Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 254

Shen Qiao: You probably think too much. "

"Where do I think more? You dare to say that I am not right. Although he is very kind to you, you are a married woman after all, and the male junior is as detestable as the female junior. "

Hearing this, Shen Qiao can't help but look at Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan stares at her defiantly: "how? Do you think I'm wrong? "

Shen Qiao smiles and shakes his head: "no, I think your three views are very correct, just like what I think."

Suddenly, she thought of another thing, and then asked, "if The couple had no feelings at all? When a man falls in love with a woman, they are in love. Do you think the woman should help them? "

"Wow, why should it be done? Are you married? What are you doing with true love? Why not before marriage? After marriage, true love is invincible, which is disgusting. Even if there is no emotion, it can't be so reasonable. "

Xiao Yan said solemnly. After a moment, she seemed to notice something. She turned her head and stared at Shen Qiao. The look in her eyes made Shen Qiao's hair stand on end. "What are you doing?"

She grabbed Shen Qiao's shoulder and said, "what do you mean by that? What is Chengquan? What is love? Do you mean Han Xueyou at night? "

Things have happened, Shen Qiao also no need to deny, she light smile, and then nodded: "you are really smart, Xiaoyan."

"Damn it!" When xiaoyandun was not angry, he directly scolded: "Han Xueyou that little bitch, I told you her face looks not a good person, you didn't believe me at that time, but also angry with me, now you know?"

Shen Qiao: There is no one-sided right or wrong in this kind of thing, but if one party refuses, the two will not be together. "

Xiaoyan: "so you confirm that they are together?"

Shen Qiaodun for a moment, "that's right."

"What is it?" Xiaoyan looked as if he didn't become a steel: "did you ask me the depth of the night? He told you that he didn't love you and loved Han Xueyou? "

“…… Of course not! "

"The two love each other. Are you having a problem with your head? Did you come up with it by yourself? "

"But..." Shen Qiao looks at Xiaoyan and tells her about the earrings.

About the Pink Earrings, Xiaoyan is the most clear person in it. After listening to her explanation, she was very angry, but she soon calmed down and gave Shen Qiao an analysis.

"You said the Pink Earrings were worn by Han Xueyou? And yeshao's just gone? "

Shen Qiao nodded.

"So you think the Pink Earrings were given to her by yeshao?"

"Isn't it?"

"Love makes people blind. Maybe Han Xueyou stole it?"

Xiao Yan's words awaken the dreamer.

"How, how?" Shen Qiao can't believe it.

, "as like as two peas, you can't believe it. I didn't have any dealings with her. Besides, I love your eyes at night, just like my father's eyes. Qiao Qiao, unless ye Shao is a slag man who wants to hold on to each other, otherwise He won't do such a thing. Besides, I think you really shouldn't believe Han Xueyou any more. No matter she stole the ear nail or gave it to her at night, she is not qualified to be a good sister with you any more. If she really regards you as a good sister, she will not accept this pair of ear nails, do you understand? "

The words were like thunder.

Shen Qiao's whole person is stupefied in situ, from head to toe as if someone had poured a basin of cold water in general, the heart was so cold that she wanted to shiver.

Pink with white lips trembled, but after all, there was no word to say.

Shen Qiao lowered her head and her long eyelashes covered her eyes.

She How could she not understand?

Because she understood, she would not forgive Han Xueyou.

But for many years, she is still making excuses for her, hoping to alleviate her mistakes.

"I told you what was on your mind, didn't I?" Xiao Yan observed her eyelashes, and suddenly her voice dropped down: "in fact, you are very affectionate and righteous. I can see that when you speak for her before, she didn't have to say to you, but her kindness to you is purposeful, so this kind of good is not good."

"I knew Xueyou very early, before I married yemoshen." Shen Qiao's voice is soft. She looks at her fingertips and recalls their college days before, "I didn't think of..."

"It has happened. What are you going to do now? If you also like yeshao, you have to find out whether the earrings were stolen by Han Xueyou, or whether they were actually sent by yeshao himself


Shen Qiao suddenly raised his lips and laughed faintly: "it seems that it is not so important."

What's the difference between them?

Only when he gives the chance, can Xueyou have a chance to steal. Under what circumstances can opportunities be given? I didn't go home for two days and nights Who knows what he's doing?"What, I don't know what you're thinking!" Xiaoyan angrily turned to the window and suddenly opened his mouth angrily: "if I were you, I would have rushed to Han Xueyou to question him now. No, I should have interrogated Yemo Shen! Ask him what's going on! They are already married. If they cheat, I'm sure I won't let them be happy. "

Compared with Xiao Yan's angry mood, Shen Qiao seems very calm.

Xiao Yan scolded for a long time and was tired. Seeing that she was tired on the car, she had to stop at once. After that, Xiaoyan took Shen Qiao back to her home to put it in, disinfected her wound, and made her rest at home.

"Noon is coming. You can stay at my house for dinner today."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao raised his head and looked at her gratefully: "Xiao Yan, thank you."

Her eyes are particularly serious, staring at Xiaoyan are embarrassed, and she said: "even if you thank me so much, I won't be moved, you stay here well."

Then Xiao Yan came out and sent a message to night Leng Han, telling Shen Qiao that everything was OK.

After that, she thought of something and sighed.

The relationship between Shen Qiao and his two brothers is really too complicated. Night Linhan to her discerning person can see is single love, Shen Qiao has no feelings for him, but night Lenghan is not dead.

Han Xueyou over there and night Mo Shen

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan looked back at her room and sighed heavily.

Shen Qiao has been staying in Xiaoyan's home. She was ready to live in her home. But who knows that when the night comes, the phone call from the night is coming.

When he saw his name on the screen, Shen Qiao didn't want to answer at all. He put his mobile phone aside.

Xiaoyan rushed to pick up the mobile phone and looked at it: "night less phone, you don't listen to ah?"