Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 249

"Well, since you don't want to say it, big brother won't force you to say it." Night cold and put a dumpling into her bowl: "but you are too thin, to eat more."

"Well, thank you, brother." Shen Qiao said thanks to him and ate another one.

Shen Qiao ate breakfast absentmindedly. When she said goodbye to ye Linhan, she didn't trust her. She told her to leave alone for a long time.

At last, Shen Qiao got on the bus alone. When she was on the bus, she fell into meditation again.

How is she going to tell Han Xueyou about it today?

All the way Shen Qiao was in a muddle. She didn't know when the bus stopped. When she found that she had, she stopped suddenly and got off the bus.

After getting off the bus, Shen Qiao is depressed, and reaches out to wring his painful eyebrows.

The mobile phone vibrates for a while, Shen Qiao looks down and sees Han Xueyou send a wechat and asks why she hasn't arrived yet.

Shen Qiao had no choice but to return a message: "I have sat over the station, come here immediately!"

Then ready to walk across to take the bus, a car stopped in front of her, and then the window rolled down.

"Get in the car." The night Leng cold eyebrow eye is gentle, helplessly looks at her.

Seeing the cold night, Shen Qiao was surprised and stared at him in amazement: "how can elder brother be here? You shouldn't have... "

Have you left? Obviously, she has been sitting for several stops. He should not be here again.

"Silly girl, I see you've been out of your mind all morning. How can you rest assured that you're on the bus alone? But you don't want me to send you, so I have to follow you. "

Finish saying that, night cold and smile again, warm voice way: "hurry up to get on the bus."

Han Xueyou is already waiting for her. I'm afraid it will take about 10 minutes before this stop. Shen Qiao is sorry to let her wait again, so she has to get on the bus quickly.

After getting on the bus, night Lenghan reminded her to fasten her seat belt, and then sent her to the scene.

"Go ahead and be safe."

Night cold knead her head, let her leave, Shen Qiao stupidly looked at him, and then nodded to leave.

There are still two minutes' walk from the appointed place. Shen Qiao quickly arrives at the appointed place.

Although she left school not long ago, there were still a lot of customers in this milk tea shop, and most of them were students nearby. Shen Qiao, who had been dressed up, was particularly attractive. When she entered the shop, she attracted many people's eyes. Several unruly boys in the shop whistled at her.

Shen Qiao did not see like directly around the past, she has seen the corner of the Han Xueyou.

Today's Han Xueyou is still wearing a pink skirt, the skirt is a little fluffy, looks pink, a little bit like a little princess.

Han Xueyou is boring to poke pearls in the cup. Her expression is very impatient. A boy wants to ask her number, but she sneers and scolds him away: "get out of here, ugly thing, and don't look at what you look like. Do you deserve me?"

The boy was scolded by her red face, "you, you do not give, why curse?"

Han Xueyou looked at him arrogantly: "do you know who I am? Dare to contact me? If I go on, I may not just curse people! "

The boy was helpless, but timid, so he had to turn around and walk away. Unexpectedly, he bumped into Shen Qiao who came by. Shen Qiao was knocked back two steps by him and almost fell down.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The boy realized that he had hit someone and apologized quickly. When he looked up, he saw Shen Qiao's appearance. His eyes widened and stood in the same place. His eyes showed amazing color.

I didn't expect that he was so lucky today. He was rejected by a beautiful woman and ran into another one.

"Hello, my name is..." The boy just wanted to talk to Shen Qiao, but Han Xueyou stood up and directly lifted him away. She said impatiently, "you go away, Qiao Qiao. How can you come now? Do you know I'm waiting for you..."

Speaking of this, Han Xueyou has settled down.

She looked at Shen Qiao in front of her in a long skirt, "you, how can you..."

Shen Qiao smiles at her, and then whispers to the man next to him: "I'm ok. You go."

With that, he went around to sit down opposite Han Xueyou. Han Xueyou was still in a daze, but the man was dazzled by Shen Qiao's smile. He stood in the same place for a long time but couldn't get back to God.

Oh, my God, what a goddess!

It's so gentle, it's a good smile!

It took Han Xueyou a long time to react. She looked at Shen Qiao with complicated eyes. In the past, she didn't know how to dress up. Now Shen Qiao's real temperament was highlighted and dazzling when she dressed up so seriously.

Although, she is wearing light makeup.

But the gentle smile on her face, as well as the temperament revealed by her cold eyes, really and Women as like as two peas in that picture.

Between every move Is this the power of blood?

Think of here, Han Xueyou in the heart mercilessly shakes next, can't! Such Shen Qiao is too similar to Mrs. Han. If Han Qing sees such Shen Qiao, something will happen.But now there is no way, Han Xueyou can only suppress the panic in her heart and smile at Shen Qiao dryly: "Qiao Qiao, you Why are you in the mood to dress up today? And dressed so well? "

After hearing this, Shen Qiao gave her a strange look: "didn't you always want me to dress up before? Now I've figured out that women should really love themselves. "

Finish saying, Shen Qiao still shows a smile to her: "snow you, do you think I am so bad?"

The expression on Han Xueyou's face is stiff and stiff, nods hard: "very good, really very good."

It's just that she's beautiful, it's a threat to her.

All of a sudden, Han Xueyou found that the little devil in his heart began to run wildly.

Shen Qiao didn't know what she was thinking, but her expression could still see something. So she pretended to ask, "you don't look very happy?"

Hearing this, Han Xueyou's face changed and quickly explained for himself: "what? How could that be possible? How can I be unhappy? I can't be happy that you've become beautiful. "

"Is it? So you say Will ye Moshen like me when I become beautiful? "

The expression on Han Xueyou's face can't stop completely. She stares at Shen Qiao and says, "Qiao Qiao, you Do you really like him? "

Shen Qiao light smile: "yes, I just like him very much."


"But what?"

“……” Han Xueyou wants to stop talking, but she appears in front of her original scene of saving herself. She finds that the words on her lips can't say a word.

Shen Qiao saw that she looked at her for a long time without a word. Her smile gradually faded. After a moment, she went straight in: "but you also like him, so we become enemies in love, right?"