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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 77

And Tang Yiyi is mad. She also feels that Tang Siyu is dressed like this to attract Murphy's attention. Sure enough, her half sister is trying to take Murphy away from her! But on the surface, he pretended to be so innocent. At the bottom of his heart, he didn't know how much he wanted to steal Murphy.

After a very hot love song, when Tang Siyu thanked the stage, he still covered his chest with his hands and stepped back gracefully.

After Tang Siyu arrives backstage, she can have a good rest. In order to make her less tired, ye you put all the songs she needs to play before comparison. Now she can have a good rest for 20 minutes, and make up for her last accompaniment tonight.

It's a coincidence that her last accompaniment is the song that ye you and Qi Liang sing together. Qi Liang accompanies her in the dressing room, and the makeup artist doesn't have to rush to make up for her. Her last set of clothes is black, black evening dress, which makes her temperament seem to have changed again. It's mysterious, cool and full of a kind of atmosphere that people dare not approach.

She was fascinated by her tonight, and her love in his heart was almost overflowing. However, he dared not, because it was too fast, he was afraid to scare her away. He wanted to approach her with the most sincere heart and move her. Even if she had children, he would not care. Just in time, he liked that child very much, and he did not want to have his own children, if she was willing to marry him He will take that child as his own son to support and love.

It's a pity that the little guy's own father has appeared! At this moment, he is with him, like an inviolable God.

The last set of evening dress has a long tail, and it is slanted shoulder. The black yarn wraps her exquisite body, making her other shoulder exposed, slender and charming. Her skin is more white and clear, and the beautiful clavicle is clear and visible.

Tang Siyu thought, after playing the last song, she must go to find her son under the stage, and then accompany him to watch ye you's concert until the end.

Just as she was waiting, suddenly her cell phone beside her rang. She picked up the phone. It was Xing liehan who called. She thought to herself, it must be her son who wanted to call her. She chuckled and said, "Hello, Xiaoxi..."

However, that end is not the voice of the little guy, but a low and cold voice line, "it's me!"

There was some quiet on the other end of the phone, apparently not in the meeting place. Tang Siyu was stunned. How was Xing liehan? She was worried. "Where are you? What about Xiaoxi? "

"I'm in the bathroom. Xiaoxi is taken care of by my bodyguards." Xing liehan answers her faintly.

"Oh! You call me. What can I do for you? " Tang Siyu asked in some confusion.

"How many songs do you have to play?"

"And the last one. I'll go to you in about twenty minutes." Said Tang Siyu.

"You'd better dress me conservatively. Don't you think it's disgraceful to look at your previous suit?" The man's voice line seemed very angry.

Tang Siyu slightly gapes at her eyes. How could this man teach her about clothes?

"It's a stage suit. I think it's very beautiful. What's the shame?" Tang Siyu asked.

"In a word, you'd better wear more clothes when you come out next, otherwise, go back and see how I clean you up." The man gave a stern warning, but hung up first.

Tang Siyu faces the phone, a small face full of frustration and speechless, is this man the steward? Even if she's wearing anything.

And in the corridor, Xing lie was so upset that he didn't know where he felt a cigarette. After the lighter was lit, he leaned on a place with few people in the corridor and swallowed the smoke and puffed out the fog.

His mysterious and sexy face became more and more charming. Two female fans saw him inadvertently and immediately screamed, thinking that they had seen an idol. However, Xing's cold sweep made them feel cold immediately and left.

However, the man took a few bites and then died. He knew that the woman was going to go on stage soon, and he didn't want to miss her last song. He wanted to see what she was going to wear this time.

In the background, when Tang Siyu was looking at his last clothes in the mirror, Xing liehan's cold face came out of his mind. She was a little depressed. Her long hair at the moment was made into a big wave, as if she had suddenly become the model of the imperial sister.

She didn't want to listen to his warning! She only went according to her own performance.

Qi Liang has also changed his performance clothes, a very fit Beige suit, very warm and charming, he stands beside Tang Siyu, and smiles at her.

The time in the background seems to pass very fast, and there will always be many things to deal with. So, even the people standing here feel that time is racing for seconds. Finally, the staff informed us and came to the stage in five minutes.

Tang Siyu's piano came to the stage from another elevator. This time, she was on the side, because the key figure at the moment is to pray for cool. His appearance will definitely cause another big upsurge of fans.

Five minutes later, it started.It is still Tang Siyu's piano sound that cuts through the silence. The piano sound is like a voice. Every note is implicitly full of soul, a moving charm, which is memorable.

A male song is the first one to sing. It's as low as a big chord. Every word is clear and charming. It's unbearable to be immersed in the song.

Sure enough, the fans are crazy. They shout the voice of praying for cool. The sound of praying for cool is constantly fluctuating. The perfect voice of praying for cool conquers them. The female voice of Ye you is not inferior. The perfect female baritone sings the feelings into people's soul.

It seemed like the best time.

A touch of the lamplighter sprinkles the moonlight like white light on Tang Siyu's body. It is light, but it doesn't take away the light of the main character, but it is absolutely noticeable.

When Xing liehan saw her last suit, the sword eyebrow was still very unhappy and tightened, revealing half of her shoulder.

Of course, the girl in the black evening dress has an inviolable beauty, and often for men, the more inviolable, the more conquering the sense of achievement.

Murphy has been completely fascinated by everything of Tang Siyu tonight. He is glad that he has left his marriage. Otherwise, he is even more irresponsible to Tang Yiyi, because sooner or later, he will fall in love with this girl again. He can't help but love himself and lose himself.

Tang Yiyi is totally angry tonight. She looks at Tang Siyu once and again as a more beautiful woman. In front of mufei, she hooks the man's heart away again and again.

She was so angry that she wanted to tear Tang Siyu to the stage.