Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 151

Shen Qiao continues to nod in confusion.

After that, she seemed to find out what was wrong with the two questions.

Then the eyes also slowly clear come over, see clearly in front of the night deep appearance.

He just What did you ask?

Ye Moshen got two satisfactory answers. Although he didn't want to admit it, he was in a very happy mood at the moment. His thin lips were in a good-looking curve, "second married girl, you are moved."

Shen Qiao suddenly widens his eyes and pushes him away.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

Night Mo Shen was pushed, the body fell back to the wheelchair seat.

"Oh, nonsense? Second married girl, feelings can not be hidden, you just like me

Shen Qiao covered his ears, his face angrily toward the night Mo deep roar: "I just don't like you, you don't humiliate you, how can I like you?"

Night Mo deep purses lip: "is it? Who admitted to liking me just now

Shen Qiao: "you took advantage of others' danger!"

"Am I taking advantage of other people's danger, or you can't control your heart at all, or..."

"Stop talking!" Shen Qiao was worried and said, "how could I possibly like you, a disabled person?"

He had a narrow smile in the corner of his mouth at night. After hearing this, his face suddenly changed. There was a dark current in his dark eyes, such as a sudden storm wave on the sea, which could even roll up dozens of meters at the maximum.

Shen Qiao also felt that the surrounding temperature dropped together.

She just reflected what she had just said in a hurry.

"That What I said just now is not... "


Night is not deep, eyes such as deep ink, the dark inside is too thick to turn.

He was staring at her.

"So you think the same as they do."

Shen Qiao bit her lower lip and shook her head.

She didn't! She didn't want to attack him!

Even when others said that he was disabled, she tried her best to defend him. How could she attack him as a disabled person? But He was in a wheelchair with a broken leg.

It was a pain in his heart, but she had said that just now.

"Ah, second daughter, that's why you've been reluctant to let me touch you?"

"No!" Shen Qiao is also flustered. She unintentionally hurt people's pain. She is also very sorry now. She anxiously wants to explain to ye Moshen: "can you listen to my explanation? I was just a little bit over anxious just now, that's why I can't choose what to say

"It's true." The night Mo Shen firmly said, his smile with the color of self mockery: "Shen family want you to replace your sister to marry, wronged you? After all, you'll be ruined for the rest of your life if you marry me, a paraplegic. That's why you are anxious to be with your elder brother and seek future happiness for yourself? "

Shen Qiao shakes her head, she has already been anxious: "night is not deep, you don't say so, I really never thought so."

Night Mo Shen continues to sneer, it is obvious that he did not listen to Shen Qiao's words.

From Shen Qiao's sentence, how can I possibly like you as a disabled person, his view on Shen Qiao has obviously changed.

On weekdays, those women always despise him in their hearts because he is in a wheelchair. Although they all want to get close to him on the surface, they are obviously for the sake of the night home industry, and their disgust can not be concealed at all.

But Shen Qiao, who was able to quarrel or even fight with each other because others said he was disabled, suddenly felt that Maybe she's different.

Unexpectedly, she said it herself today.

My heart is a little stuffy. I don't think the air in this ward is very good.

He rolled the wheel indifferently and left the ward.

The voice of the woman's voice came from behind, which was very tense.

"The night is not deep, you come back, you listen to me explain, I just those words are really unintentional!"

No intention?

Oh, even if it is unintentional.

That's what she thinks in her heart.

Otherwise, how can you blurt it out?

Night Mo Shen's figure determined, and soon left the ward, the ward only left Shen Qiao a person anxious gasping, she called night Mo Shen's name for a long time, he did not pay attention to her.

Shen Qiao lowered her eyes and looked at the white sheets in a daze.

She regretted it.

She shouldn't have said that on impulse, but she didn't know what was going on at that time. Seeing Yemo Shen's bad smile, she felt that he was going to humiliate her again.

If he could see his mind, he would catch her and laugh at her.

Shen Qiao doesn't want to be ridiculed by him, so I said it impulsively.

Yes, Shen Qiao still can't control his heart.

For so many years, night Moshen is Shen Qiao's first heart throb.Although she used to like Lin Jiang, she thought that Lin Jiang was good in all aspects at that time, and she should be a husband who cared for his family, so she agreed to get married.

After that, she felt that she had a little friction with Lin Jiang when she got divorced.

But since she married to the night home, ye Moshen has done a lot of things for her, let her not be bullied by others, for her tit for tat.

Although she knew that he did it Just to save his face, but She still couldn't control herself to move other thoughts.

Shen Qiao lies back in the quilt, tears fall from the corner of his eyes in despair.

But she should not be qualified to be with him.

She was a divorced woman with other men's children in her stomach.

She is so dirty that Shen Qiao dislikes her.

But why can't she control her heart?

All night, yemoshen didn't show up again. Even the next day, she was the only one in the empty ward. Shen Qiao's face and lips were very pale. The doctor came to check her and asked her family members.

Shen Qiao did not speak.

The doctor had to call.

After a while, Xiaoyan came.

"What's the matter? When I left last night, you were not all right. How could you suddenly... " Xiao Yan was scared to see her face as pale as paper. "You're not serious again, are you?"

"I'm fine." Shen Qiao shook his head: "can I be discharged today? I don't like being in the hospital. "

It was pale everywhere, and there was no one to accompany her.

Let her have a very desolate feeling.

More importantly, she wants to find Yemo Shen to explain what she said last night.

"Xiao Yan, would you accompany me to go through the discharge procedures?"

"But your body..." Xiao Yan asked anxiously, "are you really OK?"

"If I have a question, I'll say Don't worry. "

"Then - all right." Xiao Yan was stubborn but she accompanied her to go through the discharge procedures, and then they separated.

Shen Qiao went back to the night home directly. Ye Moshen should not have gone to the company at this time point. As long as she can find him, she can explain what happened yesterday.