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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 438

It's just that there are no photos of him and Tang Siyu on the page, just a few majestic photos of Xing liehan company building as the picture, which shows the strength of this man more and more.

At the moment, Murphy is reading this newspaper in Murphy group's office. His eyes see several words of the wedding ceremony held three days later. His face is covered with a flash of pain. He thought about the wedding with Tang Siyu and selected various places. He thought about the appearance of her wedding dress and the place where they traveled on their honeymoon, but he couldn't imagine it. Finally, she Married man, not him.

Murphy's hand was pinched involuntarily, and the newspaper broke in his palm. This jealousy from his heart didn't even make him feel it.

It was only when he came back that he found that the newspaper was broken. He took a deep breath. He wanted to deal with the work in the company, but at the moment, he couldn't do anything. He just wanted to find a place to drink quietly.

"Siyu, what should I do? May I wish you happiness? I find that I'm not so generous. I can't watch you become someone else's wife. " Murmuring murmured murmur, but his eyes were slightly wet.

Tang Siyu is trying to wear her wedding dress in Jiang Shan's shop at the moment. It's Jiang Shan's painstaking work. It's beautiful and elegant. It's elegant and elegant. Layers of light gauze are displayed on the ground. It shows a beautiful arc shape. Tang Siyu's waist is slender, like the beautiful back of snow, and the lines are like the painter's pen end, full of moving.

This set of wedding dress, showing her beauty and nobility, also embellished with sacred colors.

Tang Siyu is standing in front of the mirror at the moment. Jiang Shan gently arranges some details for her. In her eyes, she looks like her daughter-in-law.

"Thank you, auntie. Thank you so much." Tang Siyu knew that the wedding dress had not been completed when she chose it. Now, in a very short time, Jiang Shan and her staff have been completing the wedding dress day and night. Her heart is very touched.

"Fool, you are my niece and daughter-in-law. What's the hard work? It's worth the hard work for your wedding with liehan." Jiang Shan looked at her with a smile. "Yes, it's beautiful. My nephew is really lucky! Marry a beauty like you. "

Tang Siyu smiled shamefully. He was more than the only one with good fortune? She's lucky to marry him!

It's only two days since the divorce, but Tang Siyu's heart has calmed down. Tomorrow, he will go to see the venue of the wedding. Later, Xing lie comes here. He has dinner outside with Jiang Shan.

Back home from the outside, the little guy came running excitedly and said, uncle is back.

Then, I saw Xing Yifan coming back from abroad with a smile, "brother, sister-in-law, you are back."

"Yifan." Tang Siyu called him with a smile.

Xing liehan patted him on the shoulder, "waiting for you to come back."

Xing Yinuo is also very happy. He hasn't had a fight with his brother for a long time. The little guy is also very happy. Xing Yifan is their child leader. He listens to whatever he says and is very obedient.

Jiang LAN and Xing Zhengting also went downstairs to talk with them about the details of the wedding. Jiang Lan said to Tang Siyu, "Siyu, your parents are gone. We decided to let Zheng Zheng Zheng Zheng take you to the stage. Are you optimistic?"

Tang Siyu's eyes slightly red, she nodded, "OK! Let dad take me to the stage! "

This dad, let Xing Zhengting and Jiang LAN look at each other, also moved and warm hearted, Xing lie looked at her heartily, he swore in the bottom of his heart, he would never let her suffer any grievance in this life.

In the evening, Tang Siyu stood in front of the floor to ceiling window, looking at the dim night in the distance, but he lost sleep. Behind him, Xing liehan hugged her tightly, put her in his arms, gently put his chin on her shoulder, and accompanied her to watch the dim night outside the window.

"Are you nervous?" Xing liehan asked with a light smile.

"A little." Tang Siyu nodded.

"Don't be nervous, marry me, you won't regret it."

"Of course I don't regret it. I'm just thinking about what our future life will be like."

"Very simple, I love you, you love me, we add a sister to Xiaoxi, simple and happy every day."

Tang Siyu's corner of the mouth could not help lifting up, "yes, I want such a life, flat light, do not happen any more accidents."

"We'll be happy old." A deep, firm voice sounded.

Tang Siyu has been thinking about a problem. At this moment, she looks back at Xing liehan's eyes and whispers, "I want to invite another person to our wedding."

"Who is it?" Xing liehan is slightly shocked.

"Murphy." Tang Siyu looked at his expression and said the name.

Xing liehan's eyes narrowed, "why invite him?"

"All the past of Murphy and I should have ended long ago, but his obsession is too deep. I'm afraid that he will do something else. So, I want him to come to my wedding. I want him to see for himself how happy I am to marry you." Tang Siyu said earnestly.Xing liehan was really surprised. He could hear that she was thinking of him in addition to what she said.

"Are you worried that Murphy will deal with me if he buys Xingyan's company?" Asked Xing lie in a hoarse voice.

Tang Siyu's eyes were full of confidence in him. "I believe you won't be afraid of him, and I don't worry about this. I just think it's necessary to let him know that I'm very happy. Let him let go!"

When Xing liehan heard her reason, he didn't insist any more. He nodded softly, "OK, I'll send him the wedding invitation card in the morning tomorrow. If he comes, I'll treat him as a guest. If he doesn't come, don't put it in your heart."

Tang Siyu is uncertain whether mufei will come, but she hopes he will.

Xing liehan stroked her long hair and kissed her on the side of her face. "It's late. It's time to sleep."

Tang Siyu hugs him, clings to his chest, listens to his heartbeat, she really has some sleepiness.

Xing liehan hugged her. He didn't want to let go of the chance tonight. However, seeing how tired she was, he had better bear it first and wait for their wedding night to ask for it!

The next day, Tang Siyu and Xing liehan went to the villa by the sea. Everything about the wedding was ready to continue. In a low-key way, the wedding was full of luxury. Tang Siyu didn't like the high-profile wedding of the big boss. So the Xing family tried to be low-key, but the things they used were the best.

In the morning, Han Yang, Xing liehan's assistant, personally sent a wedding invitation to mufei's company and gave it to him.