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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 436

However, the man's answer is more direct, "I want your people."

"I didn't like you at that time," said Tang Siyu, a little red

"I know you'll be mine one day, so I'm going to stay by your side first. Don't let men get close to you." Thinking of other people, Xing liehan naturally thought of a person, that is, mufei who never gave up.

Although he no longer appears in front of Tang Siyu recently, he is still not sure, because the ambition of this man has been immortal and the feeling of Tang Siyu has been lingering.

Tang Siyu listened to his words, and also thought of mufei. She looked at him seriously. "Don't think about it. At that time, all my thoughts were on my son, and I wouldn't care about anyone at all."

Xing liehan also shook off mufei, raised his eyebrows and said, "maybe I really hated you at that time, didn't I?"

"Not so annoying! It's just too domineering. " Tang Siyu replied, and then turned to look at him, "you didn't like me at that time! You came for your son. "

Xing liehan could not refute, "yes, I went to my son at the beginning, but I was attracted by you very soon. I thought, I want my son, you and me."

Tang Siyu curled his lips and smiled, "you are so domineering."

"Do you want to celebrate that we got the certificate?" Xing liehan asked her.

Tang Siyu nodded, "OK! Where to celebrate? "

"Restaurant you choose."

"Well." Don Siyu sat lazily in his seat and began to think about it. Then she thought of a restaurant she liked very much.

There is a live piano performance, the atmosphere is very good.

Xing liehan has no opinion. They go straight to the restaurant. The environment is elegant. At 11:30 at the moment, there are not many guests, and it's quiet. The girl sitting in front of the piano is very young, and the beautiful piano sound comes from her fingertips.

Tang Siyu can't help falling in love with her. At the same time, she begins to miss her old career. Tang Siyu has also decided that she will continue her piano career after marriage. She doesn't want to be a housewife either. She also needs to have her own career, which is her favorite piano career.

After ordering the meal, Tang Siyu twisted his mind to listen to the piano sound. Xing liehan, on the opposite side, held his chin in one hand and gazed at her affectionately. His perfect side face attracted the eyes of young girls around him.

Some people recognize his identity, but dare not to approach him. He has a special temperament. There is a kind of aura that strangers don't want. Only for his own women, can the aura of his whole body converge and show the most gentle light.

During the meal, the atmosphere was also very good. Tang Siyu went to the bathroom to wash one hand and came back to sit down. She liked the scenery here and didn't worry about leaving.

At this time, only heard the piano next to the stage, the young girl smiled and said, "excuse me, Miss Tang Siyu?"

Tang Siyu was suddenly named, she immediately looked up in amazement, and the girl recognized her.

She smiled and said, "just now a gentleman wrote a note and told me, would you like to play a piece of music on the stage, please?"

Tang Siyu is surprised and surprised. Then he looks up at the man opposite. Xing liehan makes an irrefutable expression. Yes, he wrote the note.

Tang Siyu smiled and nodded. Because of her temperament and elegance, the guests on the side were looking forward to her live performance.

The young girl sat aside and Tang Siyu said thank you to her. Then she sat in front of the piano. She was born with a pair of piano players. She was white, slender and jade like. The girl would envy her.

Tang Siyu gently pressed a note and tried the piano sound. With her red lips gently bent and her long fingers skillfully jumped, a string of natural notes leaped out and flowed in the corner of the restaurant. It made people hold their breath and immersed in her piano sound.

Xing liehan's eyes flashed a color of pride. This was his woman, and he felt very proud.

The girl beside showed her amazing eyes. She thought she played the piano well. However, at the moment, the song in Tang Siyu's hand was as perfect as Beethoven.

The sound of the zither dropped, and the applause continued. Tang Siyu made a thank-you with a smile and went back to her position. On the opposite side, Xing liehan's eyes appreciated, "well played."

"It's born by hand. I have to practice more when I go back." Tang Siyu felt that he had to refuel.

Coming out of the restaurant, Tang Siyu accompanied him to the company. Xing liehan worked in the company, and she was quietly beside him.

Xingyan's company, after waiting for mu Feijing for a few days, suddenly put pressure again, which made Xingyan feel scared. That afternoon, he made a press conference, saying that he was suddenly seriously ill, and the company was about to be acquired by Mu group.

As soon as the news came out, the whole business community was shocked. Xingyan's company was acquired by Mu group.

A lot of people know that Mu's group has not swallowed his company at all. However, even Xing Yan himself has come to the fore. No matter how shocked the outside world is, they all know that this is a fact.Han Yang is so anxious that he has not even knocked at the door. He just saw the video and rushed in after receiving the news.

"Xing Shao, there is a message you must read."

Xing liehan reaches for his iPad. It's a video released by Xing Yan himself. In the video, his face is very ugly. It can be seen that his mental state is not very good. In the video, he is very sorry and tired to announce that his company will be acquired by Mu's group. He wants to rest and get sick.

Xing liehan watched the video, and Junyan was directly gloomy and complicated. It happened so suddenly that he had no idea what would happen.

With his understanding of Xingyan, he is full of ambition and constantly wants to expand his company's business. How could he suddenly agree to purchase? He also speculated that the news of Xing Yan's illness should be false, and there was another mystery.

Tang Siyu also heard the news in the video. She just didn't make a sound and was shocked. Mufei was able to buy Xingyan company.

"Xing Shao, do you need to check it?"

"Look, I want to know the specific reason why Xingyan did it." Xing liehan does not believe that Xing Yan will do so.

Either he had something to do with Murphy and had to hand over the company, or he had some kind of cooperation with Murphy.

At the same time, there is a sense of crisis in Xing liehan's heart. He has a premonition that Murphy's acquisition of Xingyan's company seems to have some implications for him.