Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 156

Night cold looking at Shen Qiao, eyes with a gentle and stirring smile, can not help but for her silent place a praise.

It seems that the girl is not as helpless as he imagined.

He said at the right time: "Director Su, you said that she was incompetent, but you didn't even have a chance to explain to her. If I was as rash as you, how about your ability?"

Xu Liao body began to shiver up, night vice president all spoke, how should he do?

Don't look deep into the night.

Night Mo deep cold looking at Shen Qiao, she is still there to print information, step by step, calm and calm.

Ye Moshen's eyes unconsciously aimed at ye Linhan. Seeing a smile, he looked at the woman coldly. A fire rose in his heart, and then he sneered: "on the first day of demotion, he was clever, but he had a chance to explain, but he still argued. Does it take time to print materials? Five minutes have been lost because of your fault. "

"Mo Shen, this is also an emergency. You just

Don't worry about these words. They are interrupted directly by the night.

"Deduct the first quarter bonus."

Night Mo Shen's cold and heartless eyes fall on Shen Qiao and Xu Liao.

"Ye Shi, who doesn't need to play tricks and play tricks in front of me, will kick Yeshi directly next time."

In the face of Mo's cold eyes, Xu Liao's waist can't stand up, and his threatening words make him sweat all over the body.

Since Shen Qiao married him, he has always had this attitude. Now she is almost used to it. Therefore, compared with Xu Liao's pale face, she seems more calm.

When she spoke, she had already printed out the information and put it into a folder and sent it to everyone one by one.

"Now what I have sent to you is the project information I have sorted out. Please have a look at it."

Although Shen Qiao doesn't understand why the most common employee position can still manage such important information, but She is not qualified to ask questions!

Perhaps, this is the night Mo Shen deliberately set a ridge, deliberately to embarrass her!

As a result, the meeting was interrupted for more than ten minutes. Shen Qiao seemed to be used to the previous things. After finishing the information, she made coffee for everyone, and the whole process was very handy.

When the meeting was over and everyone was gradually dispersed, Shen Qiao was not in a hurry to leave.

Xu Liao lowered his voice and said, "you come out with me!"

Shen Qiao didn't speak. She looked at the man in the wheelchair.

Although she was demoted, she still wanted to explain to him that what she said that day was really unintentional!

"New comer, do you hear me?" Xu Liao's threatening voice rings behind his ears. Shen Qiao reacts to find that he is very close. He moves a few steps aside in disgust: "supervisor, you leave first. I have something else to do."

"What do you want? Stay and sue me? "

Listen to words, Shen Qiao helpless: "I won't do such a tasteless thing, I stay just for private affairs."

Private affairs? Xu Liao gritted his teeth: "you are not allowed to talk about personal matters during working hours. You are a member of my department and must listen to me."

After that, he grabbed Shen Qiao's hand and grasped her arm. He found her arm's skin was delicate and soft like a baby. He was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes glanced at her unconsciously.

"Let me go!" Shen Qiao shook off his hand, and Xu Liao was touched by the tenderness just now. Now he coughed softly: "all right, I'll wait for you outside. Please hurry up."

After that, Xu Liao left.

Shen Qiao and others are almost gone, and then walk toward the night Mo Shen.

"That What happened yesterday... " Shen Qiao spoke in a low voice.

The mobile phone of night Mo deep however rings at this time, he facial expression is indifferent ground ground ground answers, "what matter?"

Shen Qiao saw him answer the phone, to the lip of words had to stop.

Then she saw him nod should sound good, hang up the phone later to Xiao Su way: "go."

Xiao Su looks at Shen Qiao awkwardly, winks at her, and then pushes the night Mo Shen to leave.

From the beginning to the end, he did not look at her again.

Shen Qiao, who talks to him, is just like a clown.

Completely ignored.

Shen Qiao stands in the same place, hands silently tighten, loosen, and grip, and then release Hold on.

"Sister in law."

A gentle voice sounded behind him. Shen Qiao looked back and saw the cold night.

He hasn't left yet?

Shen Qiao, who has been paying close attention to the night, has not found the existence of night cold.

Night Leng Han naturally saw the surprise in her eyes, probably guessed what she thought in her heart and couldn't help but smile bitterly: "in your eyes, I don't have a sense of existence?"

"I'm sorry, brother. I have something else to do. I'll go first." Finish saying, Shen Qiao directly pack things, and then left the office.When she left, she could feel that there was a way behind her and her eyes were following her all the time. Shen Qiao's heart was so complicated that she could only get rid of those messy thoughts and not think about it.

After returning to the Department, she saw Cui Minli and Gao Yun's sad eyes as soon as she entered the door.

Obviously, there was no schadenfreude when she left. It seemed that they were disappointed that their purpose had not been achieved.

Shen Qiao calmly walked back to her seat. When she was ready to sit down, she found that her seat had been splashed with water.

"I'm really worthy of being a woman who can climb into the president's bed. I'm really deep in my mind. I pretended to give us a chance to go to the bathroom, but I actually backed up everything in the USB flash disk."

"Yes! I don't know how simple you are

"You mean it! Is that right? "

Shen Qiao took out the paper towel and calmly sucked the water from the seat and then sat down. Then he said slowly, "I'll plug the USB flash disk into the computer. You can't see it. If you don't do everything, blame me?"

"You Gao Yun a listen, facial expression big change, want to come forward, make a gesture to hit her.

Cui Minli quickly reached out to stop her: "Gao Yun, don't be impulsive. The last time Sister Rose fought with her, she didn't pick up good fruit to eat. We still don't want to be a bird in the first place!"

Gao Yun held back his temper and said in a cold voice, "there is a long way to go. As long as you stay in this department for a day, I won't let you have a good time!"

Shen Qiao raised her lips and said, "OK, wait and see."


They shook their heads and left.

At lunch, Xiaoyan came to the Department directly to find her. Shen Qiao was still a little strange: "didn't you tell me to stay away from you? How... "

Xiaoyan blinked, "I said casually, you really believe it? Aren't we friends? How can I really keep you away from me? Let's go and eat. "

With that, Xiaoyan directly went forward and took her arm, pulling her to the direction of the canteen, regardless of other people's eyes.

Shen Qiao was stunned. At this moment Her heart is warm.