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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 491

Half an hour later, Wen lichen came out with his upper body bare, but he wrapped a circle of gauze from his back to his chest. One of his flank bones was crushed and fractured, which was not serious. He had already done a good job, only to be healed.

In the ward, sushi, with the help of Xiaomi, took off her costume and hair cover. She sat in front of the bed and looked at the man half reclining on the bed. Her eyes were full of heartache and remorse, and tears were swirling.

"Well, I'll be relieved if you're OK. What's going on? What do you want me to do?" Wen lichen gently stroked a tear from her eyes. "In my heart, nothing is more important than your safety."

"I'd rather be hurt." Susie looked at him, only hating herself for falling.

Wen Li Chen's hand gently touched her red lips, and some angry way, "don't say anything, do anything for you, I am willing."

"How can the rope break? It's all good before, and it's safe that I've done so many years of acting. " Susie shook her head and couldn't believe it would happen.

Wen lichen's eyes narrowed. "I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly. I want to see who dares to hurt you under my eyes."

"You Do you think I was deliberately harmed? " Sushi's thoughts all along the way were focused on his injury, and there was no spare time to think about it.

"It's not impossible. I'll leave Liang Yao to investigate on the spot. We must find out." Wen lichen was really afraid. Fortunately, the rope broke when it was more than two meters high. If it was higher, he could not imagine the consequences. If he stood a little farther.

So, Susie will fall heavily, even if the ground is padded with sponge pads, the distance is too high, and she will be seriously injured.

Fortunately, he protected her and made her safe.

Wen lichen calls Wen Liangyao. Wen Liangyao is still at the scene. It's said that he broke a flank bone. There is no other injury. He's relieved. As for the rope, Wen Liangyao decides to go back and tell him.

Xing Yinuo is sitting in the car, and she is also afraid. Her eyes never leave Wen Liangyao. Fortunately, nothing else happens on the scene. Wen Liangyao, after many inquiries, suspects that Liu Chao is locked in the picture.

From Liu Chao's words, deeds and eyes, he showed his different performance in this matter. He was more calm, and easily put the responsibility on the supplier, and also dealt with the broken rope very quickly, showing his serious and responsible side.

Wen Liangyao also knew from other employees that Liu Chao was the only one who had touched the rope from last night to this morning. He checked everything and no one else intervened.

So the target is the most suspicious.

However, Wen Liangyao really can't figure out why the staff of a theatre group wanted to harm sushi. Does sushi hate him? This can only be confirmed by going back to the hotel.

As a result of this incident, the director also asked all the staff today to finish work early and go back to wait for Wen lichen's instruction. This incident also made him frightened. This incident happened to other actors. If the injury is not serious, it's easy to explain.

But it happened to sushi. How do you think about it? I feel like I'm sweating on my back.

Wen Liangyao sits in the car, Xing Yinuo's hands hold his arm, "brother Liangyao, what's the matter?"

Wen Liangyao smiled gently and clapped her hand comfortingly. "It's just an accident. Don't worry. We are going back to the hotel now. My brother has gone back."

"Is brother Li Chen OK?"

"Nothing serious." After Wen Liangyao finished, he started the car and patted her hand again. "Don't worry."

Xing Yinuo was young and saw the scene with his own eyes. He was really worried that she would be afraid.

When Wen Liangyao's car returned to the hotel, he directly asked Xing Yinuo to go back to his room, and he came to Wen lichen's room alone, in which only Su Xi was there.

Wen Liangyao sat down and looked at big brother with gauze tied to his chest. He could not help biting his teeth and saying, "we must let those who start pay the price."

"How are you doing? Is there a cable? " Wen lichen looked at him.

"One of the staff is very suspicious. Liu Chao, the person in charge of Weiya this time, I have a hunch that this matter has something to do with him." Wen Liangyao's very positive conclusion.

Su Xi can't help being surprised, "Liu Chao? How could it be him? Why did he hurt me? "

"Sister in law, have you ever had any relationship with him before?" Wen Liangyao looks at it mildly.

Sushi thought carefully and shook his head. "There is almost no intersection between him and me. Where did we have the festival? In the group play, I usually smile and say hello. I really can't figure out where I would offend him. "

"Maybe it's not as simple as we think, maybe it's not Liu Chao who wants to hurt sushi, or maybe someone behind him," said Wen

"Brother, do you mean that Liu Chao was ordered to harm his sister-in-law? Who would harm his sister-in-law in such a bad way? If Weiya hangs higher, her sister-in-law will be in real danger. " Wen Liangyao clenched his fist and felt extremely angry.Sushi bit her teeth and guessed, "it's not impossible. After I married your brother, the number of people who are jealous of me in the entertainment circle is not clear. However, the most suspicious person who wants to harm me is my two former enemies."

Wen lichen looked at her. "Who is it?"

"One is Huang Xiangyao, the other is Ye Lala. Before, we fought for advertisements and robbed resources. It can be said that we had a very big tie." Two ugly faces flashed through Susie's head.

"I must find out who dares to hurt you, and I will make them pay ten times the price." Wen lichen clenches his steel teeth.

Liu Chao is hiding in the room now. He could have let Suxi fall. He didn't know that Wen lichen was the one who was injured. It didn't achieve the effect he wanted.

Ye Lala and Huang Xiangyao pay to see Su Xi injured, Liu Chao grabbing his hair and sitting in bed. He really regrets taking over the business. Now, he feels that this matter is not over, even if he shows a very calm manner on the spot today.

But will Wen lichen let it go so easily? As long as the investigation goes on, those employees will clear up the relationship one by one, and then they will find out about him sooner or later.

No, he still has to bite his teeth. It's the supplier's fault.

He couldn't think of any other way to answer for it.