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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 407

Later, spring came. At the end of February, Xing Zhengting and his wife were ready to send Xing Yifan abroad again. Xing Yinuo was thrown to Wen's house. Under the supervision of Wen Liangyao, Tang Siyu and Xing lie took Tang Yixi with them. Xing Zhengting and his wife might spend another half month with their youngest son.

Xing Yinuo has protested, but the protest is invalid. She originally wanted to live with Xing lie for a month. But because Wen Liangyao can send her to school every day and tutor her homework in the evening, Xing Zhengting and his wife still insisted that she stay at Wen's house.

Tang Siyu feels that he owes his son for this period of time. He can't wait to accompany his son!

She doesn't have to worry about Tang's group. She drives her son to school in the morning, picks him up in the afternoon, and buys vegetables in the mall. Xing liehan, in addition to the company, pushes all the social activities and accompanies the mother and son at home. This time is quiet, stable and has a family atmosphere.

At noon today, Tang Siyu received a call from Xing liehan. At noon, he accompanied him for lunch. His bodyguard had come to pick her up.

Tang Siyu's clothes are usually the simplest at home. How to wear them comfortably? She likes to be free at home, even her brassiere is saved. At this moment, when she receives his call, she immediately has a sweet feeling of dating. She goes into her cloakroom. Here, Xing liehan has customized her new high-definition clothes, which are all made according to her size. It's his small clothes Tang Siyu likes her aunt Jiang Shan's masterpiece very much. She chooses a light blue sweater, with a high waist black skirt under her body and a sweater outside. It's simple and elegant.

She gathered her long hair, which had been dyed a chestnut color before, but now it's all gone. Instead, it's pure and natural black. Her hair is soft and straight, without any trace of scalding and dyeing. It's elegant and natural.

Her delicate and picturesque face is reflected in the mirror. As she grows older, she has gone back to green and more charming and elegant fragrance. However, what remains unchanged is her clear and clean eyes, which are not stained with common customs.

Tang Siyu chuckled at the mirror. She heard a car outside the window. She picked up an exquisite bag and stepped out.

At half past eleven, at this time, the bodyguard took her straight to the restaurant, and the spring was everywhere on the road, which made her not only look forward to Sushi's wedding, but also one month later. Thinking of Sushi's wedding, she could not help looking forward to her own, because in a few days, the Xing family will come back, and as soon as they come back, they began to take care of their wedding.

Tang Siyu's mouth rose involuntarily.

Tang Siyu stepped into the restaurant, and the waiter came over with a sharp eye. "Is that Miss Tang, please?"

"I am." Tang Siyu nodded with a smile.

"Mr. Xing is here. Please follow me." The waiter greeted her warmly and attentively.

Tang Siyu followed her with his head in his hand and went to the door of a bright box. The waiter knocked on the door, pushed it open and made a gesture of asking.

Tang Siyu enters with a smile. The man on the sofa is sitting there waiting for her, holding on to a cup of tea, as if waiting for a while.

"Here we are." Xing liehan put the tea down and stood up, looking at her dress today.

Don Siyu can't help but blush and fold his hair around his ear and ask him, "how is it? Does it look good on me? "

"Nice." Xing liehan curled his lips and smiled. Then he put his arms around her waist and slightly brought it into his arms. His thin lips were close to her ears and said, "but you'd better look if you don't wear them."

Tang Siyu's face flushed, and she glanced back at his back. Fortunately, the waiter had already closed the door and left. She gave him a coquettish look, and Xing liehan chuckled. Some of her disgusting glances around the tip of her nose, "can you show me what you don't wear at night?"

"My son is at home!" Tang Siyu didn't refuse either, but little guy is the key.

Xing liehan didn't mind saying, "I'll get him to sleep earlier in the evening."

Tang Siyu's pretty face is slightly red. Although he and he have not been successful, he has not given up, and she will not refuse him any more. He must be the one who is going to get married. This matter can never be avoided.

"Before you put him to sleep." Tang Siyu can't help but look at him with a smile. Recently, his son is with them. His energy is very strong. In addition, he has a noisy winter vacation. His rest time is irregular. It takes patience to coax him to sleep.

Xing liehan listens to this sentence, then knows that there is a play tonight, the handsome face is more and more attractive, the deep eyes flash with a little smile, "OK, I have a way."

Tang Siyu was thirsty. He picked up the cup of tea he had drunk and stood in front of the floor to floor window, enjoying the scenery outside the window and drinking the tea he had drunk.

Xing liehan's back is around her waist, chin is on her shoulder, breathing the fragrance of her hair.

"In two days, go to my aunt and choose a wedding dress! We're going to start the wedding. " Xing lie said in a low voice.

"Good." Tang Siyu nodded.

"Do you have any relatives over there who need to be invited? Never heard of you. " Xing liehan looks into her perfect side face.

Don Siyu's long eyelashes flickered slightly. She shook her head and said, "no, my mother's relatives are far away, and my father's side has no relatives." Tang Siyu thought that she was sad. She was the only one in the family. After her mother died, her grandparents died one after another. Some distant cousins had no contact with each other, and her father was the only child. Her memory of her grandparents also remained at the age of eight or nine.Now, I think, the faces of all her relatives are blurred.

Xing liehan seemed to feel the pain in her heart, with her arms around her waist. "It's OK, my family is your family, you and us."

Tang Siyu pursed his lips and said, "well."

After lunch, Tang Siyu receives Sushi's phone call. She is in the nearby jewelry store. She asks her to come over and choose a wedding earring with her. The girls' fun may be to buy it! Tang Siyu is sent by Xing liehan to accompany Su Xi.

Suxi is the bride to be. She is in a good mood for her success in work, love and family. When Tang Siyu enters the VIP room, she sees Suxi sitting alone and struggling. She has six sets of diamond jewelry earrings opened in front of her. She is thinking about buying that pair.

"Siyu, come and choose with me." Suzy asked her.

Tang Siyu sat next to her and looked at the earrings with different styles. At a glance, she took a fancy to one of them. "This is good."

"It seems that our sisters have the same vision, and I like this pair best." With that, Suzy said to the waiter, "wrap it for me, that's right."