Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 152

But the room is empty, there is no deep night figure.

Shen Qiao did not give up, and ran to the study to find.

As a result, she didn't see yemoshen in the study. Shen Qiao didn't know where he had gone. Maybe it was because she said those words. She felt guilty in her heart and always felt that yemoshen was fading out of her world.

Or maybe she never got into his world.

At last, Shen Qiao washed herself and changed her clothes to go to the company.

When I passed downstairs, I met the old man who wanted to go out.

I haven't met him for a long time. The old man seems very busy recently.

When he saw Shen Qiao, his gloomy eyes turned and asked directly, "Shen Yue, what have you done with what your grandfather asked you to do last time?"

Shen Qiao was very upset. At first, he didn't think of what he was asking. After a while, he remembered that the old man asked about ye Lenghan and Han Xueyou.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao quickly explained: "master, I mentioned it to Xueyou, but It seems that she already has a boyfriend, so... "

The old man of the night narrowed his eyes when he heard the speech, as if he were investigating the true and false elements of her words. Shen Qiao was staring at her scalp with his severe eyes, and could not help but lower his head and bit his lower lip.


A gentle voice itself sounded, is the voice of cold night.

"Didn't you have an appointment with grandfather Zhong to do Tai Chi? If you don't go out later, grandfather Zhong will make fun of you for being late

The old man took a complex look at ye Lenghan, and finally withdrew his gaze: "that line, Shen Yue, grandfather will look for you another day."

"Take your time, old man."

After the night old man left, Shen Qiao found that he had a thin cold sweat on his back under his strict sight.

No way, his eyes are too sharp, and in the face of him, Shen Qiao is always afraid of being found.

Night Leng Han came forward, "are you ok?"

Cold night

Shen Qiao hasn't adjusted her mood to face him. When she hears his voice, she drops her eyes, stares at her toes and turns around to leave.

"Brother and sister!" Night Leng Han saw her turn around and left, even to say hello to himself, the tone was stained with a touch of anxiety to stop her.

Shen Qiao's step is a meal.

Cold night voice with helpless: "you are hiding from me?"

Shen Qiao:

She just didn't think how to face him, this matter It's too complicated.

Now she only felt that the master had put her on the chessboard of fate. Maybe She was destined to be the one to sacrifice.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao closed his eyes, whispered back a no, and then continued to move forward.

Who knows the night Leng Han actually came forward to block her way.

"If you don't hide from me, why don't you even have the courage to look up at me?"

Shen Qiao in the heart way: please leave quickly, I now really don't know with what mood to face you!

On weekdays, the warm night is chilly, but at this moment, it seems that I am not willing to give up: "did I do something wrong? Is it boring you? Or... "

"No!" Shen Qiao suddenly raised his head and interrupted: "brother, don't think about it. It's my own problem! I have to rush to the company. Excuse me first. "

Words fall, Shen Qiao directly over him to leave.

Night Leng cold side head, see that wipe thin and petite figure, walk fast.

I think he's a monster.

Staring at her back until it disappears, the night Leng cold suddenly returns to his mind. Recently, I seem to have paid too much attention to her

But why is she hiding from him? What is her own problem?


when Shen Qiao arrived at the company, she was already late, but she did not have time to investigate the problem, so she went directly to the office to find ye Moshen.

Just ready to walk in when was stopped by Xiao su.

"Assistant Shen, you can't go in."

Shen Qiao's face pale: "I have something to say with night Mo Shen."

Xiao Su: "night little command, you can't go in and out of his office at will, don't make me embarrassed."

Shen Qiao:

I didn't expect that unintentional words could lead to such a big anger.

"And, from today on, you're no longer a night assistant."

"What?" Shen Qiao's eyes widened and he couldn't believe it and asked, "what does this mean?"

Although a little cruel, but Xiao Su or to tell the truth: "you were night Shao demoted."

Down, down

Shen Qiao couldn't help swallowing saliva, and her pink lip opened. After a moment, she asked helplessly, "what will I do in the future?"

"Qing, cleaner."

Cleaner? Shen Qiao's face turned pale in an instant.What kind of demotion is this? It's almost like driving her out of Yeshi? Let her a girl who works as an assistant suddenly works as a cleaner. What does the whole company think of her?

"Or you can go to the bottom of the ordinary staff position, but there are so many people there."

In other words, there are not so many cleaners, but they are very hard.

The position of ordinary staff is not so hard, but there are many people with mixed eyes. Moreover, she is demoted and will certainly be bullied.

Shen Qiao drooped his eyes and gave out a laugh of self mockery: "why didn't he just fire him?"

Xiao Su said solemnly: "Ye Shao also wants to fire you directly, but Miss Shen, don't forget that you still owe the salary of the company, so you have to stay to fill the time."

Shen Qiao: He's very careful. I see. "

Now I want to explain to him. I don't think he can hear a word.

It was also at this time that Shen Qiao felt that ye Moshen was really angry with himself, because he would never have done this before, but now he has directly demoted her.

This shows that he announced to the company that even if he had any relationship with Shen Qiao, he would not count them.

She's Shen Qiao, no one can bully her.

"Shen Miss Shen. " Xiao Su saw her turn around lonely and couldn't help but stop her: "you really said too much this time. The night is too little The most taboo is that other people say that

"I know." Shen Qiao nodded: "I was also in a hurry at that time. He didn't listen to me when I explained to him, but now it seems useless. I will go to work, I will go to clean up my things first."

With that, Shen Qiao went directly back to his post to pack up his things.

Xiao Su sighs at the side, clearly is a couple of husband and wife, how does the result just make this appearance? The emotion between men and women is really strange

Xiao Su didn't understand.

When Shen Qiao has lunch with Xiaoyan about his demotion, Xiaoyan almost blew up.

"How could it be? Don't Ye Shao love you very much? How can I be demoted suddenly? I don't believe it! Are you kidding me

Shen Qiao's lips were full of bitter smile and poked the rice grains in the bowl to eat unintentionally: "do you think I'm joking?"