Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 301

Perhaps, it is to take care of her feelings, because after Han Xueyou had such a thing.

Shen Qiao pursed her lips and did not speak again.

Besides, I forgot to read the information.

Night Lin cold through the rearview mirror to look at her, while driving the car while quietly asked: "you and Xiaoyan feelings are very good?"

Hearing this, Shen Qiao came back to his mind and nodded subconsciously: "of course."

"No wonder this girl can do so much for you. She is really a person worthy of deep friendship."

Shen Qiao couldn't help smiling, "yes, she is more loyal than I imagined. I didn't expect that she could treat me so well."

"For the party, you're ready for the dress, aren't you?"


"But I haven't. when I go to pick up a suit later, you can go there and put on some make-up. Then we can start on time. I have already calculated the time. You don't have to worry about being late."

Again, Shen Qiao nodded obediently and seemed to have no other reaction.

In her hand is the dress box, as well as a stack of thick information, which is about Han Xueyou's investigation.

She should have opened the car to see, but I do not know why, she did not open the mind of the information.

So quietly for a long time, the cold night seems to be aware of something, suddenly asked: "don't you open it to have a look?"

Listen to words, Shen Qiao a Leng, then faint smile: "don't worry."

"I thought you were worried when you were having dinner. It turns out that That's not what you care about? "

Why don't you care?

Shen Qiao pinches the information in her hand. She used to care about the information, but when she went out, the look in the eyes of Yemo Shen made her feel very worried about it until now

It seems to be the feeling that you have to choose one of the two things in front of you. If you look at it, you will know which one is more important to you.

Is it true that ye Moshen and Han Xueyou are pregnant Her heart has chosen the former by default.

Xiaoyan has always said that she is not brave, because she has been hurt before, so she has a shadow over her marriage, for fear of being betrayed again. If she is willing to believe that the night is deep, such a thing will not happen.

So she's now Do you have time to believe it?

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao quickly took out his mobile phone to send short messages to Xiaoyan.

Xiaoyan should also get on the bus, and the news returns quickly.

When seeing the message clearly, Shen Qiao's nose was sour and almost cried out.

She had no choice but to put out her hand to cover her mouth. There was a hint of tears in her cold eyes, but she was also full of laughter.

"Just follow your heart. If you are willing to believe it, you have bravely faced up to your feelings. I am very happy for you. And Qiqiao, no matter which choice you make, I'm on your side, so go ahead

Well, she has to face up to her feelings and face them bravely.

There are two consequences of desperate, the most tragic is to return to the original place, she has nothing to lose.

Shen Qiao smiles and wipes away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and then puts the heavy data into the bag, and then destroys them after she goes back.

Night Lenghan also noticed her action. At that moment, he was a little disappointed. His heart was empty. After a moment, he said bitterly with a smile: "it seems that you really like him."

Shen Qiaogang put the information in here. When she heard his words, she stopped. After a moment, she nodded: "well, it's true."

There is nothing to admit.

Ye Linhan didn't say anything more. She fell into a strange silence in the car until she arrived at the destination. She took her to make up and then went to choose her own clothes.

Shen Qiao and make-up mother said that they were in a hurry, so they asked her to make up faster. She said they were all wrapped in her body, so she went to change her dress and came out to make up.

In the process of make-up, she can feel that the make-up mother's technique is very skilled and fast, but she still feels that it takes a long time.

Until the voice of the cold night sounded outside, makeup mother's hand also took back.

"Well, miss, you are so beautiful ~"

SHEN Qiao regained her consciousness and looked at herself in the mirror. It turned out that her makeup had been put on.

But she was not in the mood to take a close look. After thanking her, she got up and went out.

Cold night waiting outside, see her come out, eyes flash a touch of amazement.

The dress that ye Mo Shen prepared for her is light silver, which is totally different from the style she used to wear. The warm silver light sets off her originally white skin, which is particularly dazzling. In addition, with her make-up, the whole person is like a princess coming out of the painting.

At that moment, when the light hit Shen Qiao's body, the night cold had an illusion.

This person is like a born princess, she should be born to live in the aristocracy, loved and flattered by everyone.However, her family did not expect her to have such temperament, which is really rare.

After two steps, Shen Qiao's step suddenly faltered and almost fell forward.

Night cold face a change, quickly step forward to support her: "is it OK?"

Shen Qiao was so scared that she shook her head: "I'm ok."

A few people on one side were pale with fright, but they were relieved to see that she was supported. Fortunately, she was supported.

"It's OK." Night Leng Han released her hand and let her stand firm again: "since all have been done, let's go."


Shen Qiao goes out with the night Lenghan and gets on the bus again.

Walking to the car, the night Lenghan suddenly thought of something, untied the button of the suit and took off the suit: "put it on, the wind is strong at night, your dress is too thin."

See that dress, Shen Qiao subconsciously refused: "thank you, brother, but later on the car will not be cold."

With that, she opened the door herself and bent over to sit in.

Night Lenghan took the suit's hand to such pause in the air, a moment later he put on the suit again speechlessly.

In the heart bitterness laughs, the night is cold, she likes the night Mo Shen so much, what do you still think of Xiao?


the time is getting closer and closer, and the banquet is about to start.

At this moment, the banquet hall is very busy. The staff are preparing for the banquet. However, a wheelchair stands on the second floor. At night, Mo Mo sits on it without any expression and looks at the door downstairs coldly.

That woman So far, it hasn't appeared, and I haven't called him.

Oh, how cruel.

Xiao Su, who was guarding his side, probably felt the fall of his mood. He couldn't help but say, "yeshao, are you waiting for your grandmother? She will come. I have sent her the address

Listen to words, night Mo deep return to God, thin lips micro hook, sneer a way: "what does it matter to me if she comes or not?"

Xiao Su: "night little is not looking forward to her coming?"