Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 158

Hearing her say that she is bitchy, the expression on Shen Qiao's face suddenly becomes ugly.

"Xiaoyan, what are you talking about?"

Xiao Yan responded: "yes, yes, I can't say it in front of you."

She giggled and didn't care at all, "what are you doing out there? Is your friend coming to you? "

"Well." Hearing her say the word "friend", Shen Qiao's face looked a little better. She looked down at the bag in her hand and said, "it's something you sent me."

"What?" Xiaoyan took a look at the bag and couldn't help but say, "Lv's latest model this year, wow, you're a good friend. You're so rich. It's so hot."

Shen Qiao has no idea about the brand. She doesn't know how much it is worth. She just looks at Xiao Yan's two eyes and probably knows that it's a valuable bag. She takes a look at it and says, "if it's so expensive, I'd better give it back to her sometime."

"Why pay it back?" Xiao Yan glanced at her, and suddenly said, "suddenly I sent you such a valuable thing. Did she do something sorry for you?"

Listen to words, Shen Qiao heart a burst of cluttering, did not expect Xiaoyan unexpectedly with her before the idea ran into.

Although those words are just her casual remarks.

Before that, Han Xueyou and she were very close, but they never said that they had always given each other things. Han Xueyou would not buy all kinds of expensive gifts for her. Now it is the first time to send such a valuable gift.

"You talk nonsense again Shen Qiao pulled up her face and was really angry.

Xiao Yan quickly made amends with a smile: "I'm sorry, I'm just joking. Don't be so angry."

Shen Qiao is really angry, turn around and go, Xiaoyan quickly catch up with him, "Qiao Qiao, don't be angry with me, I really just want to make fun of it, I have no malice."

Walking, Shen Qiao's step suddenly stopped.

Because she suddenly saw a familiar figure standing at the door of the company, prying into the company, but was stopped by the security guard and could not enter.

But Shen Qiao is very familiar with that figure. Shen Qiao hasn't seen her for a long time, Shen mother!

Shen Qiao's expression suddenly becomes complicated, she stands in place and looks at her.

Didn't she get out of the Shen family? Why do you come to the company to find her now?

Because Feel sorry for her, so come to her to apologize? Or, because she hasn't been home for a long time, Shen's mother misses herself.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao felt better.

Is thinking, the man turned back, just with the line of sight of Shen Qiao on.

Then, Shen's mother put up a smile on her face and soon came to Shen Qiao.

"Xiao Yan, I met an acquaintance, you go first." Before Shen's mother came over, Shen Qiao handed the bag to Xiaoyan and asked her to take it in for herself. Xiaoyan saw that her face was not right, so she left ahead of time.

Shen's mother soon arrived in front of Shen Qiao with a smile on her face.

"Qiao Qiao, you really work here. People in your company are not allowed to enter."

Shen Qiao's voice was dumb and could not make a sound. She just looked at her in a daze.

Shen's mother felt guilty when she looked at her eyes. Unconsciously, she did not open her eyes. She coughed softly: "that Let's find a place to sit down. "

The coffee shop nearby

because it is an elite business district and near Yeshi group, which is the leader of the North group, even the coffee shops nearby are very high-end. When Mrs. Shen first went into such a coffee shop and sat in it enjoying the cool air conditioning and the feel of a real leather sofa, she couldn't help sighing.

"Is this the life of the rich?"

Shen Qiao didn't speak. She just took a deep breath and took a sip of coffee.

I hope I can moisten my dry throat.

After a moment, Shen's mother went on: "Qiao Qiao, you're enjoying your happiness now. Do you come to such a cafe every day for coffee?"

How could Shen Qiao come here? Before she could answer, Shen's mother went on: "you have a good life, and your mother is happy too."

A choking throat, Shen Qiao is speechless.

Originally, she had been pampered since childhood, so she always tried to do everything well. She hoped that her mother could praise her more. This time, she got the kindness of Shen's mother. Shen Qiao's mood suddenly began to lose.

But before she could fully reveal these feelings, Shen's mother gave her a look of embarrassment, and then she said in a low voice, "I thought that marrying you into the night house was harmful to you, but now I have made you a success. Can you give mom some money

Shen Qiaogang's mood is so stuck that she stares at the person in front of her.

Shen's mother coughed softly, "I'm going to change your sister to a good school and let her learn more, but there's no more to support at home, so I hope you..."

"So that's what you're here for today?" Shen Qiao finally opened her mouth, but her voice was very dry and hoarse, and her voice was shaking."Qiao Qiao, don't blame your mother for saying these things. You can see that you are all in good luck now. What's wrong with you? Originally, this marriage is your sister's, and these blessings should be your sister Heng's, but now these are all given to you. You have married so well. What's wrong with helping your sister? "

For fear that she would refuse, Shen's mother began to talk about her.

"I thought Last time I was away so long, you really came to see me this time Shen Qiao murmured, her eyes some red: "do you think I married to the night home is really very happy? What you see today, you think it's all I enjoy, right? Have you ever thought about whether I'm well fed or not? Have you ever asked me about these? "

"How could you have a bad life if you could get married to your first night home in Beicheng? Shen Qiao, you are rich now. Do you want to leave us alone? "

"The first night home in Beicheng." Shen Qiao low smile voice, the voice is full of self mockery: "really is the first night home, if really so good, why let me marry?"

Speaking of this, Shen Qiao raised her eyes and fixed her eyes on Shen's mother. "Can you tell me if the night home is really so good, why don't you let Shen Yue marry?"

Suddenly, Shen's mother couldn't speak and looked at Shen Qiao awkwardly.

"Qiao Qiao, mom doesn't mean that. Mom didn't really think so much about it before. If you blame your mother, would you like to apologize to you? It's just

Before she finished, she was interrupted by Shen Qiao.

"It's also your daughter. Just because I was divorced, you asked me to take her place to marry at night. At that time Is it really good for me that my mother thinks in her heart, instead of asking me to block the disaster for Shen Yue? "