Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 1190

Han Muzi nodded with a smile, "there's nothing wrong with it. Anyway, for both of us, surname is just a code name, and family name is not important."

Most people care about surnames, but for ye Moshen and Han Muzi, who have suffered a lot, fame and fortune are not worth mentioning at all.

She just hopes that the next day can lead a peaceful life. She doesn't think about anything else.

Look at the night Mo deep one eye, see his eyes do not have any opposition mood, but dote on the light smile to look at her, Han Muzi then open mouth to discuss with him.

"Xiaomi Dou follows her grandfather's surname, and xiaodouya's surname is night with you, OK?"

The night Mo deep listen to the body some vibration, he actually is also into oneself, and she has nothing.

The child's mouth is thin, and she just purses her lips.

"Han has my brother? He and Xiaoyan have already been together. Are you worried that there will be no child surnamed Han in the future? "

That's right. The night Mo deep hears here finally to be relieved, faintly smiles.

"What's more, I think Yeya sounds better. How cute it is, Yeya ya?"

"Well, it's up to you."

Although their husband and wife agreed, but Yuchi still respected Xiaomi Dou's opinion, and half bent down to ask, "Xiaomi Dou, how about you? What do you think? Would you like to follow my grandfather's name? "

Xiaomi Dou blinked his eyes, looked at his parents, and nodded cleverly.

Since his mother doesn't care, he has nothing to care about. He just needs to write one more word in the future. Alas ~ ~

when he is determined, old man weichi is ecstatic.

In the past, he wanted to recruit a son-in-law, but now he has millet beans, what else does he want?

Therefore, the final result is that Xiaomi Dou follows the surname of Yuchi and xiaodouya follows yemoshen.

It's not a matter of time and a half to change one's surname. However, according to the influence of master weichi and ye Moshen, finding someone to do it is also very quick.

After Zhou Xiaoyan learned about this, she was very surprised, "can it still be like this?"

It's really God bath.

After all the dust settled, Han Muzi and others went back to Haijiang villa. The old man weichi was very happy because he picked up his great grandson with the same surname. Besides staying with Xiaomi Dou every day, he just came to amuse xiaodouya.

In addition to sleeping, xiaodouya is staring at her Teaser with a pair of round eyes, and then laughs foolishly. The smile is simple and clean on the children's face.

Inexplicable, Han Muzi thought of Xiaomi Dou's words again.

Because she wanted to have a baby, but Han Muzi didn't want to go to the moon center, so she went back to the villa. Song an said that she was the sister of Ye Moshen's mother, so she took care of Han muchI as the mother's son. At first, Han Muzi was a little embarrassed, but later she thought about it. Her parents died, and Yemo Shen was the same as her, leaving a little aunt as a wife Also understand the medical theory, let her help take care of the baby is the most appropriate.

However, song'an was only in the daytime, so she went back to her room to rest at night. Han Muzi, the child's son, took care of the child by sleeping with her at night.

Don't mention that the month when xiaodouya was born was much easier than that of Xiaomi Dou. Maybe it was the time when I was depressed. Therefore, there was not a day in the month that was fresh and colorful.

But now that ye Mo Shen is busy with the bean sprouts, she feels that the world is full of all kinds of wonderful colors.

At night, when Han Muzi was sleeping, xiaodouya suddenly burst into tears. She was directly woken up and tried to get up. As a result, Yemo Shen's reaction was faster than her. After she got up, she picked up xiaodouya and patted xiaodouya's shoulder to coax her to sleep.

As a result, bean sprouts do not know how to return a responsibility, how to coax can not, just cry.

Han Muzi is actually tired, eyelids are very heavy, sit up to night Mo Shen way: "may be hungry, you hold it."

Helpless, night Mo Shen can only clumsily hold small bean sprouts to Han Muzi.

Han Muzi wants to milk bean sprouts, but he doesn't know what's going on. If he doesn't drink milk, he just cries.

Children cry, that is to let go of the voice, especially loud and clear in this silent night.

Night Mo deep stare at bean sprouts for a long time, turn to prepare to go out.

"Why are you going?" Don't want him to just turn around and walk two steps, was Han Muzi to stop, looked at his look, "you don't want to go to the little aunt?"

By her said, night Mo deep touch nose, low voice: "maybe little aunt than we understand."

"Did you forget?"


"My aunt has never had a child, and she has never had a child."

It seems reasonable to say so, but

Han Muzi was just about to say something when he suddenly smelled a strange smell. He just wanted to milk bean sprouts, so he didn't pay attention to it. Now he lowered his head and just smelled it.Thinking of this, Han Muzi coughed softly, "bean sprouts may be..."

She is a little embarrassed, but on second thought, xiaodouya is also a child of the night. What can she be embarrassed about? So Han Muzi simply picked up the bean sprout and saw it at night, "what are you going to do? I'll do it. "

"That You may not Han Muzi explained softly.

Ye Mo looked at her deeply: "I can learn."

"Are you sure you want to learn?" Han Muzi looks at him suspiciously. In fact, he thinks that it is OK to let him learn deeply at night. Anyway, it seems that there is nothing wrong with these things for him to do?

Think of here, Han Muzi will still be crying bean sprouts to night Mo Shen.

The night is deep naturally will the baby take over.

"Hold on. Now, do you smell a strange smell?"

As a matter of fact, Mo Shen has been smelling it for a long time, but I haven't taken it seriously. It's just strange that the smell in this room is a little heavy. I'll ask a servant to clean it up tomorrow.

Now Han Muzi reminds me of this sentence, the night is not deep muddled for a few seconds, suddenly response.

"You mean?" There was a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes.

Han Muzi nodded with a smile, and then shook his hand to him, "if you say you want to learn, it's up to you. Come on ~"

with that, Han Muzi turns back to bed and lies down again, leaving Moshen standing alone in the same place.

He was holding bean sprouts, and the strange smell was accompanied by his side. He did not move as if he had been struck by lightning.

Looking at such a night, Han Muzi, lying back on the bed, couldn't help pursing her lips and laughing.

Han Muzi couldn't help laughing at the thought of the picture he would have to face at night. But now is not the time to gloat loudly. Let's wait until he has dealt with it.