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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 400

Tang Yiyi flashed a flash of resentment. She said coldly, "no, it has nothing to do with her. I hate her."

Mufei frowned. "You don't have the right to hate her. She doesn't have any place to be sorry for you. You and your mother are suffering from it all the time."

According to Tang Yiyi's former temper, she must be mad at the moment, but at the moment, she laughed at herself, "yes, you all say so, Tang Siyu must be very proud at the moment, she finally pulled my mother down, but what did she rely on? Don't you rely on other men? "

Finish saying, Tang Yiyi looks at Xiang mufei, "are you and Xing liehan commercial enemies?"

"In business, partners are enemies." Murphy answered lightly.

Tang Yiyi could not help stepping on his pain and said, "but mu group has always been subordinate to Xing group in all aspects."

Murphy's face slightly changed. He really didn't like other people's comparison, because he didn't like Xing liehan.

Tang Yicha looked at mufei's face, and immediately shut up. He didn't want to be driven out of the car.

After arriving at Murphy's office, the assistant closed the door tightly, Murphy looked at Tang Yiyi. "Now you can say what deal you want to discuss with me!"

"I have a piece of evidence in my hand that will enable you to successfully acquire Xingyan's company."

"How is it possible? Xingyan's company hasn't reached the place where it can be purchased, and even xingliehan hasn't started yet. " Murphy doesn't think it's credible.

"But what if Xing Yan faces a strong accusation? What if he's going to jail? " Tang Yiyi has become a lot of smart recently. She thinks about it day and night. With the help of song Yan, she finally comes up with a way to cross Xingyan company.

Mufei looked at her in surprise. "Whose accusation has Xingyan received?"

"Mine." Tang Yiyi's face was blue and white, and he could not accept what Xing Yan had done to her.

"Yours? What did he do to you? " Mufei is surprised to upgrade. Isn't Xing Yan Qiu Lin's current husband? Why does Tang Yiyi hate him so much?

Tang Yiyi shook her hands and took out her mobile phone. She opened the video, stopped looking, and handed it to Murphy. "It's enough for him to do well."

In the video, it's the video of Tang Yiyi being humiliated. Mufei is disgusted when he sees the picture. He has seen it clearly. The video clearly shows Tang Yiyi's desperate struggle and Xing Yan's animal behavior.

He turned off his mobile phone and looked at Tang Yiyi with a dignified face. He also understood the reason why she would suddenly become so thin. It turned out that Xing Yan actually did this to her.

"Is he divorced from your mother?"

"No, he knows my mother has a homicide on her hand. When she dies, he won't have to leave." Tang Yiyi has seen through.

Murphy breathed a little, "what do you want me to do?"

"Protect me, threaten him with this video, let him sell you the company at a low price, or let me send him to prison." Tang Yiyi's eyes are full of resentment.

Murphy has been in the business world for many times, so he thinks that Tang Yiyi's proposal is inevitable. Instead of letting Xing liehan succeed in the end, let him expand his company's strength. With the most successful project, he really has enough funds to buy Xingyan's company.

"Yiyi I don't know how to comfort you. " Murphy sighed.

"Don't comfort me, buy this bastard's company, and let me send him to prison again. You can put him in prison for a lifetime, and never come out again. It's better to die than to let him live in prison." Tang Yiyi only has the heart of revenge.

"Well, I promise you, as long as he goes in, he will never come out again." Murphy agreed to the deal.

"Give me a place to live. I'm afraid Xing Yan will find me."

"I will." At this moment, mufei has only one sympathy for Tang Yiyi.

Qiu Lin's homicide case is under investigation. Liu Sheng's confession confirms Li De's homicide case. However, the police are following this line to trace Tang Xiong's death.

Of course, they also mentioned Qiu Lin to interrogate, but Qiu Lin insisted that Tang Xiong's death had nothing to do with her. At this time, she had no hope. She just hated the police, the world and everyone.

She just didn't say it. She even looked crazy. Tang Yiyi went to see her several times. She didn't say anything about Xingyan, because Qiu Lin would really go crazy.

She has protected her daughter for a lifetime, and even let Xing Yan treat her like this. She will not live as if she were dead, and she will regret that at least Tang Xiong will love her daughter.

Xing liehan knows that he can't stop Tang Siyu. The rainy season in winter is endless. The little guy and Xing Yinuo stay in the villa and play. They buy a room of toys, which is enough for the couple to make trouble. Xing Zhengting and his wife take good care of the little guy and make Tang Siyu feel at ease.

Today, Tang Siyu submitted the information of meeting Qiu Lin to the police, which was also approved by the police. The time was set between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. and she was given an hour.

It was Xing liehan who sent her off. He wanted to stop her, but Tang Siyu insisted on going.This is what she, as a daughter, will do when she sees her father's hatred with her own eyes. If she doesn't find out the reason, she will never forget her father's angry face when she dies.

Outside the window, the wipers were brushing fiercely, as if they were pouring down.

When the car arrived at the police parking lot, the rain was too big. Xing Lihan took the lead in getting off with an umbrella. When he opened the door, he quickly took Tang Siyu out of the car into his arms. Tang Siyu also held him tightly by the waist. In the rain, two faces were directly close to each other. Tang Siyu could see clearly the worries under his eyes.

She hugged him and chuckled. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"I know I can't beat you." Xing liehan sighs helplessly and holds her shoulder tightly. Half of the umbrella has tilted to her side, protecting her very well, while the side of his expensive suit has been wetted by the rain for the most part.

Although it was only a few meters away to the hall, the rain was too big. As soon as Tang Siyu stepped in, she hurriedly went to see his shoulder. It was really wet. She took the paper from her bag and stained it with water.

"Nothing!" Xing liehan collected his umbrella and put it in the storage cabinet beside him.

Tang Siyu is still very careful to take the paper towel and try to absorb the moisture on the surface of the suit for him, which makes several policewomen nearby look at it and feel very warm. The handsome men and beautiful women stand together and the picture is very pleasing to the eye.

Besides, Xing liehan is not a handsome man who can be seen on the road every day. If he has a chance, he still wants to see more.

However, his side of the Tang Group Qianjin, with him, how to see how to board right.