Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 357

Although she is lazy, she has to support her family.

Xiaoyan also depends on her to eat, plus she wants to create superior living conditions for Xiaomi Dou, so she still works very hard. When I'm lazy, it's all based on no pressure.

So she went on.

"And then?" Han Muzi asked softly.

"Then, I'll wait for her to film. After she's finished, and I'm going to measure her, do you know what she said? She said she was tired and wanted to rest, so she left me alone

Han Muzi: "it's just

Xiaoyan poured bitter water: "it's all right. When she took a rest for ten minutes, when I measured her, she said I hurt her! I'm not professional, and I'm not allowed to get close to her now. "

Han Muzi stretched out his hand and twisted his eyebrow, "so?"

"She asked you to come over in person and said that you had received the list, and she would definitely ask you to come and measure it for her. Who does she think she is? Is it a big deal? I'm only a minute late, a minute! I apologized to her for a long time and said such a long time, she actually Don't step on me, I'm angry. Han Muzi, I'll tell you, I'm really on the bar with her today. She wants you to come over and help her measure. Why doesn't she think about it? Does she have that qualification? "

Han Muzi said faintly: "but you call me, is not let me personally go to measure her?"

"I rely on, I do not mean that, I am really angry, but no one here can make complaints about me, do you know? You must not come here! I'll have to fight with her today. "

Hearing this, Han Muzi couldn't help laughing and whispering: "after all, you just let me go."


"Well, you send the address to my mobile phone, and I'll come to you after I send the millet beans home."

"Well, I'll send the address to your mobile phone right away, good Muzi, you come to help me quickly, I'm going to be crazy."

Xiao Yan, who just said she wanted to follow Zhao Yiru to the end, immediately changed direction, and it was very fast.

Han Muzi: "it's just

After hanging up the phone, Han Muzi put the mobile phone away. Just about to bow down and explain to Xiaomi Dou, Xiaomi Dou took the initiative to say: "Mommy, is aunt Xiaoyan in trouble? Mummy, you can help her, I can do it at home."

Although Xiaomi Dou is young, he is very sensible. Maybe it is because of a single parent family. Although Xiaomi Dou is very understanding, Han Muzi loves him more.

She reached out her hand and touched Xiaomi Dou's head: "Xiaomi Dou is really good. Mommy will help aunt Xiaoyan and bring her back to make you braised fish later."

When he heard the braised fish, Xiaomi Dou's eyes immediately became bright, and nodded: "good, Mommy!"

The driver collected the money very quickly. After sending them to the community, he helped to move all the things to the door. He politely did not enter the door. Because Han Muzi had to find Xiaoyan, he still asked him to wait for himself for five minutes downstairs.

The driver agreed happily and went down in the elevator.

After that, Han Muzi took a little effort to drag all the things into the room with Xiaomi Dou, and then put them into the refrigerator. When she finished sorting out, she said, "Mommy left first. After the round-trip driving and working hours, mummy should be back in the afternoon. Millet beans are hungry. Would you like to eat some bread

Xiaomi Dou nodded: "good Mommy."

When Han Muzi went out, he walked half way but suddenly couldn't bear to turn around: "Xiaomi Dou, or Are you going out with Mommy? When the work is over, Auntie Xiaoyan and Mommy will take you out for dinner? "

"No, mummy, it's a bit troublesome to take my words with me. Mummy will help aunt Xiaoyan first. Xiaomi Dou can solve the lunch by herself!"

With that, Xiaomi Dou also went forward to kiss Han Muzi on the cheek, and then waved to her, indicating her to go back quickly.

Helpless, Han Muzi had to leave by himself.

Most of the time, she wants to accompany Xiaomi Dou more.

After all, he does not have a father, can not let him even maternal love are so rare.

But Many things are not proportional.

She wants to create good living conditions for Xiaomi Dou, so she has to work hard to earn money. Once she puts herself into work, she will often ignore or even neglect Xiaomi Dou.

Fortunately Fortunately, Xiaoyan has been with her all these years, so much care has been given to Xiaomi dou for her.

Xiaomi Dou, wait for Mommy. Mommy will be back soon.

Han Muzi got on the bus and said the address to the driver. After that, the driver turned around and left Ruixin community.

After driving for a while, the driver's uncle chatted with her enthusiastically.

"Is that bean curd your son? It's so beautiful. I seldom see such a lovely child when I drive for such a long time. "

Hearing his praise of Xiaomi Dou, Han Muzi nodded with a smile from his heart."Well, it's my son."

"Genes are so good, and they are so obedient, but How can a girl take a child alone

Hearing this, Han Muzi lowered her eyes and let her long eyelashes cover up her mood. She said in a low voice: "the father of the child is on business today, and will be back in the evening."

Not everyone is a bad person, but she a woman with a child must keep vigilance. The driver asked her this only once. She had to defend herself.

"I see. That's good." The driver's uncle laughed and didn't think there was any problem.

The speed of the car was fairly good. It arrived at the destination soon.

"I've brought a lot of people around here. They're all little actors and stars, but Don't you think you're here to shoot

"Well, I'm not here to film. I'm here to find someone." Han Muzi nodded to him, and after paying the fare, he opened the door and got out of the car.

After Han Muzi got off the car, she sent a message to Xiao Yan saying that she had arrived and asked her to come and pick it up.

Xiaoyan asked her to wait, and then appeared in front of her in two minutes.

"Muzi, here and here!"

Han Muzi looked at her and saw Xiaoyan standing at the entrance. She put away her mobile phone and walked forward.

When Xiaoyan saw Han Muzi, she felt as if she had seen the Savior. She was so moved that she almost cried.

After she came, Xiao Yan even put out her hand to hold her.

"Muzi! Great! You're here at last! If you don't come, I feel like I'm going to be tormented to death by that vicious woman. In such a big sun, she made me wait outside for such a long time

When she held her, Han Muzi just saw the sweat behind her ears and her collar and back were all wet.

The eye color of the eye ground sank a few minutes, Han Muzi pursed pursed red lips, and then said in a cold voice: "quick decision, take me in the past."