Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 1191

Unfortunately, the president of our night university has never dealt with this kind of thing. He stood at a loss for a long time, until Xiao Douya's loud cry brought his mind back to jiuxiao cloud.

He slowly placed bean sprouts on the side of the cushion, first gently coax her not to cry, and then did not know how to start.

Han Muzi hid in the quilt and didn't know whether to help or not. After thinking about it or not, everything would have a beginning. After he had done it, he would know how to take care of his daughter.

So Han Muzi pretended to be dead in the quilt.

Night Mo Shen is busy living there.

At the beginning, he really didn't know how to do it, but he also had a class at the beginning, and gradually, step by step, steady and steady, he really dealt with it.

It just took a long time, and After processing bean sprouts, he actually had a cold sweat, even the two sides of his nose were a thin layer of sweat.

He wanted to lift his hand to wipe it, but he found that there was a strange smell on his fingertips. He couldn't help but take a puff from the corner of his mouth. At night, he cleaned up his things and went to wash his hands and change clothes.

After he came out, he found that Han Muzi had already brought the bean sprouts back to his side and fell asleep. Night Mo Shen stepped on a smooth step and stopped by the bed.

The two people on the bed breathe smoothly and sleep soundly. At first glance, ye Mo Shen finds that their faces are very similar.

It is said that when the daughter was little, she was more like her father, and when she grew up, she would look more and more like her mother. Now xiaodouya looks like Han Muzi.

Night Mo Shen's cold heart became soft in this moment. He sat down by the bed and looked at the two people on his heart in front of him, slowly lying down beside Han Muzi.

What happened once upon a time lingers in my mind. He really suffered a lot in his Mu Zi, as well as those bastard things he used to do.

After that, he will spend the rest of his life to take good care of her and his precious daughter.

At this time, poor Xiaomi Dou didn't know that he was ostracized by his father, and he would live a long time in the future. However, Xiaomi Dou was like his father. His father was a spoiling wife maniac and a pet girl maniac.

But he himself, is the pet mother crazy devil, the pet sister crazy devil, and then meets with the daddy two people unceasingly bumps, the spark.

Of course, that's all later.

Poor Xiaomi Dou is still sleeping soundly in his room, and he doesn't know anything.


because Han Muzi was born with a second baby, Luo Huimei couldn't help but sigh when she knew that.

"You see, people's Mu Zi doesn't seem to be a few years older than you. These two children have been born. The key is that Xiaomi Dou is so big."

Xiaoyan: "it's Mom, what do you want to say

Luo Huimei glared at her: "what do you say? If people try so hard, should you try yourself? "

Hearing this, Xiaoyan couldn't help but raise her hands and Surrender: "let me go, I just fell in love, you don't know, do you want me to flash marriage?"

Flash marriage?

If you can't get married, you can't get married

“……” Xiaoyan was shocked. She thought that according to Luo Huimei's personality, she would let her observe again. Although she wanted to marry herself, she and Han Qing had a hard time together. She didn't know whether Han Qing would always be with him. Maybe he was just trying to be with himself now. Maybe he would regret it one day.

Think of here, Xiaoyan is a little sad.

"Yan Yan, what's the difference between getting married early and getting married late if the other party is a good man? It's better to get married earlier and tie this man up. "

Xiao Yan can only smile bitterly.

"What kind of society is it now? If there is no emotion, who do you think marriage can bind? Both men and women are the same. If I am allowed to marry someone I don't like, I may not be able to survive. "

Today's era is no longer the old days when husband is the God, or chastity is particularly important. Now men and women are equal. When they are together, they can step into the palace, or they can go their separate ways when their relationship is broken.

It's stupid to try to tie a man down with marriage or children.

"You're right, but I think that child is very fond of you. He's Mu Zi's brother. He knows his roots and he likes you so much. You should hold on to him. After all, it seems to me that he is not young. Although you are still young, he... "

Speaking of this, Luo Huimei pauses for a moment, probably feeling that it's not good to speak directly, so she gets to her daughter's ear and whispers something.

This sentence made Xiaoyan's originally white cheek flash a blush, pushed away Luo Huimei: "Mom, what are you talking about?"

After Luo Huimei was pushed away, she couldn't help laughing, and her eyes were bright: "is what mom said wrong? Don't feel embarrassed. Anyway, we are mother and daughter. It's OK to discuss this. Mom is just worried about your future happiness. "Speaking of the latter sentence, Luo Huimei also deliberately accentuated her tone.

Xiao Yan's face is even more blushing. She didn't expect her mother to be so open.

"Stop it. I don't want to hear it."

With that, Xiaoyan got up and ran away. Then she went into the bathroom and looked at her blushing face in the mirror because of her shyness. She turned on the faucet, took a handful of water and patted her face, trying to reduce the rising heat of her face.

But soon, Xiaoyan began to ponder again, seriously considering what Luo Huimei said to her just now.


Let Han Qing marry her, such things she really dare not think.

Although she has this hope in her heart, because she can't love anyone else except Han Qing, she has no choice but to marry Han Qing.

But Han Qing is not. He is different from himself.

He can't help but Han Qing is not.

He is now with himself. Although Han Qing became different from before after they fell in love, he took the initiative many times. A calm person gradually became coquettish in front of her, but he was still calmer than Xiaoyan and controlled everything.

If we want to separate one day, it is a matter of his words.

And Xiaoyan then fell into the situation of endless disaster.

In a word, Xiaoyan thinks that he loves him a lot, but his feelings to himself are very few.

Well, it's not right.

If he has little affection for himself, why give up hundreds of millions of business for her? In this way, her status is not particularly low.

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan held her cheek and laughed contentedly.

She still don't want to think too much. It's not easy for two people to get together. She will cultivate feelings with him obediently. As for marriage, it's better to let it go.