Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 150

Holding her and leaving the company

Shen Qiao good-looking show eyebrow twist up, night Mo deep send her to the company?

These days, the atmosphere between her and him can be said to be very terrible, he looked at his eyes are full of disgust, will he send himself to the hospital?

Shen Qiao doesn't speak, but she seems to be bitten by something in her heart.

The heart is numb.

Shen Qiao closes her eyes in despair. She seems to be losing control of her heart.

"What's the matter?" Xiaoyan see her face and bad, also do not speak, think she is uncomfortable or something.

Shen Qiao shook his head and whispered, "I'm ok. What about others?"

"Let's go." Xiao Yan held her cheek in her hand, and her voice was soft: "after he sent you to the hospital, the doctor said that I was OK. He left me here to look after you and left."

"Well, thank you today."

"Thank you. Do you think I'm trying to help you? It's not, okay? I want to be able to get closer to see the elegant demeanor and heroic posture of the night Xiao Yan said and began to recall: "do you know how handsome you looked when you took over from me at night? At that moment, I felt like I saw the hero of the idol drama, Shen Qiao, you really stepped on the dog excrement luck, only then can be looked at by the night little. Otherwise, you have such a figure and appearance, ah, where can you match me half a point? "

Shen Qiao:

She said that ye Mo Shen took himself from her arms?

"But you should be honest. What's the relationship between you and yeshao? Why is he so nervous about you? If it's just a lover, there's no reason for that, right? "

Nervous about her?

"You may be wrong. I have nothing special to do with Ye Shao, just ordinary superiors and subordinates."

"Yes, I don't believe it! The way he looks at you is obviously full of possessiveness. I'm not sure he just likes you! "

In a word, in Shen Qiao's heart set off a storm.

Hi, like her?

No way!

Shen Qiao felt her heart beating faster, and Xiaoyan was still there saying to herself: "you will be the president's wife. Don't forget that I saved you today. Remember to give me a promotion and a salary..."


Xiaoyan stayed in the hospital to take care of her until the evening. When Shen Qiao felt that she had nothing to do, she wanted to leave the hospital.

Xiao Yan pressed her: "you can't leave the hospital. Your body is too weak."

Shen Qiao micro frowned: "it should be ok now, it's not a big problem, which has been hospitalized?"

"Anyway, I can't. yeshao told me to take good care of you. You are not allowed to leave until he comes back."

Shen Qiao gets up and wants to go to the ground when the door of the ward is pushed open.

The cold face of the night Mo Shen appeared in the ward.

"Little night!" As soon as Xiao Yan saw him, she jumped up as if she saw a savior. She pointed to Shen Qiao and said, "Shen Qiao wants to leave the hospital, but I didn't agree. I tried my best to stop it!"

Shen Qiao:

The night Mo Shen's cold eyes looked at her, sharp and deep.

"Want to leave hospital?"

Shen Qiao had a good meal.

Night Mo deep thin lips once again light open: "dream."

Shen Qiao: "but I don't think I'm in a big way. Can I go home and have a rest?"

The night Mo deep does not say, follow behind him Xiao Su smilingly to beckon to small Yan: "today hard you, you go back to rest early."

Xiao Yan gave a cry, but she couldn't give up looking at the night, sobbing It's really handsome. She still wants to stay and watch for a while ~

maybe her eyes are too fanatical. Ye Mo's deep eyes scan her direction. With the smell of warning, Xiaoyan feels pressure and immediately says, "I know, I'll leave immediately."

"Shen Qiao, you wait for me to see you tomorrow!"

With that, Xiao Yan disappeared.

Shen Qiao wants to laugh a little. She wanted to stay just now, but now she's gone. I have to say Xiaoyan's character It's really quite to her appetite. She is quite straightforward. Although she speaks directly and sometimes pricks her heart, it shows that she doesn't pretend to say anything.

This friend is very good.

Xiao Su coughed softly: "I'll send her off."

Then he turned and left the ward, too.

So there are only two people left in the ward, night deep and Shen Qiao.

The silence of the atmosphere is a little awkward. Shen Qiao looks at him, but ye Moshen obviously doesn't want to see her any more. Instead, he pushes his wheelchair to the table beside him, where there is a briefcase left by Xiao su.

Slender fingers took out the notebook and information, and then night deep began to work in the quiet ward.

Shen Qiao lying on the bed:.... "

Is he here to work?

How long do you work? Shen Qiao thought while staring at his back in a daze.

Looking at it, Shen Qiao thought of the cold night.Her hand caresses her abdomen unconsciously --

Xueyou is such a good friend that she won't cheat her.

If the child is really cold at night, what will she do in the future?

"If you don't feel well, close your eyes and have a rest."

Unexpectedly, the voice of night Mo Shen rang up, Shen Qiao found that night Mo Shen was staring at her fiercely.

Shen Qiao on his eyes, pause for a moment, she said: "you go back."

Listen to words, the night Mo deep's eyes suddenly narrowed dangerously.

"It's not suitable for you to work here." Shen Qiao explained.

In fact, she doesn't want to see the night deep for the time being. She is in a mess now.

However, night Mo Shen is a sneer: "used to see other men's faces, now even do not want to see me?"

Shen Qiao's face changed greatly.

He started again!

"Shen Qiao, do you believe that I can find out the man and punish him now?"

"You misunderstood me!" Shen Qiao bit his lower lip and explained to him, "I just don't think it's suitable for you to work here."

"Is it?" Night Mo Shen put down the things in his hand, and then rolled the wheelchair toward her, saw the situation, Shen Qiao subconsciously shrunk for a while.

Is he going to start declaring sovereignty over her again?

Night Mo Shen soon came to Shen Qiao's face, and her slender fingers directly pinched her chin, and bent his head to grab her lips.

Shen Qiao's eyes widened.

This kiss came without warning, Shen Qiao went back to the shell teeth and was forced to pry open by night Mo Shen. The soft tip of the tongue poked in and entangled her.

Shen Qiao's lips are dry, but the night's lips are moist and cold. He kisses her hard on the back of her head, and the domineering masculine air envelops Shen Qiao's petite figure.

Shen Qiao was forced to raise her head and be kissed by him. Her long white neck was more slender. Her eyes were closed and her eyelashes trembled slightly. It was clearly that she was moved.

Night Mo Shen suddenly back to his lips and tongues, but the body is not in a hurry to open, thin lips with her lips, voice hoarse asked.

"Do you like the way I kiss you?"

Shen Qiao nodded in a confused and confused way.

At night, Mo's dark eyes showed a pleasant color. His thin lips slightly lifted up and his big hands touched every part of her body.

"What about me? Do you like me