Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 29

Night Mo deep lift eyes will see her chest a large spring, eyes a lie.

Is this woman on purpose?

, however, saw her innocent face, and gathered in front of him with a perfume bottle.

No intention?

The night Mo deep suddenly reacts to come over, like this kind of unscrupulous means marries into the night family the woman how can be unintentional? Night Mo deep eyes, time cold a few minutes: "want to seduce me?"

Shen Qiao raised her eyes and didn't know why.


Night Mo deep eyes a shift, fell on her chest.

Shen Qiaoshun looked at his eyes and found that he had just leaned forward and his collar had slipped, revealing a piece of snow white on his chest.

She covered her chest with her backhand and leaned back. Her white cheek turned red. Her watery lips trembled and tried to explain something. When she reached her lips, she could not say a word.

The dark eyes of Mo Shen at night made her embarrassed.

When she realized what she had just done, Shen Qiao just wanted to get into the crack

She really didn't mean to!

she just wanted to show him that bottle of perfume, after all, he asked.

However, she didn't expect that the collar of the dress was so wide, but it turned out to be so just by leaning forward.

At this moment, night Mo deep's impression on her must be worse.

's Scarlet cheeks were turned from red to white, and Shen looked out of the window and clenched the bottle of perfume in his hand.

She didn't mean to! Not on purpose!!!

She didn't want to seduce him!

The atmosphere inside the car became strange. Through the rearview mirror, ye Moshen saw her face turning from red to white, as well as the grievances of her eyes.


What's wrong?

Wronged him, wronged her?

But what is her practice of showing her chest to a man instead of seducing him?

The car soon arrived at the banquet. Just after getting off the bus, Shen Qiao wanted to push him forward, but he was refused in a cold voice: "I have something to do. You should go to Mr. Lu first."

Before leaving, the night Mo deep looked back at her deeply: "remember, don't bow down, otherwise..."

The latter sentence, needless to say, was a threat. After the previous events, Shen Qiao of course knew what he meant, and nodded in embarrassment: "I know. Don't worry, I'm not as bad as you think."

Words fall, night Mo deep lips gently pull, eyes more a touch of ridicule, obviously do not believe what she said.

Shen Qiao bit his lower lip and clenched his fist. He angrily said, "I guarantee with my personality."

Night Mo Shen is still like that, let Xiao Su push him to leave, Shen Qiao had to go into the party alone.

came to the banquet with respected faces. Shen Qiao and several women passed by. She smelled their strong perfume, saw the diamond necklace worn around their necks, and the exclusive dress dress.

Her dress was hidden from the crowd, so to speak.

Where did Shen Qiao attend any banquet? So she didn't know where to find Mr. Lu at all. She had to find a place by herself, and then sat down and took out her mobile phone to search for information about Mr. Lu.

Now can't find does not mean there is no chance to meet later, now take the opportunity to understand first, if you see later, you can also throw in his favor.

Shen Qiao sat there with her mobile phone and looked at it carefully. She didn't pay attention to the situation around her.

After the sound of music sounded, Shen qiaocai suddenly regained his mind. After a glance at his mobile phone, he realized that the time of the banquet was already half over.

Shen Qiao took the cocktail in front of her and took a few sips. Then she got up and searched. After looking for a long time, she didn't see the figure of Mo Shen at night.

Strange, where did he go? Why haven't you been back so long?

Just thinking, Shen Qiao suddenly saw another familiar figure. It was the general manager of Lu's group who had just repeatedly checked the information.

Lu Pingxiang.

Self made spokesperson.

From nothing to the present Lu group.

Although Lu's group is no better than Yeshi, it is also famous in Beicheng.

Lu ordinary is a man who has just turned 30. He is single and a little romantic. He likes to play with celebrities in the circle. After getting it, he abandons it. He likes drinking with others, playing golf, playing chess. Most importantly, he likes listening to music.

This is embarrassing.

Shen Qiao wants to give her what she likes, but finds that she doesn't conform to any point.

I don't know if you can get some benefits if you go ahead according to the identity of Ye's president assistant.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao picked up the glass in front of him and decided to offer him a glass of wine first.

Shen Qiao walked slowly away from the pedestrians and went to the place where Lu was just now. However, he found that he was holding a woman in a long blue dress and went outside.

Shen Qiao had to catch up quickly.

They followed them to the outside of the party, to a small garden, Shen Qiao finally saw Lu ordinary again.Just want to go forward to talk, Lu ordinary but suddenly embrace the woman in his arms, bow his head to kiss.

"Well Mr. Lu, you hate... "

The woman whispered in his arms, and Lu Pingxiang gave a low smile. His big hand went directly around her back and zipped open. The big hand went in. The woman's voice was more charming.

Shen Qiao didn't expect that he could see such a scene. He sighed and spread. It was true. Then he turned red and looked away.

She was afraid that others would see her, but it was not suitable to go out at this time. She could only hide behind the tree and wait. She was bored. Shen Qiao took a few drinks with her wine.

I don't know how long I waited. Shen Qiao finished drinking the wine in the cup. It's not over there.

Shen Qiao's face was calm, but the pink on her face showed her inner embarrassment. She waited for a while, and then the end was hastily over there.

"Mr. Lu, you must come to find someone else tomorrow night, so I'll leave first ~"

"don't worry, baby, you are so charming, I'll find you again tomorrow night."

The woman lingered on him for a while and then left.

After the woman left, the smile on his face disappeared. Then he smoked a cigarette and lit it. He slowly tidied up his clothes.

A moment later, he whispered, "come out."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao was startled and clenched the cup in his hand.

She Listen to the corner?

No! Where is she listening to the corner? Obviously, she came here by accident, but she was found out now. Does she want to go out?

"If people are gone, don't hide, or do you want me to find you out myself?"

Lu Pingxiang gave a low smile and then turned around.

Shen Qiao saw that his direction was coming towards him, so he stepped back.

At this time, a cold voice from the other direction sounded.

"Mr. Lu really knows how to play. He is also very interested in playing."

Xiao Su pushed the night Mo Shen out from the other side.

Shen Qiao saw him and subconsciously widened his eyes.

How could he be here? Did the night Mo Shen Gang also witness that live spring palace?

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao is even more embarrassed. I hope ye Moshen doesn't know she's here, otherwise