Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 32


The soft lips were seized.

Night deep lips cold with some dry, not a bit gentle rolling her soft lip, the strength of the big.

Shen Qiao didn't respond for a long time. She was actually kissed by Ye Mo Shen.


The night Mo deeply pressed the back of her head and asked for kisses again and again. His kiss was angry, so it was a little rude.

From Shen Qiao coming out from Jing Jie and putting on this peach like lipstick, from the moment she bit her lower lip to herself, the idea of kissing that red lip started. Then she got on the bus and lured herself unintentionally. Until now, she saw that she was pulling together with Lu ordinary.

Yemo Shen was stimulated.

Just want to kiss her to vent his anger at the bottom of his heart, Shen Qiao and stupidly, let him take, look again, she glared at him in disbelief.

The night Mo Shen's anger is bigger, facing own kiss, she actually has no feeling at all.

Ye Moshen pinches her other hand to her waist and pulls her to his leg. Shen Qiao's body is so small that she is soon dragged by yemoshen. She lies uncontrollably in yemoshen's arms. She reaches out to hold yemoshen's neck conditionally.

Shen Qiao is lying on Mo Shen's body with love and ignorance posture. This angle can make night Mo deep take her lips.

The driver and Xiao Su obviously saw this scene, and also felt that the temperature inside the car was much higher than before, and it was still climbing gradually.

Xiao Xiao didn't expect that he could see such a side of night.

Shen Qiao was shocked at the beginning, and finally was brought into the mirror by Ye Mo Shen, and her hand was subconsciously wrapped around his neck. However, she still couldn't learn to breathe, so she was almost breathless by Ye Mo's deep kiss, and her body lay limp in his arms.

Night is not deep is to notice this point, eyes color deep a few minutes.

Pull her away and hold her chin with the hand of the night.

"Not what? Don't you enjoy it? "

His kiss was hot, but the tone was still cold. Shen Qiao slowly came back to his mind. Seeing the night before him, Mo Shen's eyes were gloomy. Shen Qiao was surprised by what he had just said, "I..."

"Do you want it?"

The night Mo Shen suddenly approaches her ear, enchanting ground asked.

On the surface, he was teasing her, but his light tone was obviously teasing her.

Thinking of the words he said before he kissed her, Shen Qiao's face turned pale and bit his lower lip.

"Woman, your reaction tells me that you are satisfied." Night Mo deep put on her waist hand to move up, Shen Qiao but suddenly angry, "let me go!"

The night Mo Shen's movement, narrows the eye dangerously.

"What? When Lu Pingxiang hugged you just now, wasn't he very happy? "

Shen Qiao bit his lower lip: "when did you see me happy? I was forced. Didn't you see that? The night is not deep, you must step on others' self-esteem so that you can be happy? "

The expression on the night Mo Shen's face is cold, his eyes stare at her coldly.

"You remember, even if I don't care to touch you at night, you are not allowed to touch you with my label."

Shen Qiao:

"Next time, if I see you with other men, your dignity will not be trampled on."

Words fall, night Mo deep loose her, thin lip micro motion: "roll."

Shen Qiao is still sitting on his leg. When he says rolling words, his face suddenly turns pale and his lips tremble.

"Don't forget who you are."

He warned again.

Finally, Shen Qiao lowered her eyes and said nothing. She quietly returned to her seat.

Back to her seat, Shen Qiao is very silent. Her face has been turned out of the window. She doesn't even look at the night. However, her breath is much lower than before.

After returning to the night home, Xiao Su pushes Ye Mo Shen out of the car first, and Shen Qiao follows with her eyes drooping.

Ye Moshen didn't go back to her room, but went to the study. Shen Qiao went back to her room, took off her make-up and took a bath. When she finished everything, ye Moshen did not come back, so Shen Qiao lay down and went to bed first.

Not long after lying down, the cell phone vibrated.

Shen Qiao took a look and found that it was a short message from Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang: Qiao Qiao, did you sleep?

Seeing this message, Shen Qiao subconsciously frowned. From the divorce to now, he has never said a word to himself. This evening in the shopping mall is the first time to meet after divorce.

Think of what he did in the mall, Shen Qiao closed his eyes, put down the mobile phone, no reply.

After a while, the phone vibrated again.

Lin Jiang: Qiao Qiao, I didn't mean not to help you when I was in the shopping mall at night. It's really that bao'er is going to be born. I can only follow her advice, or else it's not good to be pregnant. Can you understand me?Understand what? Shen Qiao used to think that Lin Jiang was good, but now he thinks he is wonderful enough to be with another woman and sweep her out of the house. He even asks her if she can understand him?

Lin Jiang: shall we meet tomorrow?

Shen Qiao still did not return text messages, directly pulled his name black, and then turned off the mobile phone to sleep.

After ye Moshen came back, Shen Qiao was already asleep, probably a little cold, so she held the quilt and huddled together, her head was buried in the pillow, her white face and eyes were tightly closed.

"Little night, I'll help you with your clothes."

Xiao Su started to walk towards the inside. Xiao Su was not a gentle person, and his voice was very loud.

Night Mo deep micro frown, low voice way: "your voice put down a bit."

"Ah?" Xiao Su did not know why to look back at him, a pair of Zhang two can not touch the head of the expression, that voice is also particularly loud.

The expression of the night Mo Shen changed all of a sudden, and his eyes were glumly staring at him: "looking for death?"

The sound was very low.

Xiao Su was startled by his cold air pressure, but he couldn't react. He looked around and saw Shen Qiao, who was sleeping on the floor, shrunk into a small ball. He suddenly reacted.

Is it because he was so loud that he lost his temper at night?

So Xiao Su lightened his steps. Unexpectedly, night Mo Shen didn't lose his temper to him. Xiao Su was relieved at last.

When he was cleaning up, Xiao Su couldn't help but say, "Ye Shao is treating Miss Shen..."

"What do you want to say?"

"No, nothing. I want to say that Miss Shen is pregnant now. Will sleep on the floor be inappropriate?

Listen, night Mo deep frown: "that gives your bed to her?"

Xiao Su's face changed a lot. Lu ordinary just touched Shen Qiao's shoulder, said a few romantic words and lost a contract worth more than 10 billion yuan. If Shen Qiao was allowed to sleep in his Xiao Su's bed, could he live in the future?

Thinking of this, Xiao Su shivered for a moment, "no, no, let Miss Shen continue to sleep on the ground."

Night Mo deep but silent up, think of the soft lips of that woman