Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 246


Maybe I didn't expect her to say so. She didn't respond for a long time.

After he responded to what she said, Mo Shen's thin lips curled up coldly, and his big hand squeezed her chin: "do you know who you are talking to? What are you talking about? "

His strength is very big, all of a sudden will Shen Qiao's chin out of a red mark, Shen Qiao eat pain, want to open his hand.

Without shooting, she could only bite her lower lip and stare at him bitterly: "of course I know, so what? Am I wrong? Why don't you stay at night? "

With that, Shen Qiao tries hard to push the night Moshen away, but the difference between them is too great. Shen Qiao pushes him for a long time, but he still can't push him away. Finally, he can only stop panting.

Because she had used her strength just now, her white cheek was red now. Because of her emotional anger, her cold eyes were particularly vivid, shining with moving light like the stars reflected in the lake.

Ye Moshen should have been angry, but after she questioned her own words, he suddenly thought of something, and then narrowed his eyes close to her, the voice was dark.

"You are Jealous? "

Shen Qiao Leng for a while, she is jealous?

"Well? Concerned about my staying at night, I heard that you also called Xiao Su and worried about whether something happened to me? "

Shen Qiao doesn't speak, just stubbornly open his eyes to look at him, night Mo Shen's hand, lift her chin, night Mo deep bent down, cold thin lips almost touch her.

"Answer me."

The tone is domineering and autocratic.

Looking at his face close at hand, Shen Qiao can feel that the breath is full of the cold breath of night, which is cold, like the taste of quilt that has been put in the room for a long time in winter.

Shen Qiao shrunk for a while, and finally spoke slowly: "you see through."

A word, let night Mo deep Leng.

Originally he thought that she would deny or quibble.

I didn't expect She confessed.

Shen Qiao in front of his face, a smile, pink lips hook up: "as if I was jealous, so you still want to continue the night not home?"

Night Mo Shen narrowed his eyes dangerously and leaned forward for a few minutes. His nose and forehead were against her. The cold breath covered her. Shen Qiao looked at his distant mountain like eyebrows and eyes, and his heart suddenly began to accelerate.

He really It makes her very excited.

I can't control myself.

In front of him was his strong chest, and she had just taken a bath, so she squeezed in front of his chest without reservation. Because he was close to him, Shen Qiao suddenly licked his lips nervously.

This small, casual action suddenly let the night Mo Shen pupil shrink, and then some impulse almost break out of the body.

"Woman, do you mean it?" He asked in a vicious way, and then when Shen Qiao opened his mouth, he directly lowered his head and grabbed her red lips.


The moment that red lips were seized by him, Shen Qiao didn't restrain himself and gave out a cry.

The tiny exhortation seemed to touch a certain point in the night. The fingers that had been pinched on her chin turned into big palms, clasped the back of her head with some strength, and the kiss became deeper and deeper.

Their lips and tongues meet, and Shen Qiao takes all her breath away. At first, she can react. Later, the whole person turns into a pool of spring water, and her whole body is soft and lying in his arms.

However, Mo Shen didn't let her go. Instead, he caught her and kissed her for a long time. After that, his thin lips all the way down to her neck.

Shen Qiao has been confused, until her nightdress was pulled up, and then a cool body, she suddenly woke up, and then pushed the night Mo Shen away.

“……” Night Mo Shen is intoxicated in his own world when he is suddenly interrupted and frowns in displeasure.

"Want to die?" Her voice was obviously husky.

Shen Qiao quickly finished finishing his clothes, and then pushed him: "the night is not deep, you don't come. Do you think this can make me forget that you don't go home at night?"

"What?" The night Mo deep looks at her thoughtfully: "because I don't return home at night, so you don't come back to revenge me?"

"So what?" Shen Qiao bit her lower lip. The red and swollen lips were bitten by her white teeth. She was particularly eye-catching. "You can do it. I can do it."

“…… You "Listen clearly, what I can do doesn't mean you can do it. Besides me, I don't allow you to associate with other men in the team. Do you hear me?"

Shen Qiao did not answer and looked at him in a funny way.

"And you? I'm not allowed to associate with other men. Do you associate with other women yourself? "

When asked the last question, Shen Qiao felt her heartbeat suffocated for a while, and she was almost ready to answer.Speaking of this, ye Mo Shen's eyes sank a little bit, and then she looked at her eyes became complicated. Then Shen Qiao heard him ask, "do you care if I associate with other women?"

Shen Qiao:

Almost blurted out, Shen Qiao hastily said: "you this is not nonsense?"

With that, Shen Qiao realized what she had admitted just now. Her face changed. She wanted to jump out of the night's body, but she was caught by him.

"It seems that you really care."

"I just said that nonsense!" Shen Qiao explains in a hurry.

Night Mo Shen raised his lips, "what's more, what's more, what's more, it's said to me. There's no chance for you to take it back here!"

Shen Qiao looked at him for a moment. After a moment, her lips moved, and then she asked, "OK, I won't take it back. What about you? Will you stay at night in the future? Will you go out with other women behind my back? "

Listen, night Mo deep frown, seems to be because of her words and unhappy.

"Can it be done?" Shen Qiao asked again.

Even now, she still can't believe that ye Moshen and Han Xueyou have a period, she has been determined that it is just a coincidence!

Night Mo deep thin lips light pursed, suddenly reached out and rubbed her forehead: "who said I don't end up at night is with other women? Did you see it with your own eyes? "

Shen Qiao: No, but what's so important that you don't come back for two days and nights? Can you tell me? "

Night Mo deep narrow eyes, staring at her dangerously.

"You'd better mind my business."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao couldn't help laughing. Her smile was bitter.

"It seems that you just want me to care about you."

With that, she released his hand, and then took the initiative to leave his thigh and stood at a distance from him.

"In that case, what qualifications do you have to ask of me?"