Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 202

"Have you said enough?" Shen Qiao suddenly interrupted their words and took a cold eye, "my business has nothing to do with you?"

"What do you look like? Don't you like you because of the night and the vice president? You've been a colleague for a while, aren't you

"Yes, it's reinstatement? You look like a ghost. Maybe you'll be demoted again soon. After all, yeshao and vice president ye will get married sooner or later, and you can't marry into the night family and be a little grandmother, hum! "

Several people finished and turned away in a huff.

Shen Qiao stood alone in place, looking at the empty place.

Night Leng cold transfer, she did not go, he sent someone to invite, she did not go.

Who knows when ye Moshen returns to her job, she finds someone to move the table directly. She doesn't intend to let her stay here.

These two people are really different in their work.

Finally, Shen Qiao had no choice but to turn out of the Department.

Those who left couldn't help but say, "you wait. She will be kicked out of Yeshi sooner or later."

"It's just that she's useless now. She has the ability to climb up to the position of Yejia's little grandmother. If she doesn't have the ability, she will be eliminated eventually."

Shen Qiao to the roof, came to the familiar place.

This is the place she has been in contact with since she first came to the company, so she is familiar with every inch of it.

It's quiet in the office. It's obvious that night Moshen hasn't come back. A night has passed and he hasn't come back yet.

Shen Qiao sits on the seat, staring at the computer in front of him.

If she could choose, she would rather have no heart.

She couldn't even figure out why she liked the night.

Is it because In the mall, when everyone laughed at her and looked down on her, he held her in one hand and asked who pushed her down. Did he hand over the contract to her in front of everyone?

Or is it that when Lu ordinary wants to eat his own tofu, he doesn't cooperate with each other in a word, and even abandons him later?

Although the time together is not long, but in retrospect, the original has happened so many things.

Is thinking, the elevator suddenly Ding opened, Shen Qiao back to God, see Xiao Su push night Mo Shen out of the elevator.

They did not sleep at one eye, and the blue and sharp color around their eyes was clearly visible.

Shen Qiao pauses for a moment and then stands up.

Night Mo Shen did not seem to expect to see her here, a moment later saw the table in front of her to understand, hook up the lips: "well done."

"Sure enough, you told them to move my things here."

Xiao Su knew that they had something to say. After pushing him to Shen Qiao, he said, "night is short, I'll go to deal with the work first."

Then, without waiting for him to answer, he turned around and went into the elevator again. In an instant, he disappeared.

Looking at this scene, Shen Qiao can only sneer in his heart, running very fast.

"If you don't move your things, will you come up here?" The night Mo deep glances at her, hand rolls the wheel to go toward the office.

Shen Qiao saw this, pursed her red lips, and followed him into the office.

"Then you can't make them carry my things hard, can you? These things originally belong to that department. You have brought these things up, then... "

"You don't have to worry about other things. You just have to be my secretary."

Shen Qiao: "I don't want to be your secretary."

The night Mo Shen returns to the office desk, opens the notebook, the voice is cold a few minutes.

"I'm notifying you, not asking what you mean."

The tyranny and autocracy are too much. Shen Qiao sometimes really hates his appearance.

Don't you think I have to listen to you whatever you say? Whatever it is? "

Night Mo deep languidly lifted his eyes: "I thought, from the moment you married into the Shen family, you have recognized your own destiny."

"Did you leave it at home in the middle of the night?" Shen Qiao suddenly raised a question.

The night Mo deep a Leng, thick eyebrow followed Cu up.

"Say it again?"

"What did you say before you left last night? Let me wait for you to come back. " Shen Qiao's lips are slightly hooked, and her cold eyes are full of bitter smile: "I've been waiting for you all night. Where have you been? There was not a phone call, and now it appeared, I directly and arbitrarily moved my things up. Yes, I did marry into the Shen family instead of my sister, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to let you call the shots. "

She said a little excited. After that, Shen Qiao felt that she had said too much.

What she said seemed to be jealous that he had not come back all night.

It's like a resentful wife.

Sure enough, the night Mo Shen wrung his eyebrows deeper, his narrow eyes slightly narrowed up, "you are blaming me for not returning all night, left you alone?"Shen Qiao took a deep breath and tightly pursed her lips.

"Oh." The night Mo deep low smile, in the eye exudes the evil spirit light to come: "the second marriage daughter, is not lonely?"

He rolled the wheel toward Shen and came, "last night..."

"Don't mention what happened last night!" Shen Qiao suddenly rebukes a voice, see him toward oneself come over, then quickly back a step: "you also don't close to me!"

The night Mo Shen even the person takes the wheelchair movement to all stop to stand in place, staring at her displeasantly.

"What do you want to say?"

Shen Qiao thought for a moment and clasped his fist: "I hope You can let me go. "

She raised her eyes and looked at him firmly: "anyway, we are not really husband and wife. Sooner or later we will get divorced. It is better to regard it as divorce now. I still go back to my department as if nothing happened today or last night."

With that, Shen Qiao turned around and walked outside.


Shen Qiao's step must, look back at him.

"Isn't that all right?"

Mo Shen's eyes fell on her face like an eagle falcon. Her inquiring eyes swept her and said in a gloomy way: "it seems that you are really blaming me for neglecting you last night. I had a very important thing last night."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao began to lose control of his mouth.

"What's important? Can you tell me? "

"Look for someone," Mo said

"Looking for someone? Who are you looking for? " Shen Deji.

Night Mo Shen narrowed his eyes dangerously: "this is not your duty."

Shen Qiao: Yes, I shouldn't ask. When can I ask about your affairs? From today on, don't worry about my business

She was so angry!

Looking at her angry appearance, Mo Shen suddenly thought of something. Her thin lips curled up slightly. Suddenly, she stretched out her hand and pulled Shen Qiao into her arms. Then she pinched her chin and said, "second daughter, are you jealous?"