Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 14

"I don't have to buy the medicine. I just can stay out of the drugstore." Shen Qiao made a sound in time to stop.

The night old man's smart eyes stare at her, Shen Qiao is in his heart to see hair, subconsciously bite the lower lip.

"The nasal sounds are so heavy. How can I take medicine only?" However, the old man sighed and waved to her, indicating that she was closer.

Shen Qiao walked forward a few steps, and then stopped rigidly.

"Remember to buy your own medicine. If you take the medicine better, you should go to the company to see Mo Shen."

Shen Qiao nodded: "I know the old man."

"Well." The old man nodded with satisfaction, "go."

After leaving the night home, Shen Qiao called Han Xueyou. Han Xueyou came very fast and arrived in 20 minutes.

After getting on the bus, Han Xueyou asked, "have you thought about it? Do you want to abort? "

Shen Qiao didn't speak and tied her seat belt in silence.

"Why don't you talk?"

Han Xueyou turned her head and looked at Shen Qiao. Seeing her sitting there without expression, she frowned and said, "what's the matter with you? Didn't you think about it last night? You don't want to keep the child? "

Hearing this, Shen Qiao put out his hand to cover his abdomen, "but this is also a life. If you beat it directly, is it too cruel?"

"Ha, Shen Qiao, are you kidding me? When your parents asked you to marry a disabled person instead of Shen Yue, they were not cruel? Isn't it cruel for your ex husband to raise a third child on your back and drive you out of the house? If you leave this child, the night home will not be able to accommodate you. When you go back to your mother's house, will your parents still want you? "

Han Xueyou's words simply mention the pot top, Shen Qiao suddenly raised his head and looked at the front.

"Listen to me, knock out the children. Now night home is your only dependence. In addition, this child is of unknown origin. Who knows what kind of virtue he will be born in the future? "

Speaking of this, Han Xueyou Zhi takes over Shen Qiao's decision.

"As a good friend of yours, I can only say that. You can figure out the rest."

Shen can't remember what he said last night.

So She's still going to get rid of the baby?

If you want to stay at night.

If she left the night home, but Shen family she can not go back.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao closed his eyes painfully: "let's go."

"Have you decided? I'll take you to the hospital Han Xueyou turned her direction and said: "if you say that this child belongs to your lover, you certainly don't object if you want to raise me, but it's just a stranger's, and I don't know whether it's a blessing or a curse to keep it. The best way is to kill it."

Next, they went to the hospital speechless.

Take the number line, Shen Qiao's mood has been very low, Han Xueyou has been with her, with her words of comfort.

At last it was her turn. After the doctor examined her, she frowned.

"Miss Shen, according to the results of the examination, the inner wall of your uterus is very thin. Abortion can lead to perforation and bleeding. We do not recommend that you have an abortion."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao wrinkled her eyebrows, and Han Xueyou on one side was also surprised: "can't you abort?"

"No, not recommended." The doctor sighed: "you think about it again, bleeding is not a small matter, go back and discuss it well before you come back."

Out of the hospital, Han Xueyou's eyebrows are knotted: "can't abort, then what do you do? Oh, my God, how can such a annoying thing happen

"I don't know."

"I'll take you back first."

Shen Qiao nodded and then shook his head.

"No, I have to go to the company. You can take me to the company."

Han Xueyou didn't say anything. After listening to her, she was sent to the door of the company. When she saw the Yeshi group building, Han Xueyou still couldn't help sighing: "I thought our family was rich enough, but I didn't expect that Yeshi group was beyond my imagination."

"Xueyou, thank you today. I'm leaving first."

Han Xueyou waved to her: "you go first, I'll contact the doctor for you."

Because last time I was here, several receptionists still had a deep impression on Shen Qiao, which was brought up by Vice President Ye himself. So this time I saw Shen Qiao, she had a very good attitude.

Shen Qiao also took the elevator smoothly and arrived at the top office of the president.

She walked forward gently, but found that the office door was not closed today. Shen Qiaogang wanted to go in.

"The last time I asked you to find someone, you brought that woman to me. This time, you called a woman who was a mother. Xiao Su, is it that I indulge you too much, or are you doing things without your brain now? "

Night Mo Shen sits in front of the office, slender fingers gently buckle the table top, the essence of the eyes is exposed, frightening breath fills his whole body.

Xiao Su stood in front of the desk to be trained, his head hung low, like a dog with a drooping head.Seeing this scene, Shen Qiao subconsciously hid behind the door.

Night Mo Shen is so angry now, she may be caught in the pond now, or avoid it first.

"The night is little, I really didn't mean to, it's really that you give too little information, so I'd rather kill by mistake than let it go." Xiao Su is also aggrieved in his heart. He follows Mo Shen at night for such a long time. What he usually deals with is his work.

Even if there is some trouble, he can fix it quickly.

But now the task is to find a woman, or a woman who does not know what information.

To go to the hospital that kind of place to find pregnant women, which is so easy?

"I don't give much information? You don't collect information yourself? " The night Mo Shen sneers, sharp eyes become gloomy, tap the action of the desktop will also stop: "or say, you blame me?"

That faint and cold tone made Xiao Su's body stand up straight at once. He immediately shook his head and denied it.

"Nothing! I'll arrange more people to check next time. I'll bring people to you after interrogation. "


"You can rest assured that if it was that person, I would not hurt her."

"Go away." Ye Moshen got a satisfactory answer and impatiently pulled his tie on his chest, and then let Xiao Su go.

Xiao Su could not wait for him to call himself to get out of the office. He couldn't stay in the office.


After Xiao Su came out, he closed the door of the office, and then turned around and saw Shen Qiao standing by the wall.

After two people look at each other for a moment, Shen Qiaogang wants to open his mouth to speak, but is pulled to the corner by Xiao su.

"Are you going to die? How could you overhear me talking to yeshao

After hearing this, Shen Qiao shook his head: "I just happened to come here, but who is he looking for?"

People are always curious.

Moreover, Shen Qiao was his wife, and instinctively wanted to know about him.

After hearing this, Xiao Su narrowed his eyes: "Miss Shen, you shouldn't have asked. I advise you not to ask. You married to Yejia, which is a substitute, can't be regarded as yeshao's real wife. If you meddle in your own affairs, you can't be a young grandmother."