her high-heeled shoes. Her voice was clear: "Miss Zhao, when I signed the contract, I made it clear that you should cooperate with our staff, especially during the design period. But now it seems that Miss Zhao's time is really precious, precious to even a minute of time are not willing to cooperate. Of course, my assistant is late, which is her mistake, but if she has a bad attitude and doesn't apologize to you, I will punish her. But my assistant not only apologized to you, but also waited for you for two hours, didn't he? How much is Miss Zhao waiting for an extra minute? My assistant's salary is charged on a commission basis every month. The two hours she has been waiting for you should have been offset? "

"You Zhao Yiru didn't expect her to be so sharp and sharp-mouthed. She even dared to hold the customer's mouth. Her beautiful face was filled with anger: "what do you say? How dare you compare her to me? "

Han Muzi smiles, "it's all people, why can't we compare it? Is Miss Zhao an alien? "

"Pooh Zhao Yiru was so angry that she scolded: "I am a popular international actress. How dare she, a little designer assistant, compare with me? Don't say she doesn't deserve it, even you It's only for me to carry my shoes. "