Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 153

Xiao Yan looked at her for a while, then faltered and stammered.

"Then you are demoted. What will you do in the future?"

What to do? What can Shen Qiao do?

"Do I have a choice?" She laughed bitterly.

Xiao Yan nodded: "of course there is."

Shen Qiao raised her eyebrows.

Xiao Yan snorted: "you can choose to be a cleaner or an ordinary employee. I think Night is not bad, at least it gives you a choice. "

Shen Qiao:

She thinks Xiaoyan can make the best bad friend series.

"I'm serious. I think you'd better go to work as a cleaner. Although it's hard, it's not so much cheating. If you go to work with ordinary employees, those women can eat you

Without Xiaoyan, Shen Qiao can feel it.

When she was an assistant, there were people who dared to attack her, not to mention she was demoted.

Feel the future is rough, Shen Qiao helplessly closed his eyes.

"But don't be too pessimistic. Maybe people will not hate you after they know you? He hee hee hee. "

If you can choose, Shen Qiao must choose to leave.

But no way, according to Xiao Su said, she still owes the company's salary and bonus.

Finally, Shen Qiao thought about it and chose to work with ordinary employees.

Xiaoyan can't help jumping after knowing: "what's the matter with you? Didn't I say you go there and they can eat you? Are you going to deliver it yourself? "

"You're right, but everyone knows about my demotion. Even if I go to work as a cleaner, do you think everyone will let me go? I'm sure I'll find a way to deal with me. Instead, I'd better fight them head on. "

After hearing this, Xiaoyan looked at her for a long time, and suddenly applauded for her: "I didn't expect that you are so brave. We will treat us as strangers in front of others! Don't bother me

Shen Qiao smile: "good."

She's used to it.

Ye Moshen also said that she was just a subordinate in front of people, and she was not his wife after people.

So after Xiaoyan said this, Shen Qiao thought it was natural. Who would like a person in trouble?

After that, Shen Qiao packed up her things and went to report it. As expected, when she just went, the supervisor gave her a bully.

She casually took her to a desk: "this is where you work from now on. New comers need to know the rules. What the seniors want you to do is to serve more snacks. Do you know?"

After hearing this, Shen Qiao thought that the supervisor was not so bad, but Just be strict.

Shen Qiao nodded.

As soon as the supervisor left, a group of people sitting next to her immediately and loudly talked about her.

"Now everyone dares to enter the company, thinking that he can be an assistant to the president. Now he has been demoted to such a low level."

"I heard that the president reduced her to one of cleaners and ordinary employees, and she chose ordinary employees."

"Really, it's the most suitable appearance to be a cleaner like her. What are you doing here? This kind of bed climbing woman can't do anything except bed skills. It's best to be a cleaner. "

"Hello, new comer, don't you want to be shameless? We have no shortage of people here. Can't you be a cleaner? "

Someone yelled at Shen Qiao's back.

Shen Qiao decided not to argue with them, so he didn't pay any attention.

Who knows that the person saw her did not reply, actually directly came to her a pinch of hair: "talk to you, ignore, you have no manners?"

Shen Qiao was in pain, so she stood up and looked at each other coldly.

"When did you speak to me? Did you say hello to me? Naturally, I have such things as politeness, but I think you can improve your quality and don't touch other people

People thought she looked like a bully, but she stood up to fight back.

"What are you talking about? You're a new comer. How dare you say that to me? Are you aware of your own situation? Do you dare to contradict us when you are here? Do you want to die? "

Shen Qiao gave everyone a cold look.

The crowd continued to blame her.

"Yes, if you don't want to die, you'd better follow us. After all, we've seen a lot of women like you who want to climb high branches, and we've cleaned up a lot."

"Haha, if you know you're wrong, go outside and bring a cup of coffee and cake to everyone in our office right now. We may not be so embarrassed for you for the sake of this."

Oh, spend money to buy things for those who dislike themselves and embarrass themselves.

Do they think they've been kicked in the head by a donkey?

Shen Qiao snorted coldly and sat back to his seat without talking to them again.She turned on the computer.

"You, what do you mean? How can you ignore us? "

"I'm sorry that you are neither my immediate supervisor nor your personal assistant. You have no right to ask me to do anything for you."

The computer boot is a little slow, Shen Qiao entered the anti-virus system, the computer to the physical examination again.

The people next to him gloated: "Tut, good, we can't give you a number, can we? Is the supervisor qualified? You wait

Shen Qiao ignored them and continued to play with his computer.

She knew that all these people wanted to eat her, but she also knew that even if she bought something for everyone, people would only laugh at her more.

So, she's going to stick with it. There's nothing to flinch and bribe.

Now that we have arrived here, we can only fight against it.

After a while, the supervisor called her to the office and handed her several files.

"The information in this is for the meeting to be held later. After an hour, you can sort it out within an hour."

After listening to this, Shen Qiao took a look at it and frowned slightly: "supervisor, is it difficult to sort out this one hour?"

The director raised his eyes and glanced at her: "is it difficult? As an assistant to the president, you shouldn't be able to sort out the information, should you? Do you really have no ability, as they say? "

Shen Qiao: No, I'll sort it out. "

Finish saying that, Shen Qiao took the folder to withdraw from the office.

Several women gathered around her table and looked at her with glee.

"Didn't she say that we couldn't manipulate her? Are you called to work by your supervisor now? With so much information, I think how she can sort out all the information before the meeting starts. If not, can we drive her out of this department? After all, Yeshi never raises useless people

Shen Qiao ignored these rumors, but sat in front of the computer, carefully opened the folder, and then carefully sorted out.