Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 101

The heat rose from nowhere, and had spread all over her body. Shen Qiao felt her brain was hot, as if she was congested. She felt that her ears and face were burning.

She can't stay here any more. She wants to Get out of here.

But the consciousness is very fuzzy, Shen Qiao can only bite his lower lip, pain let her consciousness recover for a moment, she immediately got up to climb outside.

But the drug was too strong, she was filled with half a bowl of medicine, there is no knowing how many under.

Is Is she going to die here today?

She didn't know what she was biting her lower lip. Shen Qiao only knew that her mouth was full of bloody smell. However, the pain was like ants shaking an elephant. No matter how much strength you exerted, the elephant was still.

When Shen Qiao wants to climb from the bathroom, a big cold hand grabs her.

Who is it?

Shen Qiao almost reflexively shook off the other party's hand, and said: "get out of my way!"

Night Mo deep mercilessly frown, looking at the Shen Qiao in front of.

The temperature just touched was as hot as fire, which showed that the medicine was so strong, but she could still keep her consciousness at this time and shake off his hand. This huge willpower surprised Yemo. As a result, Shen Qiao raised his head the next second, although calm as night, she couldn't help but stare.

The corners of her mouth had already shed blood, and her lower lip was a bit bloody.

The bright red blood flowed down the corner of her mouth and almost pricked the deep eyes of the night.

"You..." Seeing that she would bite herself again, the night Mo Shen's eyes changed dramatically. He dragged her up, and then subconsciously put his hand into her mouth.

She bit it hard, and Mo Shen gave a dull hum at night.

"It's time to Dead Night Mo deep forehead exudes cold sweat, voice intermittent: "second marriage girl, you If you dare to finger me I'm not finished with you

Shen Qiao is confused and seems to hear the voice of Mo Shen at night. At first she thought she was hearing something, but when she found out that she was biting someone else's finger, Shen Qiao looked up.

The visions in front of me gradually overlapped one by one, and then became clear.

It was the night when he was sitting in a wheelchair. He was staring at her with a livid face and his fingers were bitten and bleeding by her.

"It's you..." Shen Qiao recovered a little, suddenly reached out and pushed him: "you go out, go out quickly!"

"What are you doing?" Ye Mo Shen's finger was bitten by her with blood dripping, and it was in pain. As a result, she was so painful that his face changed. She asked Shen Qiao a question.

This damned woman, he came to save her, but she pushed him out! And bite him like this!

Shen Qiao tried to explain: "he ordered the magic incense!"

"Mi Xiang?" Night Mo Shen repeated her words, but the expression on his face was unmoved, as if he had expected it.

Shen Qiao: "you go out, if you stay down, you will also have traditional Chinese medicine."

He is a disabled person sitting in a wheelchair all year round. If he really has traditional Chinese medicine, what should he do then?

Listen, night Mo Shen narrows his eyes dangerously and looks at his arms, which is nearly half naked.

This woman herself has been like this, she actually still has the mind to care about other people can't Chinese medicine?

"It's better to worry about how you can solve it yourself than whether I can use Chinese medicine or not." Night Mo deep cold voice reminds way.

Shen Qiao shook his head: "no, I don't know..."

The previous pain could make her conscious for a while, but only for a short time. Now her consciousness began to loose, and her beautiful eyes began to become blurred.

Night Mo deep attention, big hand suddenly pinched her chin: "wake up to me!"

Shen Qiao lax eyes wake up, a second two seconds, and become lax.

"Come on Go... " Blood lips are still whispering this sentence, like a repeater.

The night is not deep

He increased the strength in his hand and gnashed his teeth: "is your willpower so weak? Hold on a little longer, and the doctor will be here soon

The next second, the night is not deep, the whole body is stiff.

Because Shen Qiao's hand suddenly wrapped around his neck like a vine, soft and boneless hand was put between his neck, and then her face, which was already too red to look like, was slowly enlarged in front of him and was about to kiss him.

Don't open your face before she kisses her eyes.

But Shen Qiao did not give up, did not kiss his lips, she moved the position, kiss to his neck.

Night Mo deep abdomen a burst of tightening, pinch in Shen Qiao waist a little force, pull her away from himself.

"Damned woman, wake me up!"

"Hot I'm so hot. " After Shen Qiao was pushed away by him, he stretched out his hands and made a gesture of embracing him. His small face was a gesture of desire and dissatisfaction. It seemed that people could not refuse.

Night Mo Shen should have pushed her away, but The deep eyebrows in front of him somehow softened.The dim light in the hotel room is ambiguous, which is more conducive to the two people.

"Hold me How about that? " Shen Qiao's voice is different from the usual coldness. At this moment, her voice is full of women's charming, and her calm eyes are also like a tan Yingdong's autumn water.

The night is not deep, ghosts and ghosts turn to kiss.

"Well." Her lower lip is broken. When you kiss her deeply at night, it may hurt a little, so Shen Qiao whines.

Night Mo Shen felt that the temperature on his body also became as hot as Shen Qiao, probably because of the wound on her lip, so his thin lip changed a place and bit her small earlobe like jade gently.

Kissing and kissing, night Mo Shen suddenly realized that something was wrong, and his previously closed eyes suddenly opened.

The medicine was really strong, and he was hit by it unconsciously.

The women in his arms were picking and pulling on his body, and his little hands were still unbuttoning his buttons, but they had no rules at all. After a long time of solution, they did not untie them. So Shen Qiao also anxious eyes, both hands grasp his collar, trying to tear.

As a result I'm too weak to do it.

Shen Qiao was so angry that she grabbed his collar and pulled it.

Night Mo deep look at the arms of the small woman's behavior, the heart actually rose a helpless.

He seized the other side's mischievous hand and said in a low voice, "stop making trouble, the doctor will be here soon."

But now Shen Qiao's consciousness has been blurred, just follow his most primitive desire to get close to the night, where can we get what night Moshen is saying? Even if you can hear him, it's too windy.

So Shen Qiao tries to shake off the hands of Mo Shen at night.

Night Mo deep motionless, although the eyes are deep but firm, there is a bit of clear inside, the forehead is not a little less cold sweat.

"Let go, let go of me." Shen Qiao tossed several times and failed to open his eyes. He was so impatient that he was gnawed at the neck of Mo Shen at night.

“……” Night Mo Shen's face suddenly became ugly, that kind of swelling almost let him collapse!!