Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 253

At the mention of the police, Shen's mother's expression immediately became extremely strange, and she did not dare to answer her words.

Shen Qiao can only take out his mobile phone: "I will call the police now."

"Don't call the police!" Shen's mother grabs her hand and says in a flustered way: "Qiqiao, it's no use calling the police for this matter. The other party may have left already!"

"If you leave, you can call the police and let the police deal with it. If you run away with a huge sum of money, that is fraud." Shen Qiao still wants to make a phone call. Shen's mother is so scared that she grabs her cell phone directly.

"Don't call the police!"

But Shen's father finally couldn't listen. He opened the door and came out and roared: "Qiao Qiao, don't listen to your mother's nonsense. She took the money to gamble by herself."

"Stop talking!" Shen's mother was so angry that she tried to block his mouth. Shen's father lifted her and said, "what's wrong with me? Don't you think it's too bad for you? How did you get the 300000 before that? You're out now. Do you want to ask her for money? It's not as good as your life

Shen Qiao:

She looked at the scene in front of her in amazement.

I didn't expect that in just a few years, the situation in this family has become so bad. She walked numbly to Shen's mother with a dull voice: "Mom, when did you get addicted to gambling?

Shen's mother lowered her eyes and did not dare to speak.

"Recently, I feel that you have become rich when you get married. You go out to brag with people every day, and then you are deceived."

Shen Qiao: So, the last time you went to borrow money from me, was it because you lost all your money? That's why they went to me for 300000? "

Shen's mother didn't speak, looking very guilty.

Shen Qiao suddenly felt a little funny, "then my mother took the 300000 yuan and didn't make up for the deficit at home, or did she take it to continue gambling?"

"Qiao Qiao, it's Ma who is sorry for you, but this time you must save Ma, otherwise "My mother's life is over."

SHEN Qiao closed her eyes tired, "I thought I could get a sense of belonging when I went home, but I didn't expect You bring me only endless fatigue. Mother, do you know? I'll have to make money to pay back the 300000. "

"What else?" Shen's mother opened her eyes in disbelief and seized her arm: "you are the young grandmother of the night family. You are a high-ranking young grandmother. How do you need to pay back the money? Qiao Qiao, my mother knows that she is wrong. Will you save her mother this time? "

Shen Qiao was shaken by her almost stand unsteadily, she stood there, the whole person is lifeless, as if will fall down in the next second.

She closed her eyes in despair: "Mom, do you think I'm rich? Or you don't think I'm being pushed out at night. I've been married to Yejia for so many months. Have you ever asked me Even if it's just one sentence, how am I doing? "

Shen's mother stood still and looked at her.

A moment later, she seemed to go crazy, grabbed her arm and said, "what do you mean by that? You mean you don't want to help me, do you? Do you want to see your mother die? You are an unfilial girl. I have raised you for so many years. Have you such a white eyed wolf? "

Speaking of this, Shen's mother raised her hand and hit her directly.

Shen Qiao stood in place and bit her lower lip tightly: "even if you beat me to death, I can't get any money!"

Shen Fu also came to dissuade him: "what are you doing beating her for? Isn't it enough that you took 300000 from her? Qiao Qiao is married to a disabled, who knows what status in the night home? Don't embarrass her, Qiao Qiao. You go back first. Your mother and I will try to do something about it

"No! Can't go back! Who gives you the money when you're gone Shen's mother was as crazy as she thought that she would be caught and cut off her hands and feet if she could not afford to pay for it. She kept holding on to Shen Qiao's arm and scratched her white arm out of bloodstains.

Shen Qiao's injuries are not complete yet. Now the old ones are not healed, and new ones are added.

She looked down, staring at her new wound covered with intricate old wounds, and then couldn't help laughing.

She has been hurt like this. When she goes back to her mother's house, no one cares about her and hurts her.

Sometimes she wondered whether she was the real daughter of the Shen family, and why Shen's attitude towards her was so different from that of Shen Yue!

"Qiao Qiao, you go quickly!"

Finally, Shen's father couldn't look down. He quickly came to stop Shen's mother, and then motioned Shen Qiao to leave quickly.

At this time, Shen's father's action is undoubtedly to send charcoal in the blood to Shen Qiao. Shen Qiao looks at Shen father gratefully, then nods and leaves the Shen family.

Walking in the street, Shen Qiao suddenly felt that he really had nowhere to go.

Suddenly the mobile phone rang, Shen Qiao didn't pay attention to it, but the phone was still ringing endlessly.

Finally, Shen Qiao saw that the mobile phone was really ringing, so she had to pick it up.


Her voice was weak.

"Warped!" It's Xiaoyan's voice. Her tone sounds very energetic and exuberant: "where are you now? Why didn't you come to the company today? Are you still on vacation? "Hearing Xiao Yan's voice, Shen Qiao stopped for a moment and then said, "well, today is still a vacation."

"Wow, I'm on vacation today, and I'm not awake until now! Shall I go to you? Let's go out for a walk today! "

Shen Qiao looked across the street, then blinked: "don't you?"

In her present state, how can she be in the mood to go shopping?

"Please tell me where you are. I'll go to find you and send me the location. I said I wanted to be!" Xiaoyan orders her directly, but Shen Qiao has no choice but to send her the position according to her. Then she finds a position to clean the wound on her arm. After that, she waits for Xiaoyan to come to her.

When Xiaoyan found her, she saw that she had a new injury on her arm, and her face became ugly.

"What happened? How did you get hurt like this? Did you meet those old women again? They hurt you? "

She asked several questions in a row, Shen Qiao asked and laughed, "no, I accidentally rowed."

"Cheat the ghost." Xiao Yan glared at her fiercely, and then pulled her into the car: "go to my house to deal with it."


"To tell you, it was vice president ye who called me and said that you were not in good condition today, so I came to see you."

Vice President ye

Cold night?

Shen Qiao's eyes changed a little. I didn't expect him to

"What do you say about this man? He wants to be nice to you, won't he come by himself? Actually let me accompany you, this chasing mode is too strange, and the key is that you are his sister-in-law, Qiao Qiao, I have to tell you one thing! Although vice president Ye is handsome and gentle, I think others are not good. This kind of behavior belongs to prying the corner of the wall, which is immoral! "