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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 504

In the morning, at nine o'clock, Suqin received a call to inform her of her new job. Her white car drove into the presidential palace. After six strict inspections, she finally drove through a wide section of road and stopped in an employee parking space.

Moreover, she has a feeling that driving in here, as if she is monitored at any time, makes her have a kind of inexplicable pressure.

However, she wondered why she had been informed, because it was not a presidential office building, like some people's usual residence, and everything here seemed so strict that even a bird could not fly in.

There was a kind of solemn and quiet breath in the air. Suqin got out of the car and took a deep breath. She took the bag and got off the car. A man in work uniform came up to her and asked, "is this miss Suqin?"

"Yes, I am." Suqin nodded his head.

"Miss Su, this way, please." With that, the middle-aged man made a gesture of asking for help. Suqin's heart became more suspicious. When she was suddenly informed to transfer her job, she wondered why she was transferred to work beside the president.

Now, she works not in the building where the president works, but in a place where the guard is strict and very low-key. Suqin suppresses her curiosity and follows the man all the way to a three-story hall.

Even though everything here is not publicized, there is absolutely a dignified atmosphere that can not be ignored. Suqin is taken to an office. There is a young man sitting on the chair in the office. He is signing with a pen. He sees Suqin coming in. He puts down his pen and hides the smart and sharp eyes of the man under a pair of ordinary glasses After ten seconds, he pushed his glasses and smiled at Suqin. "Miss Su, please take a seat."

Suqin forced a calm nod and sat on the sofa beside her very demurely. Although she had never met this man, she knew that he must be the one working beside the president, and his position was not low.

"Hello, Miss Su. My name is Jiang Hai. I'm in charge of the personnel transfer around the president."

"Hello." Suqin responded politely.

Jianghai's eyes continued to look at Suqin. Suqin was a little nervous because she thought that she had not been looked at like this, but she still smiled quietly on the surface.

"Su Qin, 27 years old, is born on November 1, a very good day. He has been engaged in work for six years, transferred twice, promoted four times, and has excellent work performance from the administration to the Ministry of foreign affairs. He has a rigorous and serious attitude, high efficiency, and is well appraised by the leaders."

Suqin was surprised that he was so familiar with saying his own things. She blinked, her eyes full of questions.

"Miss Su, what you don't know is that we have made a very comprehensive investigation and evaluation of your background. It is precisely because you have passed the examination and meet the requirements very well that we transferred you to your next job."

Suqin nodded and asked, "however, I haven't received any documents and written handover report yet. What specific work do I need to be responsible for? Can you be more specific?"

Jiang Hai's eyes are still serious, "this job doesn't need to be handed over in writing, because your next work can be divided into two categories. First, be responsible for the daily document processing work of the president, and second, take care of the personal life and living of the president."

Even though Suqin is ready for her heart, when she hears this job, her eyes are still slightly gaping and she can't believe it. If she is responsible for the daily document processing of Mr. President, she can understand. But what kind of job is it to take care of Mr. President's daily life?

"Even though what I said just now, we know Miss Su's background very thoroughly and clearly. Our standard is to check it down from your grandfather's generation, so we almost know your background."

When Suqin heard this, he felt inexplicably that he wanted to wipe off a cold sweat. This feeling was not good. He was checked for three generations, which means that the background of his parents and family members was also checked. No matter what, it was still a bad feeling.

"As you know, your next job is to get close to Mr. President, so we have to do these surveys to make sure that the people we rank next to Mr. President are very safe people."

Suqin nodded. "I understand."

"So, Miss Su, do you have any doubts about your work?" Jiang Hai made a gesture, "you can bring it up now."

Suqin always had a calm and rational mind. At this moment, she even had a short blank. She smiled, "then I can ask, what is my specific work?"

"I'm afraid I can't specify that, because your next job is related to Mr. President. I can only tell you that this job requires more efforts from you."

Suqin heart wry smile, can not work hard? She can't work without working hard by the side of the most honorable man in the country.

"So, from now on, Miss Su can't go home for the time being. She needs to stay with Mr. President for a month as an adjustment period.""Isn't Mr. President working in the presidential palace?" Suqin asked, in this case, her office should also be in the presidential palace.

"Miss Su, it's not convenient for Mr. President to work in the presidential palace. He works at home now, so you need to stay in Mr. President's residence next."

Suqin took a little breath, but she didn't have any preparation in mind. She thought that she would go home from work as usual. It turned out that even her family could not go back normally after this transfer.

"Does Miss Su have any other questions?" Jiang Hai asked again.

Of course, Suqin has many questions, and even she would like to ask, can she maintain her original position? However, she is not a person who likes to flinch. Even though the work ahead is still a puzzle, she must adapt to it and face it.

She smiled. "No more."

"OK! I've said everything Miss Su should have said, but I don't have the right to introduce it. The car has been arranged, Miss Su, please! "

Su Qin picked up the bag and followed him out. He saw a black mysterious car parked at the door. Jiang Hai reached out to open the back seat door for her. Su Xi was immediately flattered and said thank you. Then he committed himself to the back seat and Jiang Hai closed the door.

The black car slowly drove to the side, and all the checkpoints were removed. Suqin sat in the back seat, feeling complicated and nervous. He felt a little nervous about the coming work.