Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 244

He He knew he was pregnant?

Does he suspect that the child has something to do with him? Or will it remind him of the rainy night before?

See her face in an instant become pale, night cold micro frown, voice down a few minutes: "you do not know this matter?"

Shen Qiao shakes his head and subconsciously retreats.

Night Leng Han stretched out half of his hand in the air. After a moment, he pursed his lips and said, "is it mo Shen?"

Without waiting for her answer, ye Lenghan said again: "no, Mo Shen is sitting in a wheelchair. I'm afraid he can't do this kind of thing. Then... " His eyes were sharp and fell on her face.

"No one's!" Shen Qiao scrambled to retort loudly before he opened his mouth.

The night Leng cold face shows the color that does not understand, "Qiao Qiao?"

Shen Qiao shrinks to the corner, embraces his knee, looks in the eyes vigilantly incomparably at the night Leng Han, "this has nothing to do with you!"

Her eyes were alert as if to guard against a thief, which let night Lin cold heart a little bit, he frowned at her: "you so hate me?"

Hearing this, Shen Qiao's heart felt a pang of Deng. Before she responded, the night Leng Han came forward and firmly clasped her wrist: "why? What have I done to hurt you? You want to hate me like this? I've been treating you well ever since you went into the night house, even... "

Shen Qiao wants to take her hand back, but don't look at the way Ye Lin is usually warm and moist like jade. His strength is not covered. She hoops her wrist very tightly. No matter how hard she struggles, she can only breathe: "even what? Cold night, you let go of my hand

"Even I gave you my heart." Night cold eyes heavy looking at her, his expression of pain, "but you so prevent me, hate me, Qiao Qiao, what did I do wrong?"

Shen Qiao is also a little guilty by his painful eyes. Indeed, he has been helping himself for such a long time since she entered the night home, including last time he was humiliated by his mother in the street, and even Lin Jiang, he has solved many things for himself.

But Her relationship with him was so complicated that she didn't want to admit the past.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao lowered her eyes and bit her lower lip forcefully: "let me go."

The night cold tightly grasps her hand, does not want to loosen the trend.

"The night is cold!" Shen Qiao was so angry that his face turned white and scolded him.

Hearing his name from her mouth, ye Linhan's movements on his hands were a little bit loose. After a moment, he was content to smile and let go of her: "if you are willing to call my name often, then I will not treat you like this. I don't want to hear you call me big brother any more. I don't want to hear you call me big brother any more."

Shen Qiao:

Silence for a long time, Shen Qiao from the corner ready to get out of bed.

"I've been out for a long time. I should go back."

"After a night, are you going back?"

Shen Qiao raised his head in astonishment and spent the night?

"When I brought you back to my private house, you had a fever all the time. Later, I had no choice but to send you to the hospital. The doctor said that you had a cold, you had a high fever and you were unconscious. You could only stay here for one night."

At the thought that she did not return home at night, Shen Qiao's face turned white in an instant. She didn't know what ye Moshen would think of her. Thinking of this, she quickly wanted to take her mobile phone, but after looking for it for a long time, she couldn't find the location of her mobile phone.

"Are you looking for this?" Night Leng Han hands her mobile phone up, Shen Qiao quickly takes over, and then subconsciously wants to call ye Moshen.

"If you're looking for Mo Shen, I can tell you frankly that last night, you didn't have a phone call on your cell phone all night."

Shen Qiao's action a meal, looked up at the night in disbelief.

"Disappointed? Or is it heartache? You didn't come back all night, and he didn't have a phone call. "

Shen Qiao:

She looked down at the mobile phone, sure enough, the phone is quiet, not a phone.

The night Leng Han approaches a few minutes, the voice also follows to lower: "you this marriage, actually is the trade marriage, just You've been moved in this marriage, haven't you? "

"No!" Shen Qiao suddenly raised his head and directly denied the view that night was cold.

She just did not move, night Mo deep all ignore her, that she is moved words not let people see joke?

"You deny so fast and so fiercely, and say no, who will believe you?" Cold night a faint smile, but that smile with bitter meaning, "you are deeply moved."

This is a firm statement and does not give Shen Qiao a chance to deny it.

"But have you ever thought that between you It's impossible. " Night Lin Han directly clasped her shoulder this time, staring at him seriously: "you and he are never possible!"

"Let me go!" Shen Qiao whispered.

Night cold did not release his hand, Shen Qiao directly and loudly called to him: "I let you let go of me!"

Night Lenghan gently released his hand, Shen Qiao directly took the mobile phone to jump out of bed.But because of the sequelae of high fever, when I jumped out of bed, I felt dizzy and fell straight forward.


Shen Qiao directly fell on the ground, the night cold face changed, rushed to help her: "Qiao Qiao, is everything ok?"

"You let me go." Shen Qiao pushed his hand away. "I don't care about my affairs. You're just my big brother. Even if ye Moshen doesn't like me, it doesn't matter to you!"

With that, Shen Qiao pushed away the cold night.

Night Lenghan, a big man was pushed straight backward by her, his back hit the cold wall, his face painfully looked at Shen Qiao: "but I don't want to be your big brother at all."

Shen Qiao didn't want to talk to him any more. Instead, she turned around and walked out. Although she was very staggered, she still went out step by step.

Night cold staring at her back for a long time, finally or can not help catching up, sighed.

"I'll take you back."

"No Shen Qiao shook off his hand: "it has nothing to do with you."

"If you hate me saying this, I'll stop talking about it later." Ye Linhan said, directly raised her hand and held her up, regardless of her struggle and pushing, calmly opened his mouth: "you are too weak now, you should have been hospitalized, but if you don't want to, I will send you back now, absolutely will not force you to do anything!"

After that sentence let Shen Qiao calm down some, she looked at the night Leng cold near the side face, suddenly did not speak.

"Be quiet." He sighed helplessly, then left the hospital with Shen Qiao in his arms, opened the door of the parking lot and put her in. All the movements were careful. Then he bent down to tie her seat belt, and then looked up at her.

"Qiao Qiao, remember. I am cold at night, and I will never force you to do anything. No matter when, if necessary, you can ask me to do anything. "